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1924 Pterosaur Footage Taken on Papua New Guinea? .....Page 45

From David Woetzel, Posted on YouTube: Aug 11, 2007

"Flying creature from 1924 museum expedition film.

Not yet enhanced.

New evidence from right under our noses? Why was this film hidden away?

Is it because of an atheist conspiracy to suppress the truth about the glory of God's creation?

It is really exciting that we can still find such clear evidence for God's wonderful and infinite variety of beautiful animals from the Genesis.

This flying animal is clearly not extinct at the time that this footage was taken. Watch how it seems to steer itself and correct its flight path with its long tail, this is something no bird could ever do without feathers!

Information on Film Source

There is no information other than a date on the film tin that was shown to me and the person who gave me DVD of the film said it was taken on one of the last expeditions to Papua by the Australian Geologist Evan Richard Stanley.

I think that the Australian fellow who copied the film for me had to come into its possession by questionable methods because it was being kept from the public."

E.R. Stanley

E.R. Stanley served as government geologist from 1911 to 1924. He produced the first comprehensive reports of the geology of Papua and New Guinea.

His death from an infection at age 39 deprived Australia of a significant and influential scientist.

In his eulogy for Stanley, Sir Douglas Mawson described him as a conscientious scientist who was ‘well fitted for work in Papua by reason of his grand physique and natural ability for roughing it’.

Stanley’s passion for science has descended through two generations—his son Neville became Professor of Microbiology at the University of Western Australia and his grand daughter Fiona, who was recently announced as Australian of the Year, leads the Institute of Child Health at the same university.

—Linda Groom, Curator of Pictures

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