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Eyewitness Accounts -Do Giant Flying Reptiles Still Live? ...Page 18

More Eyewitness Accounts

Pterodactyl in Ontario
by Kevin Meixner

Near the intersection of Winston Churchill Road and Steeles Avenue in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, while driving to work on the morning of Monday, November 1st with my mother at about 8:00 a.m. EST, my mother and I saw a strange bird-like creature flying low and close to the car about 20 feet away from us.

Big Apple Farm (pick your own)
in Brampton, is close to the area of the sighting.
Click and drag photo to resize.

It caught my attention because it didn't look like any kind of bird I have ever seen before.

I watched it a bit longer and to my astonishment as it turned it looked exactly like a miniature pterodactyl like you see in the movies like Jurassic Park or on The Flintstones cartoons. The only difference is that it was much smaller, having a wingspan of about four feet.

It was gray and did not appear to have any feathers. The wings were an odd shape and flapped much differently than any kind of bird I've seen flying; they looked fleshy like bat wings.

It flew very gracefully, flapping its wings very slowly, lifting them up and down in a vertical motion. It seemed to glide on the air between flaps, catching air under its folded wings on the upward motion and then gliding on the air by pushing it out from beneath its wings and extending them to straighten them out on the downward motion.

It had a long, skinny, pointed tail extended straight behind it that had sort of a diamond shape at the tip. It also had a long neck extended out in front of it as it flew. Unfortunately, I did not get a good look at its head.

This creature proceeded to land on a tree nearby, maybe about 100 feet away from me by extending its feet forward and beneath it and gliding on its wings. The landing motions it made very much resembled the way a modern plane lands today, having its nose up and the wheels hit the ground first while the wings glide on the air.

I have looked up pictures of known birds that it might possibly be such as the whooping crane, but none of these birds look like what I saw.

The only pictures I've seen that resemble what I saw are sketches of pterodactyls, kongamatos and pterosaurs; the sketches of the kongamatos and pterodactyls are nearly identical to what I saw.

This creature had very complex body movements to land and a very unique flying style. I don't think this could be faked because anyone who could create a device that could fly like that and land like that would deserve a Nobel Prize and likely have a patent on the flying technology used.

This is the strangest thing I have ever seen and I feel really privileged to see such a beautiful creature that is not supposed to even exist anymore. It was a wonderful experience.

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