Those Sophisticated Cave Men....Page 8
Those Sophisticated Cave Men....Page 8

Buried Alive,The Startling Truth about Neanderthal Man

by by Jack Cuozzo

Science Or Science Fiction?
Scientists generally treat the theory of evolution as an absolute fact. But critics say that some archaeologists and paleontologists are fabricating research findings and committing scientific fraud, in order to promote evolution.

Shinichi Fujimura, a leading archaeologist in Japan, recently admitted that he lied about a major find. He initially claimed that he had unearthed 600,000 year-old-stoneware, which would prove to be a unique evolutionary find. However, Fujimura actually staged the discovery and 30 0r 40 others.

What happens when a non-evolutionist with familiarity with skulls and orthodontia gets a look at the goods? Dr Jack Cuozzo, orthodontist, anthropologist, and noted researcher on Neanderthal men, questions the dating of extremely old fossils and much of the so-called scientific "evidence" that appears to support evolution.

That's because he has uncovered many distorted and fraudulent artifacts. He says he's especially leery now, because it's a time when Neanderthal images abound on the Internet, promoting evolutionary theory.

In his book Buried Alive, Cuozzo, who studied and X-rayed Neanderthal skulls in Europe, reveals some of the shocking scientific fraud he says he discovered at a Berlin museum. Recalling one skull he examined, he was horrified to find, "They had both jaws 30 millimeters out of place to produce an apelike effect."

He made a similar discovery at a British museum. Upon examining the remains of a skull referred to as the Gibraltar II child, Cuozzo says someone had "Twisted.. two pieces of the mandible."

Even more appalling is a drastic change in a third skull he examined called the LaQuina portrayed on the cover of his book. "The skull had a chin when it was excavated from the ground in 1911," Cuozzo notes. "But, it has no chin now, because apes have no chins. That was a deliberate attempt to cut off the chin. It happened in the laboratory while I was there."

(Neanderthal skull in portable radiograph machine Cuozzo took onsite to study original material)

There is also the mystery of the Broken Hill skull from Africa. Evolution researchers claim that the skull fits right in with their concepts of evolution. However, Cuozzo says a part of the inner skull that promotes the evolution theory "suddenly appeared" between 1958 and 1981. In addition, evolutionists have tried to explain the presence of recent bullet holes in a skull they claim is at least 50,000 years old.See Page 4

"Some of my friends have called it 'evolution after death,'" muses Cuozzo."

He believes that this evolution at-any-cost attitude is also what caused him to encounter an even darker side of evolutionary anthropology including a death threat. Cuozzo alleges that after studying and examining skulls in Europe, he and his family were once chased in their van to the outskirts of Paris. Following that incident, he says someone attempted to break into their hotel room in the French capital.

"I suspected that they wanted my set of X-rays back so I don't have anything to show the scientific community." Cuozzo says. Even after he returned to America, the pursuits continued. "Someone tried to break in my office here in New Jersey," he says. "I had the police come and escort me out. Then someone came to my office and said, 'If you keep doing this, they're going to kill you.'" Other scientists discount these stories and consider Cuozzo "paranoid."

Undaunted by the apparent scare tactics, and the many incongruent archaeological finds presented to the public by evolutionary scientists, Cuozzo maintains there is still no concrete evidence that proves the evolution theory.

Notes From The Book


•Dr. Cuozzo obtained a portable x-ray machine from “Dr. Brown”- - - one of only two in the world.
•The machine would hold a skull with the mid-plane at a right angle to the beam.
•Accurate measurements of the bones of the face and their relationship to each other were easy to record.


“…there were real Neanderthal fossils, and we were about to penetrate the “inner sanctum” or “unholy of unholies.” The high priests of Baal worship…were the paleontologists. They were respons ible for placing the animals on these pedestals. It was a temple of naturalism.” (page 24)

“In the Musee de l’Homme, I was beginning to have very uneasy feelings •about my present condition, especially when I found out that some of the actual Neanderthal fossils did not look like they did in the textbooks….What if the radiographs clashed with the textbook descriptions of these fossils? I saw that some of them would and I was genuinely scared.” (page 24)

“Just a short drive from Perigueux, high on a limestone cliff above the town of Les Eyz ies and the Vezere River stands a statue of prehistoric man. He is a rather strongly built, brutish character, supposedly the typical stone age man. A museum stands off to the side of this statue and is built into the side of an even higher cliff. This is the National Museum of Prehistory in the Castle of Tayac. The celebrated Cro Magnon man cave is nearby and within a short drive are some of the most famous Neanderthal sites in the world.

Fossils such as: Le Moustier in Le Moustier, Peyzac, La Ferrassie in Savignac du Bugue, and Pech de l’ Aze in Carsac have put this area on the map of paleoanthropology. Decorated caves and rock shelters are major tourist attractions which draw thousands of visitors each year.

The focus of all these localities seemed to concentrate on one big theme:the Evolution of Man. It became increasingly evident that a major part of the French tourist industry is firmly cemented into Evolution with a capital E. People are curious about where they came from. They are seeking answers to the deep feelings within them.

Evolution provides an answer, both in history and science. It is that men and women are nothing more than animals, too. This is the source of all man’s problems; an animal heritage. Humanistic answers are very popular in modern Europe, where great cathedrals are mere tourist attractions, themselves. The religion of the new age is evolution.

Therefore, many francs are made in the prehistory business. Everywhere we went the parking spaces in Les Eyzies were filled with cars, and the hotels and restaurants were overflowing with people. The caveman culture had created an economic boom…. This was southern France, it was August, and this was a prehistoric amusement park.”

Amidst all the gaiety and vacation atmosphere, an ominous thought occurred to me. If anyone was able to cast a shadow on the evidence which supports this flourishing trade, they would probably find themselves in a heap of trouble. It seemed very much like Paul telling the Ephesians around A.D. 52 that Artemis was not a God.

The words of Demetrius, a silversmith from the ancient city in Asia minor, who made the silver shrines of Artemis came back to me, “Men, you know that our prosperity depends on this business… this Paul has persuaded and turned away a considerable number of people, saying that gods made with hands are no gods at all” (Acts 19:25-26).

Whether it be Paul’s journey in the 1st century or in 1979, the threat by Christians to the idol business remains the same, even though the names of the idols change.


This type of x-ray was going to allow measurements to be made accurately inside the skulls while at the same time seeing the true outside dimensions. It was also going to be able to see the places where the bones were glued together with a kind of plastic material. It might then be possible to discover if the reconstruction was done properly or if some artistic license was involved. p.37 •

“I started to get the eerie feeling that many things had been changed to show what they (evolutionists) wanted to show. I began to see more evidence that the Bible was accurate in its description of ancient man.” p.69

One of the prize Neanderthal skulls, Broken Hill,(Zambia) has a bullet hole!! Broken Hill or Rhodesian Man had a bullet hole 8 mm x 8 mm (guns 200,000 yrs ago?) In 1958 R. Singer of South Africa published a negative radiograph of this skull. Because it was published in the negative the bullet hole did not show up!!! The external occipital protuberance appears to have been shaved off and flattened (attempt to hide acromegaly as reason for other area skull thickenings)

“The British museum people told me that no lower jaw was found with the skull.” p72 The boney parts of the mandible are crucial in diagnosing acromegaly.

More crucially in Singer’s radiograph the anterior clinoid process is very short. In my radiograph it is clearly seen and even undercut with a space…. Could this be a new addition since Singer’s radio- graph was taken or is his radiograph of just of poor quality? If it truly is an addition to make the sella space look smaller, this little piece of bone would extinguish any thoughts of a pathological pituitary gland as seen in acromegaly. This would be serious tampering with a skull….someone knew they needed a little extra proof against pititary disease.” p. 73

“It appears as though the paleoanthropologists have made a concerted effort to adhere to a rigid uniformatarian viewpoint concerning the growth, maturation and aging process in ancient populations no matter what the evidence showed. This eerie feeling persisted with me throughout all my expeditions into the world of evolutionary dogma.” p. 74


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