Eyewitness Accounts... Page 22
Eyewitness Accounts... Page 22

Pterodactyl Seen Near The World Trade Center?

Here at s8int.com, we never know where our next article of interest is coming from. We'd love to find some more great information on giants, but here we are with another pterosaur/pterodactyl story. It's not as if we don't have other interests and frankly, we're a bit worried about it. What we can say for sure is that we will not have any articles on UFO's--and bigfoot? Probably not.

One question we frequently hear is "where are the pictures"? Now that everyone has a camera on their telephones, we expect that the pictures will be coming along directly. But you know what;?--if you do snap a picture of say a bird with a fifteen to twenty foot wingspan-no one's going to believe its genuine anyway!

Here we produce an alleged photo of a giant bird/pterodactyl taken near the World Trade Center shortly after 9-11. We have to say, that first the probablity that the photo has not been faked is around say..50/50. Then, assuming its a genuine photo, the probablity is that it depicts only a normal sized bird whose giant size is only an optical illusion is is around 30% to 40%, meaning that in our minds the probability of this actually being the real photo of a giant bird or pteradactyl near the WTC is only 10 to 15 out of 1 hundred.

As usual, you will need to look at the photo and determine if its real in your own mind. We sent a copy of this photo along to a friend of the site who performs photo analyses, but we have not heard from him. We did note a kind of "aura" around the bird object under high magnification, but in fact the same aura was around the buildings in the photo and we doubt that they have been fradulently added.


Steve Moran, the Person Who Took the Photo (no, we don't subscribe to the "angel" theory) says the Following:

Steve Moran writes: "I live in New York City, and today I went to take pictures of the WTC's wreckage.

I shot this first picture of the rescue operation, looking south on Greenwich Street. When I got home and previewed my pictures on the computer, I noticed something in the one entitled "Down Greenwich 3" that was not in the scene when I took the photo.

Upon blowing up the questionable image (the second picture), it appeared to me to look like an angel hovering over the pile of debris and the rescuers. It couldn't be a pigeon or a seagull because being behind the building on the right, it would be too large.

Also, we don't have any vultures or pelicans here in NYC.

HI RES Version

From the context of the photo, it looks to be about the size of a man, and is around 60 to 100 feet above the scene. I have other photos of this scene taken from the same angle that do not contain this image.

The way I intemperate the image is, it's either a guardian angel looking over the rescuers and those poor people still trapped beneath, or the Angel of Death hovering to collect the souls of the dying. I was using a Kodak DC4800 digital camera."


Okay, question: what is the probability that a giant bird or pterodactyl AND the terrorist attack on New York City both occurred at nearly the same time? Pretty close to zero, we'd have to say.


New Pterodactyl Claim at WTC


A totally different, totally unconnected writer is on the scene and claims to have multiple photos of a pterodactyl taken on 9-11, at the World Trade Center! This gentleman appears to have some kind of axe to grind--perhaps he doesn't believe terrorists attacked the World Trade Center--we didn't read all his material. What caught our attention was his "analysis" of the video indicating that a large bird creature flys across the video screen.


The Bird is a Pterodactyl?

It appears that we can fit about eight of the darker object alongside to equal the width of the North Tower (about 250 feet).

If the 8:1 ratio of a 250 foot wide building is correct that means that the darker object, the bird, is about the size of a Pterodactyl.

The Birds!

Alfred Hitchcock famously filmed his masterpiece The Birds using live birds on poor Tippie Hedren. However, what kind of birds did CNN show in their footage of the South Tower explosion? (The birds are analyzed in the next few pages.)

The pictures below are believed to be intended to be a bird because there are two other bird images in the same video sequence. Also, the movement of this object greatly resembles a bird....Source:9-11 Blog


Video Sequence







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