Noah's Ark... Page 17
Noah's Ark... Page 17

Black Sea Mystery Plate

In 1918-1919 H.R. Hall excavated at Ur, Eridu, and 'Ubaid. These are sites South of modern Baghdad, Iraq. In turn, Hall's findings stimulated interest in those sites. Then in 1922 Dr. G.B. Gordon proposed a joint University of Pennsylvania/British Museum Expedition to resume Hall's work. Charles Leonard Woolley was chosen to head the expedition... What appears most revealing is that findings regarding the lowest level included a whole layout of soldiers, an oxen cart with oxen and cart drivers in place. Woolley called it A-bar-gi's Tomb.However, since everyone was found in place, women with elaborate headdresses, etc. the whole place apparently was gassed perhaps by volcanic activities and the living were killed in place (my conclusion).Because of a small seal Woolley identified the find as the Tomb of King A-bar-gi. Also, a small cylinder seal of Queen Shub-ad was found in a nearby enclosure as well as the remains of the Queen and other treasures.The description of things quite clearly affirms that all were overtaken at once by volcanic or other gasses. That is, the King and three other bodies were found in what was called the King's chamber, 63 more were found outside, and 25 more with the Queen.
In a nearby "pit" six men were beside the door, 63 female skeletons were in regular rows across the floor. Each body lay on its side, hands cupped toward the face, knees slightly bent.

One row of heads rested upon the legs of the other. No signs of violence. Again, Woolley's findings at this particular level indicate a sudden gassing of the victims most probably associated with events associated with The Flood.
Note: On top of this area was a region of several feet of mud/clay which was void of any signs of human life. This earthen layer apparently was a splay which covered a limited area and obviously occurred after the victims had died.Thus, as the Euphrates River overflowed it was met by other Flood waters that limited the splay. The sudden deaths by gaseous emissions, the immediate covering of the site with earth, and the later occupation of the site by others obviously unawares of what existed beneath...all tend to correlate well with events related with The Flood.That is, when The Flood began there had to be great cataclysmic activities involving gasses within the earth. It is very conceivable that gaseous emissions overcame the people and oxen at this site.If this is correct then the stone bowls found there must be preflood artifacts.
Similarly, the stone bowl/plate recovered from the Black Sea bottom near Varna, Bulgaria is undoubtedly of pre-flood origin. This mystery plate was found on the 16th of July 1985 at the bottom of the Black Sea during a joint Bulgarian-Soviet research dive in the underwater habitable vehicle (UHV) "Argus." This mystery plate is made of sandstone, with almost ideal symmetry, and jagged at one end.
From the outside and over the edges there appears to be traces of written symbols... [AAS-RA] The photograph shown here was provided by Dr. Petko Dimitrov, Head of the Department of Marine Geology, Institute of Oceanology-Varna, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. This mystery plate was found on the 16th of July 1985 at the bottom of the Black Sea during a joint Bulgarian-Soviet research dive in the underwater habitable vehicle (UHV) "Argus." Joint Bulgarian-Soviet research in the R/V "Rift" and UHV "Argus" was held in the Bulgarian Black Sea area from 5 to 26 July 1985. Chief Scientists for this research cruise were: on behalf of Russia - Prof. N. A. Aybulatov and on behalf of Bulgaria - Senior Scientist Dr. Petko Dimitrov. There were realized generally 12 "dives" down during the cruise investigations at the periphery of the shelf in the region of the old Black Sea coasts and upper part of the continental slope at depths of 90 to 600 meters. On the 16th of July at 08:00 a.m. was realized letting down N3 at the point with latitude 43°10' and longitude 28°40' in the region of old coasts at the parallel of Varna. The description of the lowering is from the log-book of the cruise: On the 16th of July at 08:00 a.m. lowering N3. Crew: Viktor Bulyga, Vitalij Voronov and Petko Dimitrov. Sunny weather, quiet, the temperature of the sea water is 25°C. After 15 minutes we landed at a depth 100 metres at the bottom covered with ooze with Modiolus phaseolinus. Visibility was around 15-20 m. We start observing at a depth of 100 metres and after that we took course to the West. It begins alternating of bands of ooze bottom with sands from old beaches.At a depth of 93 meters on the background of the common monotonous type relief of the ooze little swelling was noted. Initially we supposed that it was a buried boulder piece from the river bed of Provadijska river. We landed near the swelling. At the ooze, that had thickness of 15 cm there were no traces of settled object. We made turbid liquid with a jerk of the fore-motor propeller and we were awaiting to disperse the dregs. A part of an object sunk into the beach sand appeared on the surface of the bottom. We shook the object with mechanical hand and after fairly efforts we took it out of the sand and put it into the submergible basket. We came back to the surface at 14:30. We were looking at the plate on board of the vessel. The plate has the following size: diameter 35 cm, thickness (height) 9 cm and weight 5 kilograms.This mystery plate is made of sandstone, with almost ideal symmetry, and jagged at one end. From the outside and over the edges there appears to be traces of written symbols.
Archaeologists' opinions on its age are contradictory because similar objects were not found in museums and catalogs. This sandstone plate is currently in Professor Dimitrov's collection.
If you can further identify this mystery plate, written symbols, etc. Please contact Dr. Petko Dimitrov at:


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