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Eyewitness Accounts... Page 24

"Flying Humanoid" On Video Over Phoenix

Jetpack? Pterosaur? Parachuter? Mechanical contrivance? Mothman?

Here at s8int.com, we don't have any idea. It seems to us even that some of these things are taking us far afield--however, we are operating a bit under the assumption that some of these sightings involve creatures who were thought to be extinct long ago (wings might be transparent/translucent). In any case compare the video with the humanoid creatures photographed in Mexico.


Just when I thought I was going to take a break from skywatching I saw something unusual in the sky while watering the plants in my backyard this morning.

Almost directly above my head and a little West of me was this dark blood-red object barely moving to the North. I grabbed the binoculars and immediately noticed the object was definitely not balloons.

Without the binoculars the object looked red but when looking through the binoculars the object had a golden-yellowish top (head?) and a black jet pack looking thing on the left side along with two leg-like appendages hanging down with round "shoes."

The golden-yellowish head looked like an octagon-shaped helmet through the binoculars. Too weird.

The jet pack looked just like a jet pack from Buck Rogers except through the binoculars they looked a little different. They looked like 2 oxygen tanks like a scuba diver would have but there were 3 off-centered dots in each one. There could have been more but I only saw 3.

Same with the "shoes." Each shoe was attached to a leg-like object and I think the shoes had a means of directing the object or keeping the object afloat. I say this because when the object moves the legs move too.

Now, I could be wrong and this was just a cluster of balloons tricking me but I don't see how. If it were balloons then why did it change direction and never lose or gain altitude? I have done several balloon tests with all sorts of shapes and sizes and this did not make a match to any type of balloon in the tests.

The object never wobbled or reflected the sun which is very common when taping a balloon. It was on a projected course North then stops and heads in a direct line West. No wobbling or meandering or any erratic balloon behavior.

A perfectly straight line. If you watch the video at faster speed you can see there is no wobbling. Speeding up a video shows true motion and there is no mistaking that this object is going in a straight line.

Object was moving at a snails pace and at one point comes to a complete stop and changes course going in the opposite direction. Object was under 2K ft. with no winds at ground level and it was around 90 degrees and partly sunny.

Chemtrails were present for the first time in months and practically covered the whole sky.

This object was eerily similar to the one I captured on August 4th, 2004 in many ways. It looked similar and acted the same way by moving slowly and changing direction. The weirdest thing of all is that this object appeared very close to the same point in the sky as last year's sighting. Each object took the same course North and turned West approximately the same spot in the sky.

Each object was going the same speed like I mentioned before. Does that mean there is a waypoint above my house that these objects appear out of on a regular basis?

For them to appear at the same time and the same place is more than coincidental. The only difference is the Dates. Aug 4th, 2004 & September 23rd, 2005.

I feel lucky to have seen and taped this object. I had no intentions of skywatching today but the chemtrails made me inspect further. Upon further investigation into last year's similar sighting I noticed the weather conditions were identical and the sky was covered with the same amount of chem clouds.

The funny thing is Phoenix hasn't had much chemtrail activity like last year and I did make a comment that the sky looked just like it did when I saw last year's UFH. Less than a minute later I saw this. Weird....

Please let me know what you think.



2nd Story: The Mysterious Flying Humanoids

By: Santiago Yturria
All rights reserved - ©2005-SANTIAGO YTURRIA 7-3-5

Mexico is known as the country with more UFO sightings videotaped to date. The incredible variety of different types of UFOs reported - from disc shape, spheres and orbs, splitting UFOs, triangular and tubular, plasma and the spectacular cluster sightings - certainly provide any serious researcher an important graphic dossier to make studies and analyses of this phenomenon.

In March 2000, a sudden change in the current UFO sightings reported in Mexico took place when Salvador Guerrero, one of the most respected skywatchers with many hours of UFO videos had a rare sighting.

While doing his regular skywatch on the roof of his home in Colonia Agricola Oriental, Guerrero encountered something so bizarre, it has opened an entirely new chapter in the history of Mexican UFO research.

This was not just another common UFO witnessed by Salvador over the city for the past several years, this was something utterly different and intriguing. At first, Salvador thought the object could be a dark UFO high in the sky, so he started videotaping as usual. When he pressed the camera's zoom, he couldn't believe what he saw through the viewfinder.

It was a dark, solid object which was almost static in the sky, spinning slowly on its axis...featuring what looked to be a human from with 'arms' and 'legs' perfectly visible - giving the impression that "he" or "it" was floating freely in the air. Needless to say, Salvador was shocked.

The dark humanoid figure was floating at a high altitude but Salvador's years of experience in skywatching allowed him to track this dark object in the sky and he was able to make an excellent recording of the incredibly myterious experience.

The dark humanoid creature remained stationary in the same spot for several minutes, spinning slowly with arms and legs 'outstretched' all the time. The object then began to move, disappearing behind a building.

Some months later, in December of that year, Salvador Guerrero along with Juan Flores videotaped another "hombrecito volador" (little flying man) in the same place.

Salvador Guerrero's March, 2000 flying humanoid sighting signaled the beginning of a series of similar sightings in Mexico, and more reports and videos of these strange flying creatures followed creating a state of intense interest among Mexican ufologists.


During the investigation on Salvador Guerrero's March 2000 flying humanoid case, a similar incident surfaced in Cuernavaca, Morelos where Amado Marquez, another respected skywatcher and friend to Salvador, told him that he also videotaped an odd thing in the sky on February, 2000 but due to the bizarre nature of the sighting he decided not to make the video public.

According to Amado Marques' description that day, he was doing his routine skywatch on the roof of his home when he noticed a dark object was approaching and began videotaping it. Looking through his viewfinder, he received a big surprise. Marquez described what he caught on video as a "little man" flying horizontally in a standing position with the legs opened all the time.

Marquez added he never saw parachute, wings or anything alike - just the dark flying man with legs opened.

On July 2000, Gerardo Valenzuela from Cuernavaca, Morelos, respected skywatcher and mutual friend of Salvador Guerrero and Amado Marquez, had a unusual sighting of a dark tall body with humanoid characteristics descending slowly over the valley. Gerardo took a great video and the mysterious humanoid creature is seen descending until it dissapears behind a hill.

More reports of these strange flying creatures followed over the next several months. In October 1, 2000, La Prensa newspaper from Mexico City published a report from a commercial airline pilot telling of sighting of a "little flying man" witnessed by him and the copilot during their descent to Mexico City's airport.

According to the article: "A commercial airline pilot from AeroCalifornia who wanted to omit his name to avoid problems in his work reported the sighting of a "little flying man" who was flying at the same altitude of the plane before landing. According to the pilot this "flying man" had a kind of backpack in his back and was flying freely. The pilot added he saw perfectly well arms and legs.

Source: Rense.com


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