Eyewitness Accounts... Page 37
Eyewitness Accounts... Page 37

Unidentified Flying Objects Over England: Possible Pterosaur Identifications?


May 6th, 2007, 4.30 p.m.-- "A small blue object shot across the sky above my wife and I [Harringdon Road, Bedford, Beds. England].

It was not balloons nor any type of man made aircraft I can think off. I took around 15 photos on my digital.

It moved very fast into the wind and did not flutter nor deviate from its course. As a keen skywatcher I have been lucky enough to capture a few UFOs on film which I shall dig out and share with you all in the coming weeks".

--Gordon Dungavel

s8int.com:Gordon, Have you considered the possibilty that what you saw was a type of large pterosaur? I wonder if you have photos from any other angles? We'd be curious to see them. These creatures may not be extinct; there are any reported sightings which are of course, discounted.

The "metal ball" that you saw may well have been the tail vane of a pterosaur. Your photo seems to keep this possibility in play.

Gordon "Thank you for your post, my UFO investigator friend Ken Parsons has recently being very favourable to some UFO's being sky creatures. I find the rod phenomenon very interesting. He also has a photo I took many years ago of a 'rod'. To find most of my photo's & testimony why not visit his excellent site www.beamsinvestigations.org.uk .

.... I know there are things flying about the skies we have no concept off, there will always be more questions than answers. There will always be skeptics, but skeptics generally don't watch the skies so know wonder they never see anything.

My sighting of last year I doubt was organic, it appeared to me to look like some kind of weather device of which I've never encountered before. I'll attach more of the origional photos with this post. Notice on one, two different UFO's appear! I include an enlargement".

Gordon:Actually thinking about it, I had a curious sighting back in the early eighies that I think you'll be very interested in. I had forgotten about this one until your post, I thought I had lost the photos, but by chance I've just found them.

Everyone thinks I looks like I've captured Batman! But it was very early in the morning and I managed to snap it from my bedroom window. I also had the photo's lightblasted to show more detail.

Maybe your pterosaur hypothesis ain't too far of the mark!"

s8int.com:Extraordinary photos all. Re the "batman" photos, what is the full story? Did you hear sounds? Why were you looking out.? Any details about your idea of the size of the object etc... Also, when did this occur?

Gordon;"The 'Batman' photo's were taken about five years ago when we lived at Charlbury Court in Bedford. I was up early getting ready to go fishing with my brother (we are both very keen anglers).

I always keep a camera on my lounge window ledge and was just checking that the batteries and everything was in working order. I looked out of the window to see what the weather was like. At 5a.m. in the morning it's pretty chilly. I caught something to the right high in the sky.

I thought it was a huge owl, however it's arms did not flap, it was very dark against the dark sky so I pointed and took a pic. It flew down towards the trees at our rear, I then thought it might be a big bag blowing about, but it's seemed three dimentional, I took another shot, it stopped turned and flew back in it's original direction.

Then I thought it might be a kite, but who flys a kite a 5 a.m. in the morning in a dark sky? I then took a third shot. It made absolutely no noise. I would estimate it being about 7 -10 ft in size.

Conclusion : I have no idea. Then when I got a computer I put the images on an internet site that could enhance photo's. I turned one of the images into Black/White and light blasted it. I then enlarged it, details you can't see in the photo's emerged. Around ten dimly lit portholes can be seen going around the objects strange perimeter edge.










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