There Were Giants in Those Days... Page 27
There Were Giants in Those Days... Page 27

A Brief Review of a Selection of Incredible, Lost, Forgotten or Ignored News from Our Recent Past; Part IV......Mostly Giants

by Chris Parker, Copyright January 2009

Numbers 13:33 We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them."

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If there are not hundreds of news stories in the newspapers of the last 300 years about the discovery of sensational ancient remains; giants, petrified humans, petrified human giants and other finds unaccounted for by science—then there are thousands of such stories. Rocks supposedly millions and in some case billions of years old have contained the fossilized or petrified remains of giant humans, mega versions of familiar animals all as reported in the hundreds of newspapers in print throughout the world.

The response of science has been consistent over those 300 years; human beings don’t petrify it declares despite report after report documenting there discovery. Despite the testimony of other scientists and despite photographs.

These things can’t exist under the current scientific paradigm, so—they don’t exist. In fact, we’ve seen that exact argument used by scientists; yes such and such an object looks exactly like a human skull or a giant fossilized human foot—but that is impossible.

That’s a little known scientific method.

As to giants, science does recognize Meganthropus and Gigantopithecus as giant versions of ancient man—but we want to know how science deals with dogs larger than current horses and “modern” men the height of a two story home?

This article is a survey of a number of anomalous finds which taken as a whole contradict the "scientific' story of earth's history and which taken as a whole overturn the evolutionary/geological time scale. Back in the middle 1850's a "hoax" was perpetrated on science and the general population known as the Cardiff Giant. Hoax is in quotes because one of the owners of the giant, 10 foot petrified man believed until his death that the giant was real. A Mr. Hull supposedly perpetrated the hoax, but here's the point; science has tried to use the Cardiff Giant as a means to cast doubt on the hundreds of other similar "discoveries" before and since.

The Cardiff Giant Hoax did not occur in a vacuum. There had been many reports of giant human remains and petrifed human remains in the newspapers of that era; pre Cardiff and post Cardiff. Science has always mananged to throw a little dirt on such discoveries in order to protect the paradigm--witness the Calaveras Skull, often referred to as a hoax because it was "impossible" though in fact it was not.

If the jury is still out on Darwinism, they have taken the following position to shore up their case; if the evidence doesn’t fit, it must be counter-feit!


Mystery of the Giant Mummy

Memphis Doctors Say it is Over Nine Feet Long and Weighs 400 Pounds
August 23,1894

Discoverer examines the head of a South American mummy discovered in a cave along with several others of similar height. This mummy is only 7 1/2 feet long (eight feet tall in life?)so he was one of the smaller giants.

After a mummy was found not far from Memphis, three medical doctors had a chance to examine it at Jackson Mound Park. “Dr. H.L. Williford, formerly president of the Shelby county board of health; Dr. B.F. Turner, professor in the Memphis Medical college and an ethnologist of some note, and Dr. Pate have visited Jackson Mound and examined the mummy. They found the body to weigh about 400 pounds and to be 9 feet ½ inches long."

The body was said to have been in a ‘splendid” state of preservation. No doubt, a 9 foot mummy may have been 10 feet in height in life. The teeth were reported to have been intact, the hair was long and stiff and black in color.

The skin was still pliable according to the doctors and the thumb nails could still be seen. The mummy was bare except for animals skins covering its head and its feet.

The physicians could detect no sign in this case of petrification or ossification and speculated that the body might be that of a North American Indian.



A Race of Giants

The Tioga Eagle
Wednesday Feb 4, 1846

According to the article the Mobile Herald had first reported that the fossil remains of a “huge biped” had been dug up a few days previously in Williamson County, Tenn. It was initially doubted by some that the find was the skeleton of a man but that now that it had received a “full report” of the discovery it was now certain that the skeleton was in fact human.

As the article describes the events, a Mr. Shumale was digging a deep hole on his property in search of water, on a hill located in the mountainous section of the county when the bones were discovered some 60 feet below the surface.

The bones were embedded, it was reported in a strata of hard clay and filled a large crevice in the rock. The position of the bones, said to weigh 1500 lbs was reclining. The bones were reported to be only partially petrified.

According to the Tioga report, there was no doubt in the minds of any of the witnesses that the bones “belonged to the genus Homo’. As it is told, all the larger characteristic bones were fully intact; the skull, arms and the bones of the thigh, shoulders, the knee pan and collar bones were clearly and unmistakably human.

It is reported that the whole skeleton was approximately 18 feet high and it was surmised that the gentleman or woman stood 19 feet high. The bones of the thighs it was reported, stood at 6 feet 6 inches.

The skull was sized in the mind of the reader by saying that it was 2/3 the size of a flour barrel and by noting that a coffee cup cut fit comfortably within its eye sockets. The jaw and teeth were reported to be very much intact with various teeth, still attached estimated to weigh from 3.5 to 5 pounds. Wear was evident on the teeth.

It was reported that an “eminent physician” was engaged in assembling the full skeleton with small deficiencies to be supplied by art. It was reported that $50,000 had been offered for the skeleton.



Giant Equipment Found

The Leavenworth Times
August 14, 1952

The discovery of this petrified mother and child in 1932 at Indian Springs Ga. was met with skepticism by archeaologists secure in the knowledge that the human body does not petrify. Certainly not giants but offered here so that one can make up his/her own mind on the subject of a human petrification. Some thought that these Americans were Toltecs from 1,000 years ago.

Ted Tweitmeyer, in his article about giant 64 pound sledgehammers found at the Great Orme mine in North Wales suggests that the largest sledgehammers wielded today are 20 pound hammers and that a very strong man, experienced with such hammers can only wield the 20 pound hammer for a short time. Thus, he reasoned, only a “giant” human with ‘superhuman” strength could have used the ancient 64 pound hammers found in that mine.

The Leavenworth Times of Leavenworth Texas as well as the Fresno Bee reported in 1952 that even larger equipment had been found by a father and son “geology team” in British Columbia.

W.E. and E.M. Norman it was reported, found over a 30 year period on their own 2 acre plot of land, weapons and tools only “supermen” could have wielded; 200 to 300 pound granite axes, giant belt axes, giant knife handles and spears.



Tree Trunk 40 Feet Thick is Only One of the Big Bend Wonders:

Scientists Differ Over Find
Kerrville Mountain Sun
May 31, 1928

“Four government departments at Washington have become all stirred up over a new issue, though it bears no relation to disclosures such as the Teapot Dome expose. The United States National Parks Bureau and Smithsonian Institute are having a thrilling time all their own over a discovery of a petrified tree in the Big Bend district of Texas whose stump measures 40 feet in diameter, that extends 100 feet underground and when it flourished millions of years ago, must have extended 1,000 feet in height.”

So began an article in the Kerrville Mountain Sun in 1928. Apparently there is a real reason that they say things are bigger in Texas. The writer states that this tree grew millions of years ago but when exactly in the evolutionary timeline do we find again, dragonflies with a two foot wingspan and trees 1000 feet high? The Bible offers a solution in Genesis-between the Creation and the Fall.

The tree had been found two years prior to the appearance of the article and determined by geologists and other scientists to be a real petrified tree. By the time of the article it had been measured and remeasured photographed and probed.

The tree had been discovered by Dr. C.O. Gaither, of Fort Worth, Texas and Prof. S.J. Cade of Chandler, Oklahoma. Dr. Gaither was a geologist and a physician.

United States Was Inhabited Many Years Ago

Evidence Shows Signs of Inhabitation 4 Million Years Ago
The Northern United States, Alaska and Canada was a Virtual Paradise at that Time
The Daily Constitution Chillicothe, Mo. August 22, 1927

In a time of mega animals; mega sized dinosaurs, mega sized cats and dogs, dragonflies with two foot wingspans, armadillos a large as a Volkswagen, etc. how big were the men living at that time? Did these creatures coexist with man? If so, when in the earth’s history did birds of prey have wingspans up to 26 feet?

Perhaps in a pre-flood period?

“Evidence that the most ancient man yet discovered in the world lived in a virtual Garden of Eden 4,000,000 years ago has been uncovered by Dr. Harold J. Cook, celebrated Denver paleontologist..

In view of the belief held by scientists for years that America was devoid of remains of prehistoric man, Dr.Cook’s discoveries are looked upon as the most important ever made by archeologists in the United States”.

The most important archeological discovery ever made in the U.S.? Have you ever heard of it? Of course not. I don’t accept the evolutionary time scale, but there are certain facts that fit within the paradigm in other things that you’ll never hear of.

Dr. Cook’s theory was that 2,000,000 before an ice age enveloped the northern hemisphere in snow and ice, the Northern U.S., Alaska and Canada were a Garden of Eden like location and climate.

They had uncovered palm trees and giant fossils and declared that the whole area was a “riot” of luxuriant tropical plants and strange beasts. There were fossils of huge mammoths, cats the size of cattle, dogs larger than today’s horses, huge salamanders, giant rhino’s and elephants, giant camels and all types of other tropical flora and fauna.

According to the article, Dr. Cook had discovered that man had apparently also “prospered” at that time. That first American had been rather immodestly named Hesperopithecus Harold-Cooki—the ape-man of the west.

Dr. Cook had discovered bone implements that were obviously shaped and fashioned by human hands as well as human teeth. Dr. Cook reportedly expected that many more finds confirming H Cooki would be made.

He also had a collection, it was reported of some 50,000 horse teeth, indicating that they had lived on this continent in the past.

A Giant Race?

The Portmouth Herald
March 29, 1924

“A skeleton, eight feet tall and presumably that of a woman has been discovered near Lewiston, Idaho, in the Salmon river country. Anthropologists will examine the remains to ascertain if the prehistoric inhabitants –the inhabitants….were a race of supermen and superwomen.

The skeleton has many strange features, among them jaws having but twenty teeth, ten on the upper jaw and ten on the lower jaw. The jaws are apparently intact and no teeth are missing….

The skeleton caused consternation because of its size. Rarely was a human skeleton found over 7 feet in height it was reported.

Tooth of Ancient Giant is Found

Dentists Say Molar is From Human Will Weigh About Four Ounces
Moberly Daily Index
January 7, 1917

Pittsburg. Jan 6. “Can you imagine a prehistoric man whose tooth would weigh four ounces, a tooth which would require a wire cable to pull? Such a tooth has been found in a coal bed, more than 600 feet underground”.

Do we need to mention how impossible this whole thing is in terms of evolutionary teachings? A human tooth, no a Giant human tooth in a –coal bed? Coal is supposed to have formed during the Carboniferous Period, occurring between 286 and 360 million years ago, so how does a human tooth fit the theory?

It doesn’t, which is why this kind of information has been; lost, forgotten, ignored, suppressed or debunked from a distance.

The article goes on the say that the dentists who have examined it are sure that it is a human tooth because of certain “formations” therein which are features of human but not animal teeth. The tooth is a grinder, they concluded.

Based on the size of the tooth, they estimated that this individual could have opened his mouth 12 inches wide. Further, they estimated that he had a height of approximately 12 feet and that he could take a six foot step. They estimated that the molar was deposited many years before the birth of Christ due to the great depth at which it was found.

The tooth is in a perfect state of preservation according to the article.


Giants of Prehistoric France

Oelwein Register
Nov. 8, 1894

“In a prehistoric cemetery recently uncovered at Montpellier, France, while workmen were excavating a waterworks reservoir, human skulls were found measuring 28, 31 and 32 inches in circumference.”

The bones that the workmen discovered were also of gigantic proportions. The discoveries were sent to the Paris Academy for study. One of the scientists engaged in examining the skeletons says that they belonged to a race of men who stood between 10 and 15 feet in height.



Skeleton of a Giant Uncovered

Record Herald, Winnemucca, Nevada
January 16, 1904

A Dr. Samuels, who examined bones which had been discovered by workmen digging gravel at a depth of twelve feet, declared them to be the “parts” of a gigantic human being.

A person taller than an ordinary man will of necessity also have thicker trunk and legs to support his weight. According to measurements taken by Dr. Samuels, the man to whom these bones belonged must have been nearly eleven feet tall.

One has to wonder if after having made such an announcement that Dr. Samuel was permitted to continue his medical practice?

Big Bones

Daily Free Press
April 13, 1876

There must be hundreds if not thousands of stories in the past three to four hundred years about the discovery in this country, Europe and South America of bones or skeletons of “giant” or “gigantic” size wherein the actual dimensions leading to said descriptions aren’t given.

In most of those cases, I have ignored those stories. I’m not even sure of what the value to the reader is in mentioning that “gigantic” human bones have been found without qualifying gigantic or giant.

For my purposes, I assume that “gigantic” wouldn’t be used until a skeleton measures at least eight feet in height. Even then, as an editor, I would only refer to an eight foot skeleton as “very tall” or giant. Shaq O’Neil would not qualify as a giant.

This story however, sounded enough like Indiana Jones that I decided to include it. In the State of Kentucky a discovery which if true, it was reported would be “one of the most remarkable connected with the prehistoric era in the United States”.

The begins: “…a party of young men hunting near the town of Augusta, some fourteen miles from Maysville, found a hole about three feet in diameter…the hole had been closed with a flat stone. The stone had been covered with moss, under which was found a hieroglyphic inscription. The most common characters are a circle divided by a perpendicular line, a double wigwam and irregular wavy lines.”

The next day a passage was found that descended at a 45 degree angle in a chamber that varied between four and twelve feet in width, terminating in an 80 foot square chamber with a ceiling of approximately 80 feet. Stalactites of enormous size were said to have hung from the ceiling and through some narrow openings the men were able to enter and even larger chamber.

This new chamber had a ceiling one hundred feet high. In that chamber they found rocks piled up in the shape of a cube and under that a “square vault plastered with mud”.

In the center of the vault, in a sitting position, was found a “gigantic human skeleton” with a broken skull. “Beside the skeleton lay a copper sword, four feet three inches long with more hieroglyphics on the handle, a copper bowl, a stone axe, seven flint arrowheads, a stone pipe in the shape of a frog and several other items including it is assumed “gigantic” woven sandals.

It was further reported that “hundreds” were going to see the cavern.


Relics of the Stone Age

Tombstone Epitaph
April 1883

This story relates the discovery of another giant in which the dimensions of the individual in question are not fully described. This story is included because it describes a drawing of an extinct reptile that probably shouldn’t have been there either according to the science books.

“The sandstone quarry at Carson, Nev., is proving a rich field for archaeologists. In addition to the giant human footprints, 18 ½ inches in length and of corresponding width, there have been found the teeth of the saber-toothed tiger (sic), the horse, the tusk and jaw of the mastodon and a horse’s jaw. But the most interesting find lately made was a tomb near Needles, on a line of the Atlantic & Pacific road, at a depth of 173 feet from the surface”.

In the tomb was found a “huge skeleton” in a sitting position, surrounded by clay bowls which had hardened into something like flint. A tablet was inserted into the wall at its head which contained a long hieroglyphic inscription and covered with rude imitations of some extinct species of creature, half animal and half reptile.

Also found with the giant, it was reported were stone axes, which various parts had become petrified. The article also mentions that a petrified forest must be passed through in order to arrive at the tomb.


Strange Find by Miners of Apollo Mines

75 Feet Below the Surface -Petrified Human Head and Shoulders Discovered
--No Doubt About it Being Human Remains-
Specimen is Very Hard-
Museums Making Inquiries
Charleroi Mail, April 1909

Over the years, science has responded to the numerous claims of giant human petrified remains or even regular sized, petrified human remains by claiming that the human body does not petrify. This is despite the numerous photos and claims by other scientists that they did in fact occur and did in fact exist.

One of the main reasons for this scientific obstinacy is that the petrification process in the wild is supposed to take millions of years, while humans, according to evolutionary “science” have only been around for half that time.

From the article: “Science has a problem in the discovery at Fayette City of the supposed petrified head and shoulders of a human being at the depth of 75 feet below the surface and two miles beyond the entrance to the Apollo mines.“

The specimen was on display at the office of the editor of the Fayette Journal and was thought to be headed eventually to the Carnegie Museum.

Petrification of a human body is one problem for science. Finding this evidence at the depth it was found is another. Both of those problems pale in the face of this next quote from the article.

‘The bust was dug from a vein of coal, thrown on the mine-car along with coal, the workmen being unaware that the heavy object was a portion of a human being”.

One view of the petrified head and shoulders of a robust human being found in a coal vein in the Apollo Mines in 1909.

This would mean according to evolutionary science and time scale, that this human lived from millions to several billon years before the dinosaurs themselves evolved! There is no way to simultaneously believe that this coalified, petrified, human head and torso actually exists and to believe in the evolutionary timescale.

Consequently, no evolutionary scientist can accept that this man’s remains were found where and how they were reported to have been found. Better to believe that it is another incredible imitation by nature.

There are several strata of rock and shale between the remains and the coal vein, making it impossible for the head and shoulders to have worked its way down; it was reported as a way to counteract any arguments to the contrary.

“On one side, the bone of the arm shows, it not being subjected to the crushing pressure that the rest of the body sustained”. The bone shows plainly…..”


Petrified Foot More Than Two Feet Long

Chillicothe Weekly Constitution, 1917

“A petrified foot more than two feet long was found in a coal mine near Lehigh”.

As we’ve noted previously, this is a problem for science on several levels; i.e. human petrification and the supposed age of coal.

The foot was reported to have been “perfectly formed” and to have weighed more than 30 pounds. The foot had to be “dislodged” by miners at a depth of 90 feet below the surface, encased in coal.

A man with a sized 13 foot today might have a foot 12 or so inches long. This petrified foot was more than twice that length.



Bones of Prehistoric(Human) Monsters Found Near St. Louis
Galveston Daily News
November 23, 1900

“C.W. Bechler, a forty miles south of St. Louis has discovered the fossil remains of three enormous human beings who apparently thrived in some prehistoric era.

The bones were found at a depth of forty feet in a rock formation……The skulls are much larger than the heads of the present generation of men and it is estimated that if the bodies were in the same proportion they must have been about nine or ten feet tall.”

The article writer goes on to surmise that these finds appear to corroborate the theory of the gigantic stature of the prehistoric human race and that the form, shape and size of a number of prehistoric animals have been determined with less material.

The article goes on; “One skull is almost intact and although it is the smallest of the tree, it shows that it must have been a giant’s frame that supported it”.

The writer reports that the area where Mr. Bechler made his discovery is a virtual graveyard of prehistoric animals and that Mr. Bechler had amassed quite a collection himself.

“The multitude of the fossils is one element described as a puzzle to the scientists who have visited the area from St Louis, the Smithsonian and other seats of learning as the wonderful finds themselves”.

The article goes on to describe Bechler’s discoveries as by far the most important discovery in the area and that he intended to show them to professors of Washington university of St. Louis for their opinion.

A Wonderful Discovery

The Walls Adorned with Vividly Colored Drawings of Men and Animals
—Unknown Animals—
Huge Tusked and Trunked Beasts, etc, etc.
Sedalia Daily Democrat, Sept. 14, 1879

A gentleman reportedly tumbled down to a large cavern beneath the earth at a location near a archeological location known as Chimney Pierce Hills in Missouri after trying to find a lost sheep.

On the door of the cave/cavern was depicted, according to the article, a giant throwing sticks onto a fire. Upon the walls were animals that the discoverer says he’s never even seen depicted; huge tusked and trunked beasts like elephants, with masses of shaggy hair falling about their heads and shoulders, great cats, striped like tigers, and with tusks hanging over their lips like walruses.

In the midst of this throng of wild beasts upon a yellow background is delineated the form of a man, seated on some kind of throne….

The painting also depicts all kinds of unknown birds and other animals which the discovered did not recognize.


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