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Ancient Civilizations, Giants, Tunnels Beneath Southern California? ...Page 9

This page duplicates Page 16 in the Main Index. Sure, this should have been on at least two pages but...Here we allegedly have; Giants, ancient civilizations, tunnels under Southern California, Smithsonian Suppression, general archeological supression etc. all from the same items. Here at, we couldn't even figure out where to put this article.

It's often difficult to do anything to substantiate these items. What you will often get on the internet are simply endless copies of the same article you're investigating. We did find this, however; Jesse Nusbaum was sort of the gatekeeper archeologist of that time. His information is in the right column. If this item was real, perhaps he would have heard something about it or been asked to investigate. As it happens, among his papers held by the government is a file on "Amazing Explorations, Inc." which you will read about below. The reference was in Nusbaum's "Nut" file.

Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?
August 4, 1947 edition of the San Diego Union.

Photo: Newspaper clipping from San Diego Union. Click and drag photo to resize. Script from The Java Script Source

According to the clipping, explorers had unearthed, near the Arizona-Nevada-California line, the mummified remains of strangely costumed giants which the discoverers dated to around 80,000 years ago.

The Union reported that a Howard E. Hill of Los Angeles was recounting the work of Dr. F. Bruce Russell, a retired Cincinnati physician who had originally located the first of several tunnels near Death Valley in 1931, but had not been able to return to the area until 1947.

With the help of Dr. Daniel S. Bovee, who with Hill's father had once helped open up New Mexico's cliff dwellings, Russell had recovered the remains of several men of 8 to 9 feet in height.

"These giants," said Hill, "are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser extending slightly below the knees. The texture of the material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin, but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown today."

Hill also said, according to the Union, that in another cavern was found the ritual hall of the ancient people, together with devices and markings similar to those now used by the Masonic order. In a long tunnel were well-preserved remains of animals, including elephants and tigers. So far, Hill added, no women have been found.

He said the explorers believe that what they found was the burial place of the tribe's hierarchy. Hieroglyphics, he added, bear a resemblance to what is known of those from the lost continent of Atlantis. They are chiseled, he added, on carefully polished granite.

Text of the Article:

LOS ANGELES, Aug 4. (AP)-- A retired Ohio doctor has discovered relics of an ancient civilization, whose men were 8 or 9 feet tall in the Colorado desert near the Arizona-Nevada-California line, an associate said today.

Howard E. Hill. of Los Angeles speaking before the Transportation Club, disclosed that several well-preserved mummies were taken yesterday from caverns in an area roughly 180 miles square, extending through much of southern Nevada from Death Valley, Calif. across the Colorado River into Arizona.

Hill said the discoverer is Dr. F. Bruce Russell, retired Cincinnati physician, who stumbled on the first of several tunnels in 1931, soon after coming West and deciding to try mining for his health.


Not until this year, however, did Dr. Russell go into the situation thoroughly, Hill told the luncheon. With Dr. Daniel S. Bovee, of Los Angeles -- who with his father helped open up New Mexico's cliff dwellings -- Dr. Russell has found mummified remains together with implements of the civilization, which Dr. Bovee had tentatively placed at about 80,000 years old.

"These giants are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser extending slightly below the knees." said Hill. "The texture of the material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin, but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown today."

MARKINGS DISCOVERED Hill said that in another cavern was found the ritual hall of the ancient people, together with devices and markings similar to those now used by the Masonic order. In a long tunnel were well-preserved remains of animals including elephants and tigers. So far, Hill added, no women have been found.

He said the explorers believe that what they found was the burial place of the tribe's hierarchy. Hieroglyphics, he added, bear a resemblance to what is known of those from the lost continent of Atlantis. They are chiseled, he added, on carefully-polished granite.

He said Dr. Viola V. Pettit, of London, who made excavations around Petra, on the Arabian desert, soon will begin an inspection of the remains.

Second Article Concerning Same Discovery Of Giants and Caverns

"Hot Citizen" Nevada Paper, August 5, 1947.

Death Valley: Click and drag photo to resize.

A band of amateur archaeologists announced today they have discovered a lost civilization of men nine feet tall in Californian caverns. Howard E. Hill, spokesman for the expedition, said the civilization may be "the fabled lost continent of Atlantis".

The caves contain mummies of men and animals and implements of a culture 80,000 years old but "in some respects more advanced than ours," Hill said. He said the 32 caves covered a 180-square-mile area in California's Death Valley and southern Nevada.


"This discovery may be more important than the unveiling of King Tut's tomb," he said. Professional archaeologists were skeptical of Hill's story. Los Angeles County Museum scientists pointed out that dinosaurs and tigers which Hill said lay side by side in the caves appeared on Earth 10,000,000 to 13,000,000 years apart.

Hill said the caves were discovered in 1931 by Dr F. Bruce Russell, Beverly Hills physician, who literally fell in while sinking a shaft for a mining claim.

"He tried for years to interest people in them," Hill said, "but nobody believed him." Russell and several hobbyists incorporated after the war as Amazing Explorations, Inc. and started digging. Several caverns contained mummified remains of "a race of men eight to nine feet tall," Hill said.

"They apparently wore a prehistoric zoot suit--a hair garment of medium length, jacket and knee-length trousers."

CAVERN TEMPLE FOUND Another cavern contained their ritual hall with devices and markings similar to the Masonic order, he said. "A long tunnel from this temple took the party into a room where," Hill said, "well-preserved remains of dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, imperial elephants and other extinct beasts were paired off in niches as if on display.

"Some catastrophe apparently drove the people into the caves," he said. "All of the implements of their civilization were found," he said, "including household utensils and stoves which apparently cooked by radio waves."

"I know," he said, "that you won't believe that."

Article Concerning Same Cave Discovery by Different Men 10 to 15 Years Earlier
Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?
Author unknown

Bourke Lee, in his book 'DEATH VALLEY MEN' (MacMillan Co., N.Y. 1932), chapter: "Old Gold", describes a conversation which he had several years ago with a small group of Death valley residents.

The conversation had eventually turned to the subject of Paihute Indian legends. At one point two of the men, Jack and Bill, described their experience with an 'underground city' which they claimed to have discovered after one of them had fallen through the bottom of an old mine shaft near Wingate Pass.

They found themselves in a natural underground cavern which they claimed to have followed about 20 miles north into the heart of the Panamint Mountains. To their amazement, they allegedly found themselves in an huge, ancient, underground cavern city.

They claimed that they discovered within the city several perfectly preserved 'mummies', which wore thick arm bands, wielded gold spears, etc. The city had apparently been abandoned for ages, except for the mummies, and the entire underground system looked very ancient.

It was formerly lit, they found out by accident, by an ingenious system of lights fed by subterranean gases. They claimed to have seen a large, polished round table which looked as if it may have been part of an ancient council chamber, giant statues of solid gold, stone vaults and drawers full of gold bars and gemstones of all kinds, heavy stone wheelbarrows which were perfectly balanced and scientifically-constructed so that a child could use them, huge stone doors which were almost perfectly balanced by counter-weights, and other incredible sights.

They also claimed to have followed the caverns upwards to a higher level which ultimately opened out onto the face of the Panamints, about half-way up the eastern slope, in the form of a few ancient tunnel-like quays.

They realized that the valley below was once under water and they eventually came to the conclusion that the arched openings were ancient 'docks' for sea vessels. They could allegedly see Furnace Creek Ranch and Wash far below them.

They told Bourke Lee that they had brought some of the treasure out of the caverns and tried to set up a deal with certain people, including scientists associated with the Smithsonian Institute, in order to gain help to explore and publicize the city as one of the 'wonders of the world'.

Furnace Creek
Furnace Creek and Wash

These efforts ended in disappointment however when a 'friend' of theirs stole the treasure (which was also the evidence) and they were scoffed at and rejected by the scientists when they went to show them the 'mine' entrance and could not find it.

A recent cloud-burst, they claimed, had altered and rearranged the entire countryside and the landscape did not look like it had been before.

When Lee last heard from the two men, Bill and Jack, they were preparing to climb the east face of the Panamints to locate the ancient tunnel openings or quays high up the side of the steep slope. Bourke Lee never did see or hear from his friends ever again.

In 1946 a man calling himself Dr. F. Bruce Russell, and claiming to be a retired physician, told a similar story about finding strange underground rooms in the Death Valley area in 1931.

He told of a large room with several tunnels leading off in different directions. One of these tunnels led to another large room that contained three mummies.

Artifacts found in the room appeared to be a combination of Egyptian and American Indian design. The most amazing thing about the mummies though was the fact that they were more than eight feet tall.

Dr. Russell and a group of investors formed "Amazing Explorations, Inc" to handle the release, and profit, from this remarkable find. But, as stories of this type usually go, Russell disappeared, and the investigators were never able to find the caverns and tunnels again, even though Russell had personally taken them there.

The desert can be very deceiving to anyone not used to traveling it. Month's later, Russell's car was found abandoned, with a burst radiator, in a remote area of Death Valley. His suitcase was still in the car.

The old TV series Death Valley Days once ran a short story about western pioneers also finding mummies in the desert. Since one of the script writers stated that "there had never been a script without a solid basis in fact", it would be interesting to find out what their source had been.

For now, these stories will have to be shrouded in mystery, along with the 21,000 year old bones found in California's Imperial Valley, also rumored to have been spirited off by the Smithsonian.

Source: Shadowlands Underworld

San Bernardino Caves

Kokoweef Caverns

Below you will find a transcription of the sworn statement made by Earl Dorr as it pertained to Kokoweef Caverns. This was published in the California Mining Journal, November 1940, though written in 1934.

It is speculated that Earl was attempting to get capital at the time for his projects in the area.


This is to certify that there is located in San Bernardino County, California, about two hundred and fifty miles from Los Angeles, a certain cave.

Traveling over state highways by automobile, the cave is reached in about ten hours.

A Civil Engineer, Mr. Morton, and I spent four days exploring the cave for more than eight miles. We carried with us Altimeters, Pedometers, and a Theodolite, with which to observe and record actual directions, take elevations and measurements by triangulation. Our exploration revealed the following facts:

1. From the mouth of the cave we descended as shown by the Altimeters to be about 2000 feet, where we encountered a canyon, which from the Altimeters and by calculations we found to be from 3000 to 3500 feet deeper; making total depth of 5400 feet from the mouth where we entered the caves to the floor of the canyon.

2. We found the cave divided into many caverns or chambers, of various sizes, all filled and embellished with Stalactites and Stalagmites, besides many grotesque and fantastic shapes that make these caves one of the wonders of the world.

Kokoweef Caverns
.....Photo showing the interior of Kokoweef Caverns. Courtesy of Jack Russ.

3. The largest chamber we explored is about 300 ft. wide, 400 feet long and from 50 to 110 feet high. It is encrusted with crystals, fashioned into festoons of innumerable Stalactites, that hang from the ceiling, some of which are extremely large.

One, the largest seen, is 27 feet in diameter and hangs 1510 feet down into a 3000 ft. canyon. This great Stalactite is perpetually washed by water flowing down over it and falling into the dark canyon depths. The huge glistening white crystal is 500 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower, and challenged us with amazement and wonder.

4. There is a flowing river on the floor of the canyon, which rises and falls with tidal regularity. All measurements and estimates of the river, including its tides and beach sands were reckoned by triangulation, taken with the Theodolite, and while we did not reach the river, nevertheless, taking observations with our theodolite and its telescope, we reckoned the river to be about 300 feet wide at high tide and 10 feet wide at low tide. It rises and falls from 7 ½ to 8 feet. The Peysert brothers confirm our reckoning.

5. When the tide is out, there is exposed on both sides of the river from 100 to 159 feet of black sand, which the Peysert brothers report is very rich in placer gold. They report the sands on the river shore to be from 4 to 11 feet deep; and on an average about 8 feet deep.

6. There are numerous ledges above the canyon that are from 10 to 40 feet wide and covered with sand. We personally explored the ledge sands for a distance of more than eight miles, finding little variation in the depth and width of these ledge sands. And wherever examined,the ledge sands are found to be fabulously rich in placergold.

7. I have known intimately Oliver, Buck and George Peysert From my boyhood. I have discussed these caves with them repeatedly and thoroughly. They have reported to me in detail, their experience in exploring the caves.

One of them, George, lost his life in the cave. Buck and Oliver say George was killed by diving in the river on the floor of the canyon.

He struck an unseen rock, which killed him instantly. They have reported to me repeatedly their mining experiences and say they mined on the beach sands of the river a total in all of six weeks.

They carried lumber down to the river and constructed a sluice box and, using a pump, the three mined for six weeks, during which time they recovered more than %57,000 in gold, (gold at $20.00 per ounce); they sent their gold directly to the U.S. Mint and banked the returns in a bank in Needles, California, and another bank in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I last talked to them in my home about November 10th 1934, at which time they repeated their former statements, giving information as to how they discovered the river, and more of their experiences in gold mining. They recovered several of the largest nuggets of gold ever found in California.

Both Mr. Morton and myself filled our pockets with the sands from the ledges, carried it out and had it assayed. Just what Mr. Morton's sand assayed, I do not know, but it was approximately $2000. per ton.

I carried out ten pounds and two ounces of the ledge sand, and panned seven pounds, recovering more than $7.00 in gold, with gold at $20.00 an ounce. I sold the gold for $18.00 per ounce.

The balance of my ten pounds of sand I sent to John Herman, a Los Angeles Assayer. His assay certificate shows a value of $2,144.47 per yard - gold at $20.67 per ounce.

I, E. P. DORR residing at 300 Aldena Street, Pasadena California make the foregoing statements for the purpose of inducing investors to invest in the work of mining the gold in these caves, and solemnly swear that all statements made hereinabove are true and that all persons will find the physical conditions in the cave as above stated.

SUBSCRIBED and sworn to this ___day of December, 1934. Source:E Adventure Net

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Gatekeeper Jesse Nusbaum

On July 9, 1927, Order No. 229 of the Depart- ment of the Interior (DOI) announced that Mr. Jesse L. Nusbaum, Archaeologist of the National Park Service and Superintendent of Mesa Verde National Park…has been desig- nated as Archaeologist for the Department of the Interior, and those bureaus handling archaeological matters will refer them to Mr. Nusbaum for his recommendation.

With this order, a formal role of oversight and review of archeological matters began depart- mentwide and the National Park Service (NPS) was delegated the task of carrying it out.

Familiarity with both the NPS and archeo- logical issues of the southwest made Nusbaum an ideal appointee for the Department Archeologist position. Twenty years earlier, he had begun his archeological career assisting Edgar Hewett and Alfred Kidder in archeological fieldwork and pho- tography at Mesa Verde.

In 1909, Nusbaum became an employee of the School of American Archeology in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nusbaum’s two decades of archeological work gave him a deep and wide understanding of the issues and concerns of fellow archeologists.

By the late 1920s, he had overseen or worked on pro- jects in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Colorado, and New Mexico. He had been hired as superin- tendent of Mesa Verde National Park by Stephen Mather, first director of the NPS, in 1921.

..Nusbaum resigned from the Laboratory of Anthropology and returned to Mesa Verde in 1935. He continued as superintendent and Departmental Consulting Archeologist (DCA) until the late 1940s when he left the park for a full-time NPS position in Santa Fe. There he con- tinued as DCA, served the general function of “senior archeologist,” and played a key role in the expansion of public archeology during the 1950s

NUSBAUM's "NUTFILE" Mentions "Amazing Explorations, Inc."

Series IV - "Nut File"
The "Nut File" consists of one file labeled "Nut File" plus six folders labeled "740-17 Nut File" and then the individual name. Nusbaum refers to his "Nut File" several times in the correspondence.

This "Nut File" includes correspondence, periodicals, and clippings from and about unusual people or crackpot theories or events.

The "Nut File" also includes some of Nusbaum's replies and letters to other anthropologists as well as the material from and about the "nuts." The one inch thick "Nut File" includes items dating from 1941 to 1956 while the individual files date from 1938 to 1949. The file is in Record Box 2.

"Nut" File
Amazing Explorations, Inc.
Delano's Mummies
Harry E. (Two-Gun) Miller Matter
Mummifying Zone in New Mexico
Frank A. Baker, South Dakota Black Hills, 1939
Old Prospector and his "Magic Wands," 1938

Source: National Park Service History Collection RG 5


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