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Dinosaurs In Literature, History and Art:
Medieval Thunderbird/Pterosaur Pendants....Page 62

"In the end of November and beginning of December last, many of the country people observed dragons (probably Pterosaurs) appearing in the north and flying rapidly towards the east; from which they concluded, and their conjectures were right, that...boisterous weather would follow" ....1793 European Newspaper comment on the Weather"..

13/14th Century Medieval Heraldic Horse Pendant in the shape of a "bird of prey" Note high head crest, and "fingers" outside wings, flared tail.

Hanging type. 20mm wide, 34mm overall length. Traces of gilding. remaining.

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Thunderbird in comparison to pteranodon.

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On the top left, is a well known depiction of "Mothman", drawn from witness descriptions.

To its right, is a 16th century Native American "thunderbird" representation.

To the right of that is a contemporary drawing a pterosaur with wings folded.

Bottom, left is the 13/14th century Medieval thunderbird, as described above, center bottom, is a Medieval(certain), 1066 AD - 1540 AD "Gilded copper-alloy horse-harness pendant in the shape of a bird (finder has identified it as a swooping peregrine falcon due to the shape of the wings, tail etc."..Portable Antiquities

Bottom, right is a Medieval 1300-1400, "Cast copper-alloy harness pendant in the form of a spread-eagled bird. Slight definition on the wings, but very worn elsewhere. Iron corrosion within the suspension loop. Lower part of wing and foot missing on one side."..Portable Antiquities

As stated previously, our theory is that some sightings of Mothman, Owlman, and the Jersey Devil are actually sightings of the still very much alive, pterosaur.

Please note the similarities in the stories and witness descriptions; batlike wings, glowing eyes, clawed or hoofed feet, backwards takeoff etc.). In each case, at least one of the witnesses over the years has described these winged mysteries as prehistoric or as a pterosaur. , pigeons or figments of the imagination.

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