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Which One Believes in Objective Science, Which is the Evolutionist/Materialist, Which is the Christian?

by Chris St James

Jake and Flake are twins (shown shaking hands before the competition below) who hold radically different beliefs about science and the existence of God. One of the twins works as architect and the other (the Christian) is a chemist at Wholesome Foods.

Both had the same religious and scientific educations growing up. Based on the brief statements about them below, can you tell which one is the Christian? The answer will shortly be revealed.

As a bonus, the Christian chemist informs us that Choco's, one of Wholesome Foods' most popular snack foods, takes seven years to fully digest and has a nutritional value equal to that of a small raisin.

Twin on the Left

Twin on the Right



n Believes observable and testable scientific “law” that matter can’t be created or destroyed

nHis beliefs prevent him from accepting the 1st Law of Physics



nAccepts the scientific unfalsified “law” that life can only come from life

nHis beliefs prevent him from accepting biogenesis. He has faith that this will be overcome.



nThinks “Hopeful Monsters” starred Adrienne Barbeau and went straight to video

nThinks “Hopeful Monsters” a worthy follow up to other “scientific” theories



nBelieves that entropy, the 2nd law cannot be violated

nHis beliefs do not permit him to fully accept entropy as it applies to the universe



nRegistered Independent

nDemocrat who voted for Reagan



nDoes not believe in “Spontaneous generation” in keeping with scientific knowledge

nDoes not believe in “limited” spontaneous generation



nHis Team: New Jersey Devils (hockey)

His Team: Anaheim Angels (baseball)



nWhere “science” conflicts with His beliefs, he chooses his beliefs

nWhere “science” conflicts with His beliefs, he chooses his beliefs


To Christians, it makes sense that once God set the universe in place, that man would not be able to either create additional matter or even to be able to destroy any part of God's creation. Science confirms this. One of the bedrock principles of Physics is conservation of matter and energy.

Man can cause matter and energy to change form, but cannot increase or decrease the amount of matter in a closed system. This has been experimentally verified and observed over hundreds of years by science. Christians can afford to believe this but materialists cannot. They believe that all matter in the universe was "self created" in a big bang or other theory.

This of course not only conflicts with the 1st law, it of course cannot be experimentally verified. Who has the scientific high ground here? Those who believe God created the universe and set the 1st law in place.

Biogenesis means life genesis. That is, life has been shown and observed to only come from life. It has never been shown to come from non-life. Not only that, all observations show that life produces after its own kind. Scientific materialists have constructed elaborate theories to show how these principles could have been violated but, again the scientific high ground belongs to those who stick with the observed and verifiable scientific fact that life does not arise either from nothing or spontaneously by any known scientific or natural process.

Evolutionists have faith that this hurdle will be overcome but note; what they say happened by accident has never been recreated on purpose in a laboratory (or anywhere else)despite whatever headstarts or manipulations of the environment scientists have tried.

The fact is, those who hold beliefs such as these which say that life came from non-life, that the universe is self creating,etc. have to have strong faith like those in any religion have to have that what they believe is true, no matter that what they believe conflicts with basic scientific principles and laws.

These scientists believe in evolution on an a priori basis, even though there is no verified, workable mechanism for it to have been achieved. They embraced mutation working through natural selection, as a mechanism, then when that proved insufficient because of lack of fossil evidence they adapted punctuated equilibrium; a theory that says nothing much happens for a long time until bang, a whole bunch happens at once.

Why? No one knows. But the fossil record shows fully modern species appearing suddenly and changing very little or none at all. Now that there appear to be problems legitamizing punctuated equilibrium, a new theory called "hopeful monsters" apparently thought up as a mechanism of evolution by a seventh grader as a science project is getting more and more support.

If you believe in the genesis account of creation, then you have the first and second laws (entropy)of physics on your side. You have biogenesis on your side. You have statistics and the laws of probability on your side. You have basic observed science on your side.

If you believe in materialistic explanations for the origins of the universe, you will have to continue to have Faith that basic science is currently wrong and that although none of these materialistic theories can be verified experimentally, that someday you will nevertheless be proved right.

Good luck with that.