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Noah's Ark: Simmons-Arslan Noah’s Ark Frames; JPEG of the Champlain Elasmosaur/Plesiosaur Animals ... Page 15

by Clifford Paiva, Missile Defense Physicist

This page contains photo analyses by Clifford Paiva, Phd on two topics; Noah's Ark and the large, unknown aquatic animals filmed in Lake Champlain (Champ). Previously, Dr.Paiva had completed an analysis of large, unknown aquatic animals filmed in SF Bay.

A television special by National Geographic: "Lake and Sea Monsters" which discusses the SF Bay and other sightings, focuses on the Clark Brother's video as well as Paiva's analysis is scheduled to premier in the U.S. August 1, 2005 at 8 pm on the National Geographic Channel.

Just completed some of the technical image processing extractions on the Ahmet Arslan target area for Noah’s Ark, and this in correlation with the Hagopian-Lee reconstruction. This is the zone which Ankara denied Mr. McGivern access to…and perhaps with wisdom since…as revealed in F1 frame enclosed…it is very dangerous indeed. Three cautions:

Although the object is marked “Ark”…this really refers to Ark Zone. The Ark position is, as marked with a pencil by Mr. Robin Simmons in enclosure: Hagopian Out 1 and 2. Also there is some question regarding the Hagopian (Haggopian) name.

The “cultural object” adjacent to the Simmons-Ahmet Object possesses orthogonal (90 deg) surfaces…hence the “cultural” term. However geological interpretations of the pixel aberrations are certainly possible since many geologic formations are orthogonal…especially on Mt. Ararat. It is the “straightness” of the surface which justifies the cultural interest.

This is not the Anomaly as referred to by the CIA and DIA institutions obtained in June 1949. The Anomaly is on the plateau above and to the right of the Ahora Gorge. Ahmet Object is above and to the left of the gorge.

Click and drag photo to resize.

Click and drag photo to resize.

Click and drag photo to resize.

In any case the question again is: What do animals found in San Francisco Bay and Lake Champlain, and to be aired on National Geographic in August, have to do with a 1.3 million cubic foot barge photographed on a 17,000 foot high volcano in Turkey?

By now everyone knows where this line of thought is headed…

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Click and drag photo to resize.

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