S8int.com (saint.com) is a unique and personal collection of articles, artifacts, commentary, photographs and creationist oriented research curated from a literal, bible believing, Christian perspective.

We take a biblical perspective on science, without apology!

The Bible tells us that God: spoke the universe into existence from nothing; that he set the stars and planets in their places and in their motions; that He created the earth and every living creature living upon it, including man and that it was He that breathed life into every living creature (including dinosaurs); that man was created in an advanced state; building cities and able to create complex metalwork from the earliest times; that there were giants in those days; that man sinned and grieved God such that he brought a great flood over all the earth and destroyed the creation excepting Noah and those of his family and those creatures with him on the ark and that He set a plan in motion to redeem mankind that culminated in His son dying on the cross for all men. Amen.

Men have always rebelled against God and the truth of scripture but Charles Darwin in his “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” originally published in 1859 gave some an intellectual platform-no matter how patently absurd many of its constructs were for-for disbelieving in God. Many of the great scientists of the pre-modern era were bible believing Christians but today science is dominated by materialists who believe that the universe was self creating and is self existing.

While many believe that science is a dispassionate search for the truth by objective actors in far flung laboratories and universities it has in many ways become dominated by the materialist religion which views all scientific data au priori anti God, anti biblical and anti Christian. Although many individual scientists may have reservations about evolution and its attendant scientism the ruling scientific paradigm is materialism.

Naturally these two world views; Christianity and Materialism clash. In large part media and our centers of education, grade school and then university take the side of the Materialists even though polls continue to show that the majority of Americans continue to believe in God and that acceptance of evolution especially without God is low.

The internet can be a great equalizer in this battle for truth. A dedicated researcher will find that “true science”, that unencumbered by someone else’s interpretation; artifacts, some unexplained or out of place artifacts (ooparts) if one were to believe what we are taught in school,  old journals, ancient archaeology just to name a few areas support the biblical view.

A few areas of interest explored on this site include:

  • The Great Flood: Three quarters of the surface of the earth is covered with water and the vast majority of earths continents are covered by sedimentary rock which is deposited by water. Science tells us that there are vast oceans of water under the earth’s surface both free and encased in rock. There are vast fossil graveyards all over the planet and much of the earth’s topography is recognized to have been laid down under catastrophic circumstances. Nearly every ancient culture had “flood legends” which involved a worldwide deluge and few survivors.
  • Ancient Man: “Cave men” were a figment of the imagination of science illustrator’s and science who needed to bolster biblical alternative theories for the creation of man. Today science recognizes that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon men were just men and DNA studies have shown that Neanderthal (for instance) DNA matches that of “modern man”.
  • Civilizations: Genesis 4 tells us that Cain began to build a City. The evidence from archaeology tells us that ancient cities and civilizations all appeared suddenly, without precursors  rather than as evolution might lead us to believe-primitive mud huts, unsophisticated structures to the great ancient cities we now know over thousands of years. The language and culture of those ancient civilizations including language and writing systems emerged somehow fully realized.
  • Dinosaurs: Nearly every ancient culture mentioned dragons in their history and depicted dragons in their art. These images of dragons were remarkably consistent from culture to culture featuring giant, dangerous, reptilian “monsters”-which of course also fits our modern knowledge of dinosaurs. The bible refers to dinosaurs as dragons which is what scientists called the first modern dinosaur discoveries in the 1800’s. The word dinosaur was not coined until the mid-1800’s. No animal is more thoroughly described in the entire bible than the dinosaur and possible sea-monsters of Job 40 and 41.
  • DNA: Every living cell contains DNA which is a language encoded into the cell providing specific instructions for the life, the functioning and reproduction of every creature. "If all the DNA in your body were placed end-to-end, it would stretch from here to the Moon more than 500,000 times! In book form, that information would completely fill the Grand Canyon more than 75 times! Yet, if one set of DNA (one cell's worth) from every person who ever lived were placed in a pile, the final pile would weigh less than an aspirin!.....Center for Scientific Creation. The instructions for life in our DNA had to have come from the mind of an impossible genius. (God) No one with an objective mindset could believe that all those critically important instructions arose by chance.

Two of the most important Materialists paradigms are the Big Bang cosmologies and the theory of evolution. On these pages we try to examine the flaws and scientific absurdities of these two base “science” theories often using material provided in articles supportive of the theories. The material collected at s8int.com comes from a wide variety of sources of varying credibility. We would ask you to of course utilize your own judgment when evaluating everything you see here.

God bless.

About Chris Parker

Chris Parker is a member of the church of Christ in California and is married with children. He teaches an occasional adult bible class, has a terrific forehand and spends too much time on the computer. He works for a living and plans to work as a Wal-Mart greeter in what would have been his retirement years. The website is a personal one and is not endorsed by or influenced by any outside organization or group.

The site was initially simply a personal “vanity” site where he posted articles and photographs of interest. As people who came across the site asked for more “ooparts” and articles the site began to grow. The collected articles may tend to show a lack of an editorial eye at the beginning (2000) which has hopefully improved over time. Chris originally learned just enough html to code the initial site but this new and improved website was built by his friend Ken Griffith and his team at Cottage Networks LLC.