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Richard Dawkin's 11 Second/19 Second Pause
In Reaction to Basic Evolution Question

"Professor Dawkins, can you give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome?"

What's the big deal about a pause? Well, we think it's amusing for one thing, at the very least "interesting". Truthfully, here at, we don't believe that the particular question -in question has an answer...other than "no".

Consequently, we are not surprised that even a world famous, self proclaimed "intellectually fulfilled atheist" would a have a problem clearly and unambiguously answering "it" as it is put to him. He does attempt to rationalize his performance but the full audio indicates that in all fairness he simply could not answer the question. We also know that in the years since this interview took place he has managed to acquit himself in a much better fashion--though his current answer is still unsatisfactory, even if he practically wrote an entire book explaining it.

"Professor Richard Dawkins of Oxford University is a man of letters, and a man of words. He is rarely at a loss for words, especially when defending his favorite topic -- evolution -- or lambasting his traditional opponents -- creationists.

Therefore, it is indeed noteworthy if such an eloquent wit should appear to be speechless when asked a question right up his alley, that is:

"Professor Dawkins, can you give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome?"

Yet he appears, on the videotape "From a Frog To A Prince," to be struggling for words after being asked that very question. As he himself wrote when responding to the tape, it is inconceivable that he could not answer it and the phenomenon requires another explanation. "... Twin Cities Creation Science Association

Eight seconds of the "pause" were removed from the film, apparently because the silence became excruciating for all concerned. At that point Professor Dawkins can be heard on the full audio version (not the film) asking that filming be stopped so he could think.

Here at we wondered what was actually going through his mind as well and offer a few hypotheses for the P.A.U.S.E.; Perhaps he was:

Praying for Answer to Unexplainedly, Spontaneously Evolve;

Poorly Adapted for Unexpected, Scientific Enquiry;

Pantomiming Answer Utilizing Silly Expressions;

Perplexed and Annoyed; Unable to Speak Effectively;

Pontificating Arrogantly; Unbearable Scrutiny Emasculated;

Perceptively Angry; Uses Silence for Effect;

Punctuated; Attempts Unsuccessfully to Summon Equilibrium;

To View The Clip From The Film Click Below,

The clip is from Answers in Genesis.Org. Thanks to Neil Wright. Kind Regards!

For more information on the "controversy", Dawkin's own explanation etc., please go to: Skeptics choke on Frog: was Dawkins Caught on the Hop? or Twin Cities Creation Science Association Site