Eyewitness Accounts... Page 34
Eyewitness Accounts... Page 34

Pterosaurs Alive? Not So Prehistoric?

Dave Woetzel is a Christian, creationist, cryptozoologist, researcher adventurer who is also a New Hampshire businessman in his spare time. We met him online a couple of years ago. Among other things, he runs a great website called Genesis Park

S8int.com is an entirely chairbound exercise but Dave gets out there in the real world and gets his hands dirty, having searched for the Mokele Mbembe in Africa and the ropen (a pterosaur) in Papua New Guinea.

Coincidentally, I was doing research on whether or not pterosaur eyewitnesses ever reported receiving burns and an article I found confirming that this was the case was on Dave's site. ( Some relevant text is excerpted below). The very next morning I received an e-mail from him about an interesting internet find.

The real exciting news though is that Dave and his group have reportedly found a colony of live pterosaurs which are seen and tracked on a nightly basis. They are being hush, hush, about the location but we hear things. The plan is to actually attempt to capture one alive this summer using a net gun. Keep your eyes and ears peeled this summer. Evolutionists; get your excuses ready.

Here are three short pieces that serve to indicate, as so many in this section have that pterosaurs still exist. The first is a description from 1880, the second story is a convincing tale from south of the border in which the witness was so frightened that he.....The third is interesting because the writer assumes that what he was witnessing on the Solomon Islands was a UFO. It might have been a bioluminescent pterosaur sighting, especially when you consider that the locals called it the "dragon snake".

Dave Woetzel on location in Cameroon.

An Aerial Mystery

New York Times
September 12, 1880

“One day last week a marvelous apparition was seen near Coney Island.

At the height of at least a thousand feet in the air a strange object was in the act of flying toward the New Jersey coast.

It was apparently a man with bat’s wings and improved frog’s legs. The face of which could be distinctly seen, and it wore a cruel and determined expression. The movements made by the object closely resembled those of a frog in the act of swimming with his hind legs and flying with his front legs.

Of course, no respectable frog has ever been known to conduct himself in precisely that way; but were a frog to wear bat’s wings and to attempt to swim and fly at the same time, he would correctly imitate the conduct of the Coney Island monster.”

The article goes on to note that the “object” was seen by many eyewitnesses; that it had been seen previously over St. Louis and by witnesses as it flew over parts of Kentucky. The creature had always been seen at altitude and had not been seen on the ground.


Chile: Winged Creature in Angol

Written By: Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales
Source: www.iiee.cl
Date: 04.22.08

Mr. Oscar Solar Valdebenito, married, a sergeant with the Carabineros, was performing his duties as a security guard in the Preventive Custody Center of the city of Angol on Friday, April 28 2000. The facility was under construction at the time.

Mr. Solar was alone and was making his rounds of the construction site’s interior. Once he returned to the guard shack on the southern side, using a passageway located in the back, he noticed the presence of an "animal" standing 1.20 meters tall, ( 4 feet) average complexion, with a small head in proportion to the rest of its body.

The creature sat on top of a metal pole ending in four lights, standing some 8 meters tall. The animal landed at the very same time that the watchman turned his attention to the site.

Solar was able to see the lights go out and the pole shake as a result of the creature’s descent. The estimated weight of this strange being was some 40 to 50 kilograms (according to the eyewitness).

Its head featured two medium-sized ears, sideways and pointing upward, with rounded tips, pricked up like those of a police dog.

Two long wings with pointed ends emerged from its shoulders. It never folded its wings, keeping them unfurled "like a vulture under the sun" (eyewitness’s description).

He saw no feathers, only a kind of velvety skin, dark grey or black in color. He was unable to make out the face. The wings extended to the creature’s lower body, where he could also see two legs. A pair of stubby arms could also be seen under the head.

The witness was accompanied by four dogs, a beige dog in the lead. Apparently, the "winged animal" pounced on the dogs, but these took off running and howling in a southward direction, abandoning the construction site.

Five or six youths coming down from the north along the train tracks that go beside the site, also took off running when they saw what was going on.

The witness explained that he was standing some 30 meters from the pole. He didn’t manage to move or turn on his flashlight, such was the degree of fright and surprise inspired by the situation described.

He recalls having heard a sharp, loud squawk as the "animal" landed on the pole. Judging by the tone of this squawk, it was reminiscent of a loudspeaker’s crackle.

The "animal" eventually landed on the ground after making a flight in a gentle curve. It landed on a conical pile of dirt. After the dogs took off, it flew off with two gentle flaps of its wings, flying over a 3 meter wall, above which five wires are suspended, providing light to another streetlamp on the corner.

The creature never came close to touching them. The animal came within 10 meters of the witness’s position. Its descent to the ground left prints on the mound of dirt - the witness managed to see "three thin holes" and fenced them off, but they were erased and destroyed on the next day at the order of the construction supervisors.

Personnel from Carabineros (state police) reported to the scene the next day, along with the Servicio de Investigaciones (civil police) who displayed their annoyance with the construction supervisor for having erased the prints, despite having been informed of the situation.

Further details:

The witness confesses that when "the animal" was close to him, flying off with a gentle beat of its wings, he was unable to control a bowel movement, a fact that he has tried to keep confidential on account of the customary jokes that tend to emerge in such cases.

The young men who were walking along the train tracks were never located, although efforts are under way, and Radio Los Confines apparently succeeded in this endeavor. But this rumor has not been confirmed.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Nuñez, IIEE)


"....It seems that the Ropen posseses the ability to turn its internal light on and off at will. Also, reports suggest the presence of a secretion that drips behind when the underbelly glows. Reports suggest that this secretion is alkaline and burns the skin of those who come in contact with the creature.

This brings to mind the ancient historian Aelian’s words about the flying snakes: “Megasthenes states that in India there are … snakes (ophies) with wings, and that their visitations occur not during the daytime but by night, and that they emit urine which at once produces a festering wound on any body on which it may happen to drop.”

Strabo concurs: "in some places there are serpents of two cubits in length, with membraneous wings like bats. They fly at night, and let fall drops of urine or sweat, which occasions the skin of persons who are not on their guard to putrefy."

On one expedition to PNG, Blume and Baugh followed up on reports from a particular island in the Manus group that claimed these creatures were living in the caves dotting the island. While in a boat in the early evening they observed what appeared to be an oval-shaped luminscent flying object gliding from the hillside down along the bay.

After observing the pulsing light-greenish light and also looking through a monocular night scope for about 20 minutes they lost contact with the object. The next morning, Baugh snapped a picture of a strange clawed print on the muddy beach.".....

UFO Phenomenon
The Dragon Snake: A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery

The startling experiences of a former RAAF engineer, Marius Boirayon, along with his knowledge of the Solomon Islanders' long history of encounters with strange aerial craft and alien beings, sparked him to search for hidden UFO bases.

We had not long returned from the New Georgia group, where I had just bought a beautiful tropical island with white sand beaches and coconut palms, and we were desperately in need of new rental accommodation on Guadalcanal. My best friend Joseph had been helping me find a house that was preferably outside the Honiara area. As there was a shortage of livable housing, it had almost come to the point of taking what we could get.

Joseph told me of a house that he knew of at his village but he thought it wouldn't suit me as I'm a white man. I told him to stop that kind of rubbish thinking and that we should go and have a look. I knew of Joseph's village, but I couldn't place the house that he had been describing to me as we drove the roughly 70-kilometre journey westward along the coast from Honiara.

Upon arriving at Cape Esperance, Joseph pointed to the quaint little three-bedroom timber house that was on the eastern extremity of the village. It had a cement floor and a galvanised iron roof with an out-house near the grass-hut kitchen, and the most beautiful island sea view that anyone could wish for.

There was a tap and shower outside with perpetual mountain spring water. It didn't bother me that there was no electricity, as I had a generator. I made up my mind to take the house, as I didn't have too many options left.

While I was inspecting the house, the divorced woman who owned the house arrived, and so I formalised an agreement to move in the next day.

Late the next afternoon, we arrived at the house with a six-tonne truck and proceeded to unload all our possessions into the house. This attracted the attention of a good portion of the village folk, as I was the only white man ever to have come to live in their area.

That night, after placing a few fluorescent lights around the house, I started up the generator and sat back with Joseph and a few new friends to relax and have a beer. Later that night, when I was finding out a little more about the area, Joseph told me that I had to watch out for the "Dragon Snake" that was in the area.

"Dragon Snake! What #*# Dragon Snake?" Just to hear the name of it put a shiver down my spine!

They then told me that it comes out of the mountains at night and flies around. They said that the Dragon Snake, with its piercing red eyes, has been feared for generations. It was responsible for people going missing and for killing people.

"What next?" I thought to myself. All I wanted to do was relax and do some fishing in a nice, peaceful, tropical environment. Now I had to contend with some mythological Dragon Snake. I thought no more of it and put it down to one of their superstitions, of which there seemed to be plenty.

My first UFO sighting

A few days went past as things started to settle down a little. I had become quite an enthusiastic fisherman with my fishing rod, and had been pulling scores of beautiful reef fish. Joseph was renowned by all in the village as being the best spearfisherman. One time he decided to do some night spearfishing, as it was easy to do at night by torchlight. So I decided that while Joseph was spearfishing, I would throw some lines in and see what kind of fish I caught.

I was cleaning fish with Ci-Ci, another good friend of mine, when Joseph came out of the water with his dugout canoe full of fish to add to our already large pile. While we were inspecting his catch, Joseph suddenly shouted for our attention: "There! There! There! The Dragon Snake! The Dragon Snake!" He was pointing to the right, down the beach.

As I looked down the beach, I couldn't believe what I seeing. About a kilometre away there was a very bright, luminous, white object flying slowly over the water. I remember asking myself whether I was really seeing it.

I called out for my wife Miriam to bring my binoculars. After focusing in on the starlike, brilliantly lit object, I noticed that it was about 60-foot round and seemed to make no noise.

We watched it for a couple of minutes until it submerged itself into the sea. Joseph told me to wait about 10 minutes and I'd see it come back out again - which it did! When it came back out of the water, it was glowing twice as brightly as when it went in. We continued to watch it with my binoculars as it returned to the coast in the direction whence it had come and until it disappeared out of sight over the top of the coconut trees.

Somewhat startled by this experience, we went back into the house and sat talking about this "Dragon Snake" until the early hours of the morning. They told me that if you didn't see it one night, you were quite likely to see it the next. They were right.

In fact, over a seven-month period, I lost count of these sightings when they reached the 60 mark. So while we sat talking about this object, I explained the structure of the Universe to Joseph and Ci-Ci.

I showed them my copy of a Time-Life book called The Universe, with its space-type pictures, and said that these so-called "Dragon Snakes" are what white men call "Unidentified Flying Objects". They were absolutely amazed, as they had spent their whole life fearing this thing with superstition and having no real understanding of it. Yet, for that matter, I was also a little fearful.

This sighting was the first of well over 60 more to follow, during which time I investigated the UFO waterfall lake base of northwest Guadalcanal and later the UFO bases of the central east coast of Malaita and central Small Malaita. This first sighting, though, had completely changed my mind about the existence of extraterrestrials, and a little investigation revealed that this so-called Dragon Snake had been in the area for well over a century. I realistically began thinking in terms of extraterrestrials inhabiting our planet.

My extensive investigation into the presence of extraterrestrials on Guadalcanal and Malaita has revealed that these supposedly "hidden to the eye" aliens have displayed unacceptable and unfriendly behaviour towards the Guadalcanal and Malaita people; indeed, there have been several outright abductions and murders. Because of this, they can't be considered friendly. For example, the grandfather of a good friend of mine was incinerated by one of these UFOs around the early 1900s. Several independent sources have verified this. Countless horrific stories can be heard throughout these islands.

Plotting UFO activity on the map

During the next two weeks, I saw the UFO three more times at the same place as my first sighting. This made me question myself several times as to what I was actually seeing. It also raised many more questions. What was so interesting for the UFO down in the sea where it was submerging all the time? And where did it go when it wasn't flying around?

The part of the sea that was right in front of the village was where the Allied Forces had encountered a Japanese fleet in a great battle that resulted in the biggest loss of Allied ships during any naval engagement in World War II. This battle included the Australian heavy cruiser, the HMAS Canberra, and the American heavy cruiser, the USS Chicago. I won't go into the sad details of how they went down, but it was all a tragedy and many men lost their lives. Actually, it would be a really good idea if someone could produce a documentary about it with the submersibles they used in finding and documenting the wreck of the Titanic.

A few days later, Joseph and I went to Honiara to obtain a 23-foot fibreglass boat with engine. While we were there, I went to the historical archives to look up information about where these ships had actually sunk. Much to my surprise, I learned that the UFOs were submerging in exactly the same area where the HMAS Canberra, the USS Chicago and other ships had sunk.

This was no mere coincidence, or at least I didn't think so. At that time, I did not know there were several of these things flying around. Why the UFOs had so much of an interest in these old warships became a somewhat baffling problem for me at the time. I do remember speculating about any remaining gunpowder, but questioned myself as to why these aliens would have a need for mere gunpowder. Somewhat curious as to all these perplexing goings-on and mysteries, while still trying to maintain some form of sanity, I formulated an ingenious plan. And so I went to the nearby Department of Lands and purchased a 1:25,000 topographical map of northwest Guadalcanal.

Meanwhile, Joseph's wife had given birth to a boy, their 10th child - a remarkable achievement, I thought, for a couple in their late 20s. The child's christening was to be held the following Sunday, and Joseph and his wife had decided to name him after me. It was Joseph's normal job to hold the Sunday mass at the village church. Lord knows why! Joseph was the biggest rascal of them all! On this particular occasion there were five babies to be christened, and so a white Catholic priest from Honiara had been booked to perform the ceremony.

I had bought two pigs from the Honiara abattoir especially for this event and sent an invitation to two chiefs from the area to come to my house for the feast, which was to be held on the grass outside.

The christening ceremony went ahead as planned. The pigs had been butchered and were cooking away in the hot stone oven when the two chiefs and their company arrived. It was quite a large turnout. The Catholic priest from town made a special effort to talk to me and find out what religious denomination I was.

When he'd left, I made my way to the two chiefs and respectfully introduced myself. As we were talking, I brought up the topic of the Dragon Snake. My suspicions were right: the chiefs knew a lot about it. One of the chief's brothers had been killed by it when he was only a little boy. They told me several stories of deaths and abductions, all of which confirmed to me that these UFOs are definitely not friendly. They may be friendly in other places in the world, but certainly not here.

Excusing myself, I went to the house and then returned with my local map and proceeded to ask them where the Dragon Snake's "house" was located. Sure enough, they knew where it was! It took them some time to become familiar with the map and finally agree on what they were looking at. They then pointed out the place to me: an unnamed mountain that makes up part of the mountain range which includes nearby Mount Popori.

This unnamed mountain, which for the sake of convenience I eventually named "Mount Dragon", is about eight kilometres inland as the crow flies. They told me of a big waterfall high up in the mountain, with a lake beneath into which the water falls. They said that inside that lake is where the Dragon Snake lives!

A further study of Mount Dragon revealed that there is a small lake in the mountain that is the beginning of a river. These fellows had no idea of topographical map language, but their descriptions seemed to have some credibility.

If what they told me was true, then it raised more questions. What was at the bottom of this waterfall lake, and how many UFOs were there? I had to stop speculating on answers to these questions, as all of this was starting to sound a lot like a science- fiction movie and I was beginning to question the sanity of what I was doing. On many occasions it crossed my mind to tell somebody - but who was there to tell, and who would believe me? Yet as incredible as this story may seem, all you need do for any proof is go to northwest Guadalcanal and ask a few of the locals. You'd be surprised at what you find out.

Close calls and cultural evidence

Early one morning, not long afterwards, Joseph came to the house to tell me that a fisherman he knew was in hospital from injuries he had sustained from a UFO two nights previously. He was from a village three kilometres east of ours. After asking Joseph what kind of injuries the fisherman sustained, he told me that apparently he had burns to most of his body. We had all been planning a trip to town, anyway, as Miriam wanted to do some shopping and see her family, so we decided to go to the hospital and visit this fisherman.

After dropping Miriam off in town, Joseph and I went to the hospital. Following some enquiries as to where the fisherman was, we arrived at his bedside. He was covered in bandages from head to toe and was in a great deal of pain, but doped up with pethidine. Joseph began to speak with him in the Guadalcanal language to try to find out exactly what had happened to him.

He had been out fishing in his fibreglass boat at about 3.00 am, when he saw the Dragon Snake flying along. In foolishness, he started flashing his torch at it. That was when it flew over to him in an instant and hovered overhead.

Panicking, he started the motor and took off to get away from the Dragon Snake, but it followed him as he "zigzagged" his way back to shore. It was during this short pursuit to the beach that it fired some form of light at him but it only partially hit him. A later inspection of his 19-foot fibreglass boat showed traces of scorching upon some of the boat's interior paint.

He said that when he drove his boat up the beach and ran into the bush, the Dragon Snake followed him to where he was hiding behind a tree and hovered above. When he moved around to the other side of the tree, it also went around to the other side. It was then that he literally got down on his knees and began to pray to God with his hands clasped in front of him.

With that, the Dragon Snake moved on. After that, he stumbled his way back to his village and was taken to hospital...."



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