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By David Siddall

The Monster in Question.

PARTON residents are baffled by what has been described as a “mini Loch Ness Monster” washed up on their beach.

Joan Singleton, from Firth View was strolling on the foreshore near to where Lowca Beck flows out to sea when she came upon the “monster”.

She alerted friends, saying she had never seen anything like it.


Jack Southam, skipper of the Whitehaven sea angling charterboat Riptide, said on seeing a photograph of it: “I have never seen anything like this in all my years at sea.”

Another Parton resident told The Whitehaven News: “It seems to have a seal’s body, the tail of a whale, fins on top and sides, but also claws and really sharp teeth.”

Do you have any clues what this peculiar beastie might be? Call our newsdesk on (01946) 595136.

Source: Whitehaven-News-UK


Lake’s Legend Lives?... August 2004

Vacationers see seagull fall prey to snake-like creature

By DAN HEATH, Staff Writer
CHAMPLAIN — Seeing is believing.

Five Maryland residents vacationing here say they had a close encounter with Champ, Lake Champlain’s lurking legend last week.

"I was born in Champlain. I never believed in Champ or the Loch Ness monster," said Bob Gload of Crofton, Maryland. "I believe now."

Bob and four of his grandchildren were enjoying a quiet Wednesday afternoon of bass fishing. At around 3 p.m., he piloted his 1962 Crestliner to the middle of the lake, partway between Point Au Fer and Isle La Motte, Vt.

Gload, 10-year-old Russell Crim and 7-year-old Kaylee Gload were near the stern, facing Isle La Motte. Matthew Crim, 10, and Taylor Gload, 12, were on the boat’s bow, facing Chazy Landing.

"We heard a seagull crying. It was flapping around in the water about 150 yards away," Taylor said. Matthew yelled there were three muskies trying to get a seagull, alerting Bob.

"I turned around and saw that explosion from the water. I saw three humps, two- to three-feet tall, about four- or five-feet apart," Bob said.

Taylor scrambled to get the camera, but by then it was too late. The creature had slipped back beneath the water. "We watched, and it resurfaced farther north, then that was it," Bob said. "It appeared to be undulating, like the way a snake moves."

He quickly looked around to see if any other boats were nearby, but they were alone.

"It was a very calm day. There were no ripples on the water at all," Bob said. All five saw the creature. Bob said Kaylee appeared a little frightened by what she saw.

"I wasn’t scared," she said.

She described the creature as a dark, dark black color, while Russell said it had a snake-like shape.

"I though right away it was Champ," Russell said. The visitors have been keeping an eye out in the days following their sighting. "We’ve been watching with binoculars off and on since then," Matthew said.

"We’ll keep watching," Taylor said. "Maybe we’ll get a picture of it next time."

There are reports of a similar creature, Chessie, which is believed to inhabit Chesapeake Bay, near where the Gload and Crim families live.

"I’ve always wanted to believe in Chessie. Now that I’ve seen this, it definitely could exist," Taylor said. "I imagine it could be a plesiosaur, like the Loch Ness monster is supposed to be."

While the four youngsters say they weren’t afraid of Lake Champlain’s monster, none of them is eager to go swimming. "I’m kind of creeped out something that big is out there," Taylor said.

He might go back in the water, as long as some others go with him. "At least if there’s someone with you, it can eat the other people first," Taylor said.

Bob said he’s been fishing in that area for more than 60 years, but this was a first.

"This was different because of the seagull," he said. "Muskies have been known to eat small baby ducks, but I’ve never heard of one eating a seagull."

The Gloads and Crims were visiting the North Country for a family reunion. With more than 150 family members gathered over the weekend at Cumberland Head State Park, it was going to be a great opportunity for the five witnesses to tell their tale.

"Half of them won’t believe it. They’ll say it was probably waves or muskies," Bob said. "All I know is I’ve been fishing a long time, and I’ve never seen anything like that."



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