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Giants in Those Days--

Giant "Human" Footprints in New South Wales?--Page 13

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These photos were taken at different locations on the east coast of NSW, Australia. At the time that they were taken my wife and I were travelling around Australia, and had been on the road for 2 1/2 years.

We had a basic camera that didn't record dates, therefore, I can't say for certain, but I believe that they were most probably taken on the southern-central coastline.

In the "Dinosaurs & Giants Footprints", (above) you will notice that the two in the attachment do look similar to human footprints, footprints made by a giant.

You will also notice the impression of my shoes on the right hand side of the footprint ( outlined a few of the authors prints in red) on the left of the photo. I wear size 10 shoes.

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Now, when I found these prints, there were a number of prints and half-prints, which appears to be three sets of different prints, interlocking with each other.

I was going to take photos of all the prints, but sadly, I was only able to take the two prints, because it was the end of the film roll, and I didn't have a spare roll with me at the time.

I drew the diagram at a later date, on what I could basically remember of the site. On the diagram, I indicated the LH footprint in the photo as "1A" and the RH footprint as "2A". These prints were the beginning of the line of prints.

On the diagram, you will notice "1A - full print LH Photo", and "2A - full print RH Photo".

You will notice that the heel, "1B", which appears just to the top of the right hand photo (2A).

You will notice the heel, "3A", which appears directly above the left hand photo (1A).

I drew the diagram at a later date of basically what was there at the site, and the prints are indicated in black, the white area on the diagram is a supposition of the whole footprint. If only the camera didn't run out of film, I would have had the whole picture.

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The above photos of the attachment, could be either a small dinosaur or even human prints, and they disappears under the cliff face that is in the background.

You will notice the raised edges of the prints in the foreground, as if something or someone, was pulling its feet out of sticky, fine, mud, with a sucking affect. You can see the discolouration around the edges as if organic material was sucked up the below the upper layer and dispersed as the foot was removed from the mud.

The photo on the left of the attachment, do look a bit human-like.

On the right hand photo, you can vaguely see other base prints in the diagonal fracturing of the rock, heading off at a slight angle away to the right from these prints. They are probably earlier and deeper tracks made and then covered over at a later time with fine mud.

Source: George Parker

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