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Dinosaurs In Literature, History and Art:
Samos Island Pterosaur from 600 to 750 B.C?.... Page 50

What is described as a handle appears to resemble a long beaked pterosaur. Its too bad that we don't have a better picture to work from. We're working on it. Along with the ancient Greek artifact we present several long beaked pterosaurs for comparison.

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"Luristan bronzes may have had a limited market in distant areas. In 1931 the excavators of the Temple of Heraon the island of Samos uncovered a number of Luristan bronzes. (If the excavations had been five years earlier, they wouldn't have been able to identify these objects.)

A notable piece was one of a well known type of an elaborate sheet metal vessel, with a very long slender spout and distinctive ornamental attachments: it resembled a known Luristan vessel.

The deposit level in which the bronzes appeared was ascribed to about 750-600 B.C., but the bronzes may have been older than this assigned period. The bronzes from Samos were certainly traded through merchant channels. What did the Lurs gain through the barter of these bronzes"?

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