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Strange Early American Monument

About three years ago I came across this interesting antique photo on line. Someone had this original photo for sale. The photo as I remember was from the mid 1800's and features a group of ladies posed in front of an unusual "ancient" monument.

Not much was known about the photo or the monument which was assumed to be an ancient Native American work. The stone mural shows a woman (angel) and a giant serpent, neither of which appear to resemble typical Native American works.

I sent a copy of the for sale photo to Ancient American Magazine to see if they knew anything about the piece or its location. They appeared to be very interested in the photo and perhaps they purchased it. After I sent them a link to the photo my old site went down, I lost the link and I never heard from Ancient American again.

Recently, we came across a copy of the photo on an old hard drive. Does anyone have an idea about the history, origin or location of this monument?

Click and drag photo to resize.

Click and drag photo to resize.