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Giants in Those Days--A Tomb Containing a 10 Foot Giant Found, In Afghanistan ---Page 18

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According to an e-mail sent in by a U.S. Air Force officer, this is a photo of a staff sergeant carrying the turban of a giant.

The officer claims that this is a photo inside the tomb of a dead giant he observed in Afghanistan eight months ago who was flown to a secret military base in Europe.

The giant was estimated to weigh about 1100 lbs., appeared to be twice the height of a normal human, and had an unusual odor.

The turban was said to have been lined with brass. The tomb was reportedly 28 feet long and was half-filled with his armor and his spear.

Issues: If this photo was taken eight months ago, one has to wonder why it is in black and white? (We colored it because we had a new box of crayons). An army officer would not refer to the man as a technical sergeant, but rather, as a "tech sergeant" as his stripes indicate.

Details are sparse.

Update:"As for the picture, it looks as if it was taken in the late 50's to mid 60's. That is the old tan AF uniform."..Colonel Haygood, USAF.

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