There Were Giants in Those Days... Page 23
There Were Giants in Those Days... Page 23


By Terrence P., s8intcom 2008

Item; according to several sources, including Wikipedia, the length of a mature person’s foot correlates to about 15% of his height.

Another way to put this is that your foot size or footprint, multiplied by six should give a fairly accurate idea of your height, on average. Keep that little statistic in mind; we’ll come back to it.

Mission San Jose Giant Prints: See Story Below.

Item; my grandmother once explained her refusal to come and watch coverage of the Apollo astronauts splashdown and recovery by declaring; “ain’t no man been to no moon”! I would learn much later that this was her version of an important scientific tool skillfully utilized today by scientists and skeptics, alike. Thanks Grandma!

Item, evolutionists have tried to counter a statement made here at that evolution really doesn’t account for giant human beings, and that the Bible does by pointing out references to Gigantopithecus and Meganthropus in the scientific literature. We also discuss Giganto and Meganthropus in these pages, but the evolutionists are missing the point.

Item, evolutionists have claimed that mutation acted on by natural selection is the driving force of evolution. However, Michael Behe, in his new book; “The Edge of Evolution” establishes the severely limited ability of mutation to make effective changes to the genome.

Respected Cornell geneticist, John Sanford, rejects Darwinism in his recent book, and also comes to a startling conclusion; the human genome, is deteriorating at the rate of 1% to 2% per generation.

I shall now skillfully weave each of the aforementioned items into the following story. Check that. I will now weave each of these items into the following story in a workmanlike manner.

Back in 1924, Samuel Hubbard, leading the Doheny expedition to the Grand Canyon, along with Dr. Gilmore, an eminent paleontologist of the era, discovered human footprints 20 inches in length along with those of extinct mammals and reptiles.

Hubbard also showed Dr. Gilmore three petrified human giants ranging in size from 15 to 18 feet. They reportedly took photographs. Going back to Item 1, a twenty inch footprint would correspond to a height of 120 inches or 10 feet.

According to our formula, we need a 30 inch print to correspond to a height of fifteen feet. Perhaps the 20 inch print belonged to one of the kids.

Dr. Gilmore invoking his version of “ain’t no man been to no moon”, accepted man and dinosaur interaction, and giant human footprints, but drew the line at petrified giants, declaring them simply and ununexplainably as“freaks of nature”.

Kircher's Giants from Adam to Goliath.

The bible tells us that “there were giants in the earth in those days”, and so there were. Science has perhaps astonished us by finding larger and larger giant reptiles, some more than 100 feet long. But as we repeatedly note, it wasn’t just the reptiles that were gigantic.

If a dragonfly today has a four inch wingspan, why have we found such insects with a 24 inch wingspan—some six times larger. Giant, beavers, giant fish, giant deer, giant rhinoceri, giant everything lived sometime in the past.

This is what evolution fails to account for; a period in the earth’s history when giant birds, with wingspans up to 26 feet, flew over giant elephants, armadillo’s the size of Volkswagens, and eight foot long rolly polly bugs. They would have flown over oysters as wide a 12 feet weighing 650 pounds and over, rodents the size of a bull.

Did they also fly over correspondingly large humans? Really big humans? (See the MegaFauna section of this website.)

This following brief excerpt comes from a 1956 news article about Louis Leakey’s finding in the Olduvai Gorge and is instructive:

“The remains of gigantic animals have been found, including sheep the size of present-day cart horses, hogs with tusks like elephants have been dug out of an ancient gorge at Olduvai in East Africa. Two giant human teeth have also been found…..

Dr. Leakey has found the complete skeleton of a Pleistocene sheep with a horn-span of fourteen feet. He also unearthed wild hogs the size of a rhinoceros with elephant sized tusks. He has found a giant sized giraffe, baboons as big as modern gorillas, and massive zebras and antelopes.”

“Creationist’s believe that man and all God’s creatures, including dinosaurs co-existed, so, in the time of the car sized armadillo, the eight foot insect and the giant sheep, how large was man? Sanford’s conclusion that the genomes of humans and animals are deteriorating generation after generation could provide us a clue; as many an antiquarian also noted upon discovering evidence of giant human ancestors; “men of today are just a shadow of the men of old”.

One scientist noted that in investigating ancient tombs of Paris that the skulls of men living only 1,000 years ago were so much more robust than those of men today.

“That the human race has degenerated in size as well as longevity is a fact well attested by various authors. A well known physician of this city, who has made a life study of brain and cerebral development says that visiting the catacombs of Paris what struck him most…was the great size of the skulls in comparison with more modern mankind”. Fort Wayne Sentinel, June, 9, 1900

This man was speaking of the degeneration of man from say 10 feet tall down to 5 feet 11 inches. That kind of giant couldn’t even get a cup of coffee around here when we actually get down to talking giants. A mere 10 foot giant is the kind of giant who’d have to keep trying to get the waitress’s attention so that he could place an order.

By giants, of course, what we mean to refer to here in this article is, Big Giants!

The Bible attests that there were giants in the past. So did other ancient authorities. These accounts are discounted by modern authorities, supposing that none of the ancients were able to differentiate between human bones and those of animals, like dinosaurs.

However, a number of these claims were made by physicians or scientists of the time, and some were found in inscribed burial chambers. There is indication of ancient brain surgery on virtually all continents. Might some of these people, who were literally; brain surgeons, have had the technical knowledge to distinguish man from creature?

Roman Emperor Maximian (Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus) was embarrassingly enough, just over eight feet tall, making him a mere midget in the pantheon of big giants. Orestes, of whom there’s some question as to whether he was real or mythological, was reported to be some 11.5 feet tall, which is respectable.

There are other Greek and Roman records of individuals, usually imported into Rome who were 10 feet or more in height.

Kircher tells us of a perfect skeleton which was dug out of a stone sepulchre near Rome, in the reign of the Emperor Henry II., and which, by an inscription attached to it, was known to be that of Pallas, who was slain by Turnus, and was higher than the walls of the city.

Saxo, the grammarian, relates that the giant Hartebenunf was thirteen and a half feet high, and that he had twelve companions, who were each twenty-eight feet.

The French nobleman Scory, in his journey to the peak of Teneriffc, says that they found in one of the caves of that mountain the head of a mummy which had eighty teeth and that the body was not less than fifteen feet long.

A 16th century anatomist, Reviand who spent his spare time dissecting human bodies collected from graveyards and executions, claimed in 1614 that in the suburbs of St. Germane, that there was a tomb holding the bones of the giant “Isoret” and that his height was 20 feet.

Referring back for a moment to our foot chart, such a giant, if he really lived might have left foot prints 36 inches (three feet) long. There is no reason to expect that even in the 16th century, that an anatomist like Reviand, couldn’t distinguish human bones from those of an animal.

At Rouen, France in the year 1509, while digging ditches, the remains of a giant were reportedly found in a tomb, whose shin bone reached to the top of the girdle of every man there, making them about four feet tall, corresponding to a man some 17 or 18 feet tall. There was reportedly an inscription on a copper plate affixed to the tomb reading; "In this tomb lies the noble and puissant lord, the Chevalier Ruon de Vallemont. and his bones."

A number of museums of Europe perhaps still have in their basements or warehouses huge suits of armor and or double handed swords and other implements that might serve to support stories of giant swordsmen.

Near Margariao, In Sicily, in 1516, was found a giant thirty feet high. His head was the size -of a hogshead, and each of his teeth weighed five ounces. Near Palermo, in the valley of Magara, in Sicily. a skeleton of a giant thirty feet long was found in the year 1545 and another thirty-three feet high in 1550. . Several of the gigantic bones of the latter subject are still preserved by private persons in Italy” ….The Altoona Mirror, May 1905.

….. In the past there were literally hundreds of stories about big giants, giants from 17 to 30 feet tall-or more. No doubt, science is right to say that most of these were bones of the elephant but of those endorsed by physicians, or anatomists, we at the very least should give some of those accounts a second look.


Big Giants Closer to the Present Time

31 Foot Giant Human Found in India,
New Castle PA. News, August 9, 1934

According to the aforementioned paper, in a story reprinted in various other papers, and syndicated through the International News Service, a skeleton found in a riverbank not to far from Calcutta, India measured 31 ½ feet.

The leg bones alone it was reported measured ten feet. It was reported that the skeleton was “believed” to be human and was evidence that a giant race had once existed.

It reportedly took three men to remove the skeletal remains to a nearby palace where it awaited examination by anthropologists. Such a giant, if he existed, might have left footprints of approximately 55 inches.

I could not find any follow-up articles, except for those who mentioned the discovery and dismissed it out of hand as the bones of an elephant. Anthropologists decided that they need not actually see the skeleton to make that determination because—there never have been 31 ½ foot human giants.

Perhaps they are right, the idea of such a giant is hard to accept but I will say this; 1)even the natives of that area have seen a fair amount of elephant skeletons, as you can well imagine, and 2) 31 ½ feet is also a mighty tall elephant so it might have still been worth the trip..



Charleston Daily Mail
April 15, 1963

Kansas giant track, 44 inches.
Original source: Valley of the Giants by C.N. Dougherty.
Secondary source:

“Baxter Springs” There’s a hole in a sandstone rock near Baxter Springs that could be the footprint of a giant, or clever work with a chisel. The perfectly shaped “footprint” measures 44 inches long and 21 inches wide at the toes”.

Very close nearby is also the giant footprint; 12 inches by 15 inches of an ox. According to the owner of the property on which these prints were found, he has known about them for most of the 42 years that he had lived in the area.

He has never called in any experts or done anything else related to the prints believing that perhaps someone had tried to prove that Paul Bunyan and his giant blue ox babe had once passed this way.

The first Paul Bunyan story was actually written in 1910 or so but Bunyan did not achieve national or international status until the years 1922 to 1924, about 40 years prior to the appearance of this 1963 story. The zenith of Mr. Bunyan’s fame was in the mid-twenties.

Kansas giant track, 44 inches.
Original source: Valley of the Giants by C.N. Dougherty.
Secondary source:

A photo of the prints is reprinted here and for my money they appear too regular to be real. On the other hand, many footprints of apparently giant oxen, horses and cattle have been found in sandstone and granite. By the way, based on his footprint, our giant would have been just under 25 feet tall.


Roving the Valley,

by Adrian Gwin
Charles Daily Mail
September, 1954

Adrian Gwin was hanging out with a friend and discussing ‘Indian signs” when his friend, Fred Campbell mentioned a “gigantic Indian footprint” in solid rock. Campbell said that no one had ever been able to figure the print out, i.e. how it got there. He offered to take the columnist up to see it and he obliged.

They ended up on Campbell Creek near “Rocky Hollow” and a few hundred yards from there was the giant footprint.

The p i c t u r e accompanying shows it as it looks. 'It's 21 inches long, almost a foot wide at the broad part and nine inches wide at the heel. It's five inches deep, and smooth with age.

Looks for all the world like the print of an Indian moccasin, just like he said. "It's been here for ages. When' I was a kid the old men said it was there when they were children."

At 21 inches, our formula pegs the shoe wearer at just under 12 feet tall—the very lowest rung on the Big Giant” ladder.


Gigantic Footprints Mystify

Oakland Tribune, September 19, 1926
Depressions in Cliff Near Mission San Jose Furnish Basis for Study
The Granddaddy of All Big Giant Footprints (Featured Photo at top of Page)

“Discovered on a cliff near Mission San Jose, what have the appearance of gigantic footprints are under the scrutiny of scientists to determine their prehistoric significance.

Below, ,MISS VIOLA SOUZA of Mission San Jose displaying fossilized clam shell taken from the cliff at Mission San Jose, indicating that the entire region was once washed by the Pacific”.; -

“MISSION SAN JOSE. Sept. 18.— With the finding near here of a cliff marked with depressions having the appearance of prehistoric footprints, gigantic in scale, science has been enlisted to study the mysterious markings. Some months ago similar markings were found near Livermore.”

The depressions, that look exactly like footprints in the solid rock were found in the foothills, three miles south of Mission San Jose. One of the depressions in rock on the cliff face exactly resemble a human footprint—only one five feet in length. Close to the five human footprint is a gigantic footprint of an animal.

The footprints found on the cliff face near Livermore are reported to be of the same gigantic, big giant scale. In fact, one footprint, 10 feet in length is a more perfect human footprint than even is the five foot print near Mission San Jose.

Specimens from the cliffs, which are sandstone formation and time period were being sent to a well known, local Professor of geology, George D. Rouderback who had unusually, expressed an interest in the prints.

A person who leaves a five foot print would be a very “big Giant” of approximately 33 feet in height. The math should be easy for the 10 foot footprint guy.



So ends our brief tour of the “big giants”. These are but a very few of the news stories ancient historical pieces that refer to "Big Giants". I know that it’s hard enough to accept the idea of regular sized giants and that the idea of people more than 12 or 15 feet tall is virtually unacceptable to most even who believe the Bible when it says that there were giants in those days.

Science has a difficult time accepting the genuiness of footprints in rock of whatever size. It certainly is going to accept evidence of big giants and rarely are they even investigated. We’re not saying that one should assume that these prints are real any more than they should be prejudged fakes. I’m saying that they should be investigated.

Here is an example of the attitude usually displayed; a scientist discusses a series of well known giant footprints in rock, wherein he applies his best “ain’t no man been to no moon” attitude:

“He said that natural sand exposures, laid down by ancient oceans, sometimes contain concentrations of oxides which weather and leave "funny little spots," which may resemble hand or foot prints.

He also said the prints could have "been pecked into the stone by human beings . . . but of course that could have been only a thousand years ago, or four or five hundred years ago." Or, he said, they may have been left by animals from the dinosaur age, which scientists place at 70 million to 80 million years ago.

Although stressing that he hasn't seen the prints, he indicated the idea of human footprints in cretaceous stone was ludicrous on its face…. State Archeologist Don Wykoff, head of the Oklahoma Archeological Survey


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