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20th Century Dinosaurs... Page 11

A New Look at an Alleged Living "Baby Pterosaur" &
Perfect Pterosaur Found in Fossil Egg

Almost exactly a year ago to the day, a Mrs. Mary Martha Moore of Westport, N.Y. sent in a photo of what to all the world appeared to be a baby pterosaur along with a nice story of how she found it on her property and rescued it from her cat.

Well the "experts" immediately descended upon the photo to "prove" in a thousand different ways that the it was a "Fake" and Mrs. Moore a liar. By "experts", we mean the kind of people with the same lack of credentials --well, that typifies the people here at S8int.com. And so, having done their duty, they moved on.

Of course, we don't know if the photo is real or fake either, though we find it diificult to believe that someone named both "Mary" and "Martha" would engage in this kind of manipulation--photo or otherwise.

Here's a quote from the Nature Article:"Uncovered at Jingangshan in the Liaoning province of northeastern China, the fossil is the first pterosaur embryo ever found. There is no doubt as to its identity: its well-developed shoulder and chest bones, and elongated fourth finger, mark it out as a pterosaur,...".

We think it takes a little know-how to fake an accurate photo a full year before the "real one" comes out.(June 2003 vs June 2004). And we must say that we have to disagree with those "experts" who insisted by reflex that the photo is clearly that of a decomposed basking shark.

But wait. An actual, perfect, "fossilized" baby pterosaur still inside its egg has been found in China a year after Mrs. Moore found hers in her yard. The photo of the pterosaur in the egg is unchanged from Nature.com

Let's go back and compare shall we? Here at s8int.com, we found some remarkable similarities but you can judge for yourself as both photos and both stories are reproduced below.

Note: Here's a link to a French Crypto Site that had Mary Moore's story on June 7, 2003.

Friday, June 06 2003
Mary Martha Moore of Westport (NY) writes:

I was sitting on the sofa watching tv when I heard something hit the window. I knew immediately that a bird had flown into the window, as it has happened before.

When I went outside I found this fuzzy bird lying in the flower bed. It seemed stunned but unhurt. At first I thought it might be some type of starling or catbird and thought that it might be ill. Especially since it's wings lacked feathers.

I went inside and got my son Jack and told him to get the camera to take a picture.

(Mary Moore's photo on the right, recent egg find on the left. )

When I picked it up, it seemed to cling to my hand in a funny way. I noticed my cat, Tippie, was acting very excited and meowing a great deal, standing on her hind legs...

...and trying to get at the bird.

She's never really done anything like that before. It seemed very odd behavior for her. Suddenly the bird took flight from my hand and flew to the roof.

It seemed to have very pointy wings, but since it seemed able to fly I felt that it was alright. Since she seemed very excited I brought Tippie inside so she wouldn't get on the roof and disturb the bird, just in case it was still up there and hadn't flown away yet.

I thought nothing more of it, except that for the rest of the afternoon, Tippie sat at the window sill meowing in that cackling way cats do when they watch birds.

Source: Paranormal.com; Pterosaur in Egg Photo:Nature.com

Hoaxed Photo Confirmed by Shane Swafford

What can we say? We fell for it and we apologize. "Congrats" to whomever wrote Mary Moore's letter. Nice piece of fiction. Thanks to Shane for bringing it to our attention.

Hello -

I am writing to inform you that while I was surfing the internet on September 27th, 2007 Iooking at bat photos I came across one which looked familiar. As I tried to remember where I had seen it before I quickly realized that it was on your site s8int.com in an article presenting a supposed photograph of a baby pterosaur along with a letter from "Mary Martha Moore of Westport (NY)" describing the origin of the photo.

That baby pterosaur photo has been in the back of my mind ever since I first saw it. I had always wondered whether or not it was authentic, but never could decide.

I can now say without a doubt that the photo presented as one of a living baby pterosaur is fake along with the story used to support it. I have found the original photo somebody stole off the internet and manipulated to make a bat look like the baby pterosaur. The original photo was taken by P.D. Pratt in 2003 and copyrighted.

You can visit the site here at ojiway.ca/batpics.htm

I have made a side-by-side comparison of the baby pterosaur photo and the original photo of the Silver-haired bat and inserted it into this e-mail for your consideration. When compared with each other it becomes obvious that the original photo was rotated 90 degrees, the head of the bat erased and turned into a pterosaur head, and finally the overall tint of the photo was altered.

Really, not much was changed in order to create such an intriguing photo and this should be a lesson to all who believe photographing a cryptid will prove anything. It will take no less than a physical specimen, dead or alive, to finally settle the debate over the existence of any creature.

I recommend not removing the hoaxed photo from your site, but rather updating your page about it to include the information about it being fake to inform those who may have wrongly used it as evidence to support their beliefs.

Let it be known that a creationist (myself) was the one to uncover this hoax and help remove one more piece of garbage from the search for truth.

Thanks for your time, and great site -

Shane Swafford
Seneca, S.C.


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