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Walking with Nonsense--Walking with Cavemen

by ProjectCreation

Science continues to portray "cave men" as primitive brutes although in the last few years they've had to admit that "Cro magnon" and "Neanderthal" looked pretty much like you and I, if not taller, stronger and with a larger brain. If you're a Bible believer, you should have realized that this was true whether or not scientists agree.

Walking with Nonsense

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About once a year the Church of Evolution has a special evangelistic outreach. This year it is a program on the Discovery Channel called Walking With Cavemen, debuting on June 15.

The program claims to present definitive proof of human evolution, but what it really does is recycle old ideas with a few new bits of bone and then, using animation and actors, pretend they are presenting some kind of actual scientific program.

But clever animation and actors in makeup do not constitute true science.

What is never presented are any true transitions, in-between creatures, between apes and humans.

Yes, they will have a few bits of bones they will tell stories about and then show an imaginative animated sequence or bit of acting, but that isnt science, its a religious story.

What evolutionists will not, and cannot, ever answer is how does the new information in organisms, which would be necessary for evolution to be true, arise.

Evolutionists loudly proclaim that mutations, mistakes in genetic copying, are the engine of evolution, but all observed mutations consist of either damage to or rearrangement of existing DNA.

There is nothing in true science that even hints about how the massive amount of new information needed by evolutionary speculations could have ever have come about.

What true science does show is not increasing information and complexity, but rather the degeneration of DNA in creatures.

There are approximately 4000 genetic defects in the human race alone and the number of defects is constantly increasing.

All true science shows creation deteriorating from a higher level, just as the Bible tells us when it says that God saw what He had created and it was very good, not exactly a description of the world today.