20th Century Dinosaurs... Page  18
20th Century Dinosaurs... Page 18

Loch Ness Camcorder Shoot

Quote from Photographer

re: Camcorder Shoot

"I would just like to say about the pictures that are on front page. I took footage at lochness end of April 2002. I was at castle came out of castle walked up to car that was parked at top end of car park and my daughter said there's nessie.

I looked and could see something on the loch. I started to film this object but never knew what I had.

Anyway when I got a video that could play frame by frame I started to go over tapes of UF Objects and thought I would look over the Loch Ness tape.

I did and when I was going over tape I could see the pictures that are on front page, and yes that was a BIG WOW! I could not believe what I was seeing. There are more frames than those two.

Anyway I did not create these images they are on tape. I am not trying to fake picture that are not there they are. It don't matter to me what anyone thinks what the object was on the loch that day.

I have the images that people say or do see on the loch ness that go back hundreds if not thousands of years I don't need to lie. I can show nessie/monster/dragon/or whatever you want to call it on Loch Ness."

Source: Scotland Midlothian UFO & Paranormal

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