Eyewitness Accounts... Page 26
Eyewitness Accounts... Page 26

THUNDERBIRD, at the Big Basin Redwood

"What I seen that night was supposed to be none existent, I remember saying to Ron that this thing ain't supposed to be alive."

This sighting happened to me 33 years ago.I was 23 years old I'm now 56 this month on Jan 20.

I lived in Reseda, ca. On 6939 Yolanda St. off Sherman Way. I had a friend living with me his name was Ronnie. My ex just left with my daughter a couple of weeks before that.

We lived in a 4 bedroom house. Ronnie was cool; knew all kinds of musicians, I played guitar harp and congas, and had a sound studio in the three car garage.

We rocked.

I met Ron through the band the Rockwell's. They'd played at Garzaries in Hollywood, and other clubs; they were Bob and Dixie,and Silver Star,he did silver work.

Bob was a song writer,and did airbrush work on shirts; I got these shirts for $2.00 a piece at 100 at a time,and had no problem selling them for $8.00 to $10.00.

Me and Ron set out to Santa Cruz to the Cartelist club up there and to see these two indian brothers; one played bass and the other played rhythm and lead

I would jam with them and played rhythm finger picking style. Well me and Ron stopped on the way up at the Big Basin Red woods, there was an inch or two of snow on the ground and it was cold so we got lots of wood started a fire to keep warm before it got dark.

We were at the last camp ground with a big fire place you could sit on, next to two large red woods. One limb was about 70 to 80 feet above us soon it got dark and absolutely still. You could hear a pin drop a mile away. there was no wind at all but cold. Being cold we had a large fire.

A couple of hours went by,all of a sudden this limb shook with a tremendous weight on it,Ronnie said "what the hell was that"!

I said I have no idea but its very large whatever it is. You could here it get settled,and when it made it first screech we both about had a heart attack, it's sound was of nothing I had ever heard or dreamed of. It echoed through the redwoods.

My friend was terrified; he said that's a pterodactyl!I picked up a branch about 12 ft long, lit it and held it above my head.

You could see it for a few seconds, it had its wings out copping the heat of the fire; its wingspan was between 22 to 25ft.

My boats 18ft. At that moment it let out another screech, my scared **** friend gave me a look like it can eat you and took off running to my van.

Every hair on my body stood straight out and I had no control over it. That never had happened to me before. I was very scared like never before.

Why it didn't attack us i think it wanted the heat off the fire, it landed right above the fire. I only got a look at this bird for a few seconds before I took off to the van about 30 seconds after him.

This bird was like a giant condor with a long neck, a white ring on his neck at the bottom, reddish purple eyes, a long beak. I've seen condors up close at Bush Gardens and this bird dwarfed it.

The screech was terrifying to say the least. From the way it shook this branch I'd (it weighed) 150 to maybe 225lbs. I was more than sure this bird could kill us no problem.

The next morning we did not even go out to see if it was still there we were to scared that if it was it would be hungry, so even if I or he had a camera we wouldn't have gotten a picture of it anyways.

We told a few people. All we heard back was, what were you smoking, or drinking,or they would come back with a wild west story.

What I seen that night was supposed to be none existent, I remember saying to Ron that this thing ain't supposed to be alive.

I will never forget that experience as long as I live. It could have been a thunderbird but even after seeing live photos of them by an Indian chief out of Illinois; he has pictures of these two 20 to 22 ft. birds flying for some time,35mm footage I think,there is no wind in this film footage and these birds are flying no problem,--this night there was no wind I remember just like it was yesterday.

Capt.I'm still not sure but with out a shadow of a doubt this bird was real. If possible I would like to find Ronnie through the Rockwell's.

There were Jimmie, Ernie and Bud in the band. I lived across from the Van Nuys airport 3rd house up.

I also have had an out of body experience with these same people and a few more same house and I know they would verify this experience I,ll even go under hypnosis and back regression,and I know already your mind will be blown,there's worlds within worlds.

Capt Jimmy cirillo



Thunderbird in Mexico
by Your True Tales

I used to visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico every winter until my wife became ill and we could no longer travel. I went there by myself in year 2000.

While there, I took a boat to a village called Yallapa that could only be reached by boat. The jungle was too thick and difficult for roads. I stayed there three days.

The village was small, with no telephone and one electrical generator that shut off at 9 p.m.

The second day, I climbed a cliff from the beach. It was the way many of the local people got to the vllage, rather than by boat.

As I walked along a ravine at the top of the cliff, I came to a spot where the local women did their laundry in a small stream.

I walked a bit more and found a nice spot to sit down. It overlooked a huge expanse of jungle running from the mountains to the ocean. I could see for several miles of jungle, so dense I doubt that the inhabitants of Yallapa ever went there much.

As I looked at some higher land about one and a half miles away, a huge black bird-like creature came from the more mountainous region to my left, and flew toward the ocean on my left. At that distance, palm trees that were 40 to 50 feet high looked very small, yet even though the creature was at the same distance, it looked very big.

Its total wingspan was about equal to the length of the taller palm trees, I thought about 30 to 40 feet. The wings moved very slowly, almost touching on the downward swing.

I had a long time to watch it as it traveled two or three miles toward the ocean.

It looked just like the pteradactl is often pictured, but at that distance I could not see details.

I called a few people who I thought would agree with what I thought it was, but all I got was skepticism, so even though I was sure as to what I saw, I kept it to myself from then until now.


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