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"The Passion of the Christ" Movie Review by Jody Dean

A Simple Experiment That Should Refute Creationism--What Happened?

7 Wonders of Mount St. Helens..Grand Canyon changes in days vs millions of years

Lack of Human Genetic Variability..Nearly Wiped Out--in the past say geneticists

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The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray

This web site discusses Martin's pilgrimage journeys, features many of his photographs and writings, lists calendar details of upcoming slide shows, gives information regarding book and photograph orders, and has links to related sites.







Description: Bibleland Studios is the PT Barnum of the Bible, showcasing incredible artifacts from our ancient past.  We are the Walt Disney of the religious world.  Where Walt showcased fantasy, we present The Wonder of Reality.  Where Ripley says Believe it or Not we ask you to Believe it!


Robert Gentry’s Proof that the Earth’s Crust was formed in 3 minutes

The Origin of Life and the Suppression of the Truth ..Missler

Darwinism: Time to Reconsider

On the Creation of Something from Nothing by David Darling

Wistar Destroys Evolution

Bird-brained, Bird to Dinosaur Proponents Get Wings Clipped, Eat Crow: The Archaeoraptor Hoax

Aliens Caused Global Warming Author of Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton, Explains How Science has become Political, and Chews up Critics: I.E. Like Evolutionists

Ancient Chinese Language Supports Creation

God Did Not Create, Evil, Cold or Darkness..A Brief Encounter

The Unraveling of Scientific Materialism.. By Philip Johnson

Creation Neil Wright

DNA, Design & the Origin of Life..Charles Thaxton

Design and the Anthropic Principle Universe Specially Designed for Human Life?

Does God Exist? Yes! Says Mathematician

Jewish Talmud confirms an early Gospel of Matthew By Neil Altman and David Crowder

Flood Legends from Around the World Outside Link

"The Colonists" A Short Story

Who Let the Dogs--In? All Dogs/Wolves/Pekinese/St Bernards- Come from Same Parents

Noah's Ark--A Flawless Floater by Kyle Butt, M. A.

Strange Relics from the Depths of the Earth by Joseph R. Jochmans, Litt. D.,

The Suppression of Anomalous Artifacts of Science Viewzone

True Suppressions: A Plot to Control History?..Hart

The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics: The Big Bang Scandal © Rochus Boerner 2003

An Open Letter to Closed Minds A letter from scientists to scientists re: Reevaluating The Big Bang

A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism100 Scientists

The Inspiration of the Scriptures Scientifically Demonstrated..Interesting!

The Canon of Scripture and the Apographa..How we got the Scriptures

1 Human Brain More Powerful Than All Computers ever Made

The Brain and the Computer

Where Are All Those Aliens?..Martians Welcome! Foreigners: NO Love.

MissingAliens2.html Earth to E.T.: We're Waiting

Adamsrib.html Adam's Rib--Are Ribs the Only Bones that Regenerate?

Offsite ICR:Did Noah's Flood Cover the Himalayan Mountains?... by John D. Morris, Ph.D.

The Deniable Darwin by David Berlinski

Darwin's Dirty Secret by Nancy Pearcey

Decaying Dolphins Cause Bird to Dino Theory to Stink

The Great Pyramid, Egypt: by Martin Gray

Which 1 Believes in Objective Science, Which is the Evolutionist, Which a Christian?

Parkway church of Christ

Neither Catholic Nor Protestant: A Christian Only!

Where Could I Go--but to the Lord-Online Acapella

The Sinner's Prayer: Where Did it Come From? Is it Biblical?

Are Christians Still Under the Ten Commandments?

The Canon of Scripture and the Apographa..How we got the Scriptures

The Tower of Babel? Scientists Say All Languages Came From One Area--Turkey

The Tower of Babel? Scientist's Say Languages "Evolved" In a Leap

"Bishop" Strossmayer's Extraordinary Speech on Papal Infallability

Bad Dating Techniques? (We don't mean asking to go "Dutch" on Dinner) 3/31/04

Scholars Say "Jesus Box" May be Authentic

Icons of Evolution

Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

'Rapture' Myth Left Behind by Theologian's Deconstruction

Evidence for Creation by Outside Intervention by Lloyd Pye, Atheist:U Separate chaff from wheat,here!

Geologists Demand Removal Of Creationist Book From Grand Canyon Bookstores--Threaten "Hizzy Fit"

Bible Gateway

Interactive Bible Home Page

BAS Biblical Archaeology Review

Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies

Institute For Creation Research (ICR)

Center for Scientific Creation.. In the Beginning

Creation Evolution Headlines

Answers in Genesis

Biotic Message

Revolution against Evolution

Forbidden Archaeology

The Creation Home Page

Creation Science

Creationism Connection

The Darwin

Richard Dawkins' Leading Evolutionsists 11 to 19 Second P.A.U.S.E. Praying for Answer to Unexplainedly, Spontaneously Evolve?

Poorly Adapted for Unexpected, Scientific Enquiry?

Lambert Dolphin's Home Page

Did Sodom and Gomorrah Really Exist?

A Phoenician Fortress in Oklahoma Dave Campbell s Extensive Site

Sociobiology The Materialists Take That Ride to Nowhere. 9/28/04

Creation Evolution Encyclopedia

Truth Radio..Creation Science Radio Hour

Dr Creation Science Evangelism

Tom Carpenter's Creation Defense

Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible

Mysterious Origins of Man

Reasons To Believe--Topical Papers

Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter

God and Science

Creation Studies Institute

Dragons in Paradise by Henry M. Morris, Ph.D.

Dinosaur Extinction

Walking Amidst the Dinosaurs

The Mathematician’s Prayer

Another Look at Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs that are still Alive?

Dinosaurs and Creation


The Great Dinosaur Mistake

What Are Living Fossils?

Mokele M'Bembe

Hueyatlaco;Dating Controversy Virgina Steen-McIntyre Gets Some Vindication -3/19/04

An Ancient Enigma; Moving the Megaliths by Will Hart-3/19/04

Truthfully Ms. Hamilton, the Dog Didn't Eat My Homework

February 2004 Updates

Ark1.html Perfect Dimensions?

Crichton.html How Science Really Works

Dogs.html One Set of Dog Parents

Eyewit7.html Huge Flying creature

Giants7.html Giant Thumb Bone

Page14.html Lost Civilizations

Sophis9.html Sophisticated Ancient Artists

March 2004 Updates

Dino7.html Chessie

Mega3.html Giant Moa

Dinolit6.html Warriors Ride Dinosaur?

Dinolit7.html Dog, Dinosaur or Myth?--VOTE!

Passion.html Movie Review

Dino8.html Hunting Dino with the M16

Eyewit8.html Terrorized by Living Dinosaur? -3/19/04

Hueyatlaco;Dating ControversyVirgina Steen-McIntyre Gets Some Vindication -3/19/04

An Ancient Enigma; Moving the Megaliths by Will Hart-3/19/04

Bad Dating Techniques? (We don't mean asking to go "Dutch" on Dinner) 3/31/04

April 2004 Updates

Adamsrib.html Adam's Rib--Are Ribs the Only Bones that Regenerate?

Giants8.html Yosemite Mummies

The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics: The Big Bang Scandal © Rochus Boerner 2003

Don's Kern's Last SermonLeave it There: Audio

Noahsark7.html Where is Noah's Ark Parked?

Page 15 The William's "Petrodox"-Electrical Component in Rock

Sophis10.html Shell beads from South African cave show modern human behavior "75,000" years ago

Noahsark8.html Expedition to the Ark, with Satellite Photo

water12.html Search for Atlantis

Tuthfully Ms. Hamilton, the Dog Didn't Eat My Homework

May 2004 Updates

Eyewit9.html Two Stories on Champ + Champ on Tape

Offsite ICR:Did Noah's Flood Cover the Himalayan Mountains?... by John D. Morris, Ph.D.

Noahsark9.html Two Stories on Noah's Ark on Ararat and Conversation with Key Image Analyst, Physicist Cliff Paiva

DNA3.html Precious Gems in "Junk" DNA?

Did Sodom and Gomorrah Really Exist?

Dino9.html The Bear Lake Monster and Swedish Cousin

Flood Legends from Around the World Outside Link

Boneyard2.html Interesting Fossil Finds at French Mine

Eyewit10.htmlMothman, Owlman and the Pterosaur--One in the Same?

Eyewit11.htmlMothman Owlman Part 2

Dna4.html Scientists monkey around with chimp chromosome-- "surprised" at differences between chimps & humans

Sophis11.html"Early" Use of Fire

Dino10.html The Muckross Monster

June 2004 Updates

Eyewit12.html The "Jersey Devil"-Completion of the Mothman, Owlman and "Jersey Devil" Trifecta

Eyewit13.html The Return of the Thunderbird: Avian Mystery of the Black Forest

Page16.html Giant Mummies, Ancient Civilizations, Extensive Caverns Under Southern California?

Water13.html Atlantis Discovered! What, Again?

Dna5.html Junk DNA Throws Up Precious Secrets

On Creating Something From Nothing by David Darling in New Scientist

Dino11.html Taking a New Look at an Alleged Living Baby Pterosaur

Sophis12.html Were our "Primitive" ancestors Sophisticated enough to Manipulate Plant Chromosomes?

Boneyard3.html Fossilisation and Fossil Graveyards

Water14.html Underwater Stone Platform Discovered Off Andros Island, Bahamas

Richard Dawkins', Leading Evolutionsist's 11 to 19 Second P.A.U.S.E. Poorly Adapted for Unexpected, Scientific Enquiry?

July 2004 Updates

Boneyard4.html The Beresovka Mammoth Problem, and... Entire Islands Composed of the Bones of Frozen Animals?

Water15.html Yonaguni Monument TV Program Transcript

Giants11.html “Gigantic” Newcomers to the Prehistoric St. Lawrence River Valley

Eyewit14.html Strange, Unknown Flying Creature Seen Recently in Japan

Biology 103 Bluebook Scotty's Paradox/The Sugared Donut

Page 17 The Redating of the Sphinx

An Open Letter to Closed Minds A letter from scientists to scientists re: Reevaluating The Big Bang

A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism100 Scientists

Scans Uncover Secrets of the Womb Surprisingly Early Development of Certain Behaviors

Giants10.html Southern Utah Man--Concerns about the "Inca Giants" caused us to remove it.

Noahsark10.html Forbidden Arkeology. Robin Simmon's Comprehensive Look at the Ararat Anomalies. CIA/FBI? Check! Smithsonian Antics? Check!

Dino12.html Chupac? Strange "Blue" Animal Found in Elmendorf

Eyewit15.html Strange Creatures in Oregon (not the citizens)

August 2004 Updates

The Deniable Darwin by David Berlinski

Darwin's Dirty Secret by Nancy Pearcey

Page18.html Out of Place Artifacts cont..

Page19.html Ancient Machining and Stone Technology..

Radiocarbon Dating and Questions by Kamil Erkan

Page20.html Enormous Underground Irish Temple, Kansas Mystery Stone

Page21.html Curiously Advanced Ancient Maps

Water16.html Mysterious Tracks 1 Mile Down, Asphalt/Pavement at 3,000 Feet

Tower of Babel 2 Language "Evolved" With a Leap

MissingAliens2.html Earth to E.T.: We're Waiting

Dino13.html Pterosaur, Mothman Videoed/Photographed?

Machine Politician? Very Weird Conspiracy Theory About President Bush

Water17.html Buried Ice Could Hold Ancient Secrets

Page22.html Immense Buried Rock Wall Encommpasses 20 Sq. Miles at "Rockwall" Texas.

Design and the Anthropic Principle Universe Specially Designed for Human Life?

The Brain and the Computer

Sophis13.html More Evidence, of Neanderthal Sophistication; Problems with Carbon Dating; Plus if Neanderthals' not Human--maybe you're not either!

September 2004 Updates

Dino14.html Run, No Amble for your Lives! Mini "Loch Ness Monster" Washes Up & Champ Sighting

'Rapture' Myth Left Behind by Theologian's Deconstruction

Sophis14.html The Neanderthal Flute Strikes a Chord. Sour Note for Some Scientists. News Played "Pianissimo".

Page23.html Ancient Chinese Pyramid Complex Rivals/Mirrors Giza

Noahsark11Was McGivern's Noah's Ark Search a "Stunt"? Nat Geo Gets Off A Few Shots.

Dino15.htmlDid Diplocaulus Kick the Bucket-or is He in One? -The Dragon of Great Slave Lake

Sociobiology The Materialists Take That Ride to Nowhere. 9/28/04

Sophis15.html Signs of An Earlier American 9/28/04

Polydactly Just added a photo

Water18.html Modern, Tropical Plants Found Below Two Miles of Ice & Genesis Flood Connection

Noahsark12.html Most Recent Common Ancestor' of All Living Humans Surprisingly Recent

October 2004 Updates

Dinolit8.html Ritual Object, Llama or Dino, You Decide

Strange Universe ..Contains Contemporary Cosmology:..Can produce disorientation & confusion.-Bob Berman

Water19.html Update:Evidence for Existence of a Flooded Civilization of “Prehistory” Near Cuba

Were Joseph and Imhotep of Egypt The Same Man?

Eyewit16.html The Flying Cat:For crying out loud, mothwoman?!

Are Christians Still Under the Ten Commandments? Part 2

The Fingers Of God Point To No Big Bang Michael Goodspeed

Dino16.html Family Videos What Could Be Ogopogo

Scientists Find "Recent", Fossil 1 Meter Tall "little people" & not in Ireland. Dropping current human evolutionary theories like a bad hobbit!

Page24.html Strange Anomalous Rock Formations; Human or Natural

Eyewit17.html Legend Of Giant Bird Remains a Mystery

November 2004 Updates

Dino17.html Video of 170 Foot "Sea Monsters" in SF Bay?! Clifford Paiva's Analysis of Clark Bros. January 2004, 3 Minute Video

"Little People" Continue to Confound Evolutionists

Twilight of the Godless Atheism has fallen on hard times.

Water20.html Cuba City and Cyprus Atlantis? Updates

School Board OKs Challenges to Evolution

Geologists Discover Water Cuts Through Rock At "Surprising Speed" Implications for the Grand Canyon?

Cosmic Conundrum .....Why Does the Universe Seem to be Designed For Us? Was it Super Intelligent Aliens?

Graham Hancock has His Day: BBC Program, "Atlantis Reborn" Found to be "Unfair"

December 2004 Updates

Dinolit9.html Another collection of would be dinosaurs

Ancient Hammered Copper Ornament Depicts Bat?--or "Baby Pterosaur"?

Hong Kong Group Claims to have found Noah's Ark Beware donation request. -Outside Link

CBS News Poll "Creationism" Trumps Evolution--Outside Link

Dino18.html Stills From 2002 Loch Ness Camcorder Shoot.. Nov 35

Mega4.html Big birds on the Green River? The Debate Continues..

Eyewit18.html Pterodactyl in Ontario

Famous Atheist "Flew" Now Believes in God & 7 of 10 in UK Believe in God

Dinolit11.html Zhou Dynasty Dinosaur from 700 Years B.C.--They Keep Good Side Hidden

Mega5.html Giant Tribolite Discovered & Giant Deer Survived Ice Age

Dinolit12.html Another Zhou Dynasty Dinosaur from 700 Years B.C.--Why Would They Only Show the Feet?

The Gay Gene? by Jeffrey Satinover, M.D.

Sophis16.html Those Sophisticated Cave Men: Ancient Peru Site Older, Much Larger...

Healers' Faith: 73% of Doctors In Poll Say Miracles Can Happen

The Truth About The 'Hobbits' By Lloyd Pye


January/Feb 2005 Updates

Museum of Creation: Adam & Eve Walked with the Dinosaurs...

Scientist/Expert says Hominid "Tree" is Dumb Well sort of

Evolution is Dead! Again! Science Props it up with Twigs & Chewing Gum

Prediction: Big Bang A Big Loser In 2005,.. David Talbott

The Existence of God. Asian Tsunami. Why Do Bad Things Happen? Homosexuality and Evolution.

The Wonder of the World: A Journey from Modern Science to the Mind of God, Top 10 Wonders. The book that helped convince Atheist "Flew" to reconsider.

Even When Evolution is So Wrong--It's So Right! Has a More Malleable Theory Ever Been Devised?

New Chemical Testing Points to Ancient Origin for Burial Shroud of Jesus

"Cretaceous" Duck Ruffles Feathers

Archaeologist Unearths Biblical Controversy

Cosmic Oddity Casts Doubt on Theory of Universe

Doubting Darwin

For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be 'Evil'

Design for Living, by Behe

Sophis17.htmlChinese Used Diamond to Polish Sapphire 5000 to 6000 years Ago

Origin of Life: the Chirality Problem

Water21.html Ancient Mangrove Forests Found Under Reef

Sophis18.html First Animation of the World Found In Burnt City, Iran

Sophis19.html The IceMan Cometh! Secrets of a Stone Age Rambo

Water22.html Indian Archaeologists Discover Submerged Ancient Port City

March 2005 Updates

Children Harmed by "Vegan" DietsBefore/After the Flood.

Water23.html Next Stop, Atlantis, Cuba

Noahsark14.html Scale Correlations of Ahmet Object...Paiva

Page 25 Our Man Flint..How did a man's head come to be fossilized in flint?

Scientists Recover T. rex Soft Tissue-Outside Link

April 2005 Updates

Bible Timeline/How We Go the English Versions of the Bible

DNA6.html Roque Weed Defies Mendel/Evolution

Page26.html Blondes in Ancient China: The Takla Makan Mummies

Water24.html Two "Really Deep" Oceans

Would You Adam and Eve It? Creation/Evolution in the U.K.

Page27.html The "Inscribed Wall" at Chatata, Tennessee BLOG Probably not long for this World

Mega6.html Giant 8 foot bug couldn't have survived under current oxygen & gravity History of "Modern Man" Unravels as German Scholar is Exposed as Fraud

Evolution Psychology "May" Not Explain Our Behaviors After AllWall Street Journal Online

May 2005 Updates

God Rocks! A Follow Up Article ConcerningAn Alternative View of the Grand Canyon

Giants12.html Cayuga Township's Cemetery of Giants

Mega6.html "Ice Age" Armadillo's Were the Size of Cars

May 23,2005 Genetically Modified Crops May Cause Internal Organ Damage--So, Who Modified Current Food Grains?

May 24. More on Ken Ham's Creation Museum

Dino19.html Terrors of the Tiaga Region-20th & 21st Century Dinosaurs

Spark Plug? Embedded in Rock?

May 25 Underwater Discoveries Give Credence to Ancient Flood Legends

Was Lucifer Satan? Not According to the Bible

Water25.html New Underwater Finds in Sri Krishna’s City

Researcher Develops Methods to Test for Artifacts Links to the Bible

Mysterious "Two-Hundred Million-Year-Old" Hidden Stone Bears the Words: "Chinese Communist Party Collapses"

Sophis20.html Lion's Cavern:The Oldest Mine in the world?

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