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Dinosaurs in Literature, Art & History--Chinese Hadrosaur... Page 23

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The piece on the left is from China around 1400. It's currently in the Genesis Park Collection.

"It displays numerous characteristics of the beaked dinosaurs; tridactyl feet configuration, metatarsal stance, scale-like representation all over the body (except for the horn which has a striated pattern), long (albeit slender) tail, elaborate head crest and a long neck…" Genesis Park

To the right is what looks to us like a characterization of a very similar animal. This piece is an antique, also from China. The gallery identifies the piece as a "bird" (the rare 4 legged type) no doubt because of the "duck bill". This piece seems to represent a similar animal as the first piece above did. It appears to us that the artist had some familarity with duck billed dinosaurs.

The brachylophosaurus was a type of duck billed dinosaur whose fossils have been found in China. The photos below portray this animal as deduced from its skull, one of which is pictured below, right.

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