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20th Century Dinosaurs... Page 13

Pterosaur, Mothman Photographed?

It's especially important to use ones's own judgement here. Could be faked. Could be a case of mistaken identity. In fact, there probably is no way that you should be convinced by these photos one way or another. They're just not clear enough. Still, the photos and the story are provocative and interesting.

Our own take of course, is that pterosaurs and other "dinosaurs" might still exist. We covered these kind of stories in some detail beginning with Eyewit10.html and for several pages thereafter. Since these could be actual photos of a "living dinosaur" we're posting it here along with another couple of stories from the same as well as additional sources. Enjoy the speculation.

Large, Bipedal, Winged Creature on Kentucky Bridge

This picture was sent to me by a family that moved away from here just after Xmas 2003. It was taken in Russell, Ky. looking towards Ironton, Oh. There are some pics on our site that you can use for a reference, I've tried to take some pics from the exact same spot...anyhow, it's very intriguing.

On left, creature on bridge, right, gliding off bridge toward water.

They claim that they were taking some pictures of their dog during their evening walk just after dusk. As always, they stopped along the walk of the river to admire boats, animals, birds, traffic, etc. On this particular night, they made their usual stop at the picnic area and noticed this "thing" walking across the beam of the bridge, stop, then look directly in their direction, then fly away.

Since it was common for them to bring along their digital camera to take pictures of their dogs, "Shelia" tried to take a quick snap of the "thing"...Both seem to believe to have been non-believers and was hoping to hear of other local encounters before making a big deal of it.

Unfortunately, nothing else had been noted by local residents and they kept the encounter to themselves....anyhow, thought you may enjoy the pic just the same.

Close-ups of the apparition.

..Interestingly enough, this bridge is set for demolition in 2006. It has been retrofitted by the state of Ohio to help prolong it's life..many people in the area refuse to cross it because they feel it's not safe...Since this family sent me this picture, I too refuse to cross it...

John ...Original Story and Photo Source:theozfactor.nucleardays.com

See also:Eyewit12.html ... Mayan "Mothman"

Second Story

Hello my name is Jon and I think I saw a flying enigma or "mothman" while I was wondering around Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The year is 1988 and me and my friend Jason where going to go visit my cousins ranch because he doesn't get visited to much and I needed a break from work. So we where going along Route 37 down by a long stretch of abandon industrial buildings when we decided to stop and go sight seeing by a stream of water that lead into a huge grate covered manhole.

So we went along the top main part of the path and followed the buildings and my friend started throwing rocks at the windows and then I joined in. After about a hour we stopped and heard a women screaming from the woods so we ran in and tried to find the women and help her.

"My friend thought that someone fell in the sewer" so we went there because the screaming was over there. When we arrived it was mostly pitch black so we turned on our flashlights and pointed to where the noise was coming from. We saw what looked like a huge tree blocking the sewer so we walked closer and saw what looked like a huge bat with red fly eyes it walked closer to me and my friend and then it shrieked a horrible sound like a women screaming.

My friend that it was a joke and went closer then realized this thing was real. It had long fur from its head to its big long clawed legs.

It spread its wings and floated into the sky where it then lunged down and hit my friend on his head ripping the flesh then it floated away higher till we could't see it.

My friend was taken to a hospital and now we are both very afraid of this enigma because are houses are close to Point Pleasant. Source: Same as Above.


Mexican Police Officer Attacked

In January of this year in Monterrey, Mexico, a young Police Officer ultimately passed out after calling for back-up in this "encounter". Briefly, the officer was on patrol, car stopped, when he saw a figure float down from a nearby tree. He described the figure a s a black clothed woman with a terrible face and wings.

if these creatures are really what we think they are, we are not surprised when tramatized witnesses describe vaguely humanoid (a head, two legs, two "arms", walking bipedally) as wearing black clothes or leather clothes.

The officer blacked out when the creature, perhaps irritated by his lights, alighted on his windshield an attempted to get at him.

The incident was in several papers and in the local news. Fellow officers claimed to have seen the same creature a few days earlier.

There were several other witnesses, including one who took video of what they described as a winged "humanoid" creature. Here on the left is a still from the video, from VirtuallyStrange.net, which appeared on a local news station. On the right is a mystery photo from Rense.com. If you think pterosaur, you should be able to make out the wing and the characteristically pointed head. The red line outlines the wing.


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