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Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

More Eyewitness Accounts:Terrorized by Living Dinosaur in Lake Titicaca

by Sue Beecham--Psuedonym

Lake Titicaca, the highest navigatable lake in the world.
See also: Mysterious Lake Titicaca Copyright:Courtney Milne, All Rights Reserved

Lake Titicaca, the highest navigatable lake in the world.
See also: Mysterious Lake Titicaca Copyright:Courtney Milne, All Rights Reserved

Note to our Readers. We got this story below from Dan Musicman's Live Dinosaur Site. Dan is a Christian missionary. Much information on the internet is simply recycled/borrowed from other sites. One of the things we try to do, is to give proper credit to others when we are not the original source of a story. When you do have something original, its nice to see it acknowledged when it is used by others. This story was told to Dan Directly about an event occurring in 1989. The name "Sue Beacham", is not a real name-the witness did not want her real name used.

Now, curiously enough, GUST.com has a very similar story concerning Lake Titicaca which was supposed to have happened in 2003, which includes a picture and quotes from "Sue Beacham"! Dan has asked GUST to remove the embellishments and to give credit where credit is due, which does not appear to be forthcoming. We can only say that the GUST.com story was copyrighted in 2004. However, The Way Back Machine, the internet archiver has Dan's version going back to at least January 2002. Please draw your own conclusions.

Lake Titicaca, Peru -- Summer 1989

Stretching our legs on a low hill overlooking the blue expanse of Lake Titicaca, we watched our bus on the small road below, getting its tire changed, when all of a sudden the sound of enormous waves and the displacement of tons of water broke the stillness of the barren country side and stopped the chatting voices of the scattered bus passengers!

Transfixed to our spots, we were frozen with sudden terror, as we watched 300 meters below us beyond the road, an enormous head with dripping open mouth rise from the lake!

It was followed by a 4-5 meter long neck and finally by an enormous hump of a body of a 40-50 meter long… monster!

The 12 meter local passenger bus that we, four young western teenage missionaries, had boarded in Lima Peru to take us to La Paz in neighbouring Bolivia, had been crossing through desolate Andes countryside for hours.

Finally rounding a hill, we rejoiced to suddenly see the blue waters of a breathtaking lake that revealed itself before us; Lake Titicaca, its northern half situated in Peru and southern half in Bolivia, is the highest mountain lake in the world and also one of the deepest!

We finally reached a small town on the shoulder of the legendary Andes lake. Some passengers were released and other local ones taken on. After we left town and had crossed the Bolivian border, our bus had been slowly winding its way along the shoulders of the lake, its choppy waters often lapping just a few meters down the embankment on our left.

We had been watching the deep azure blue colors of the lake waters and the grey mountains in the distance, when suddenly our bus coasted to a standstill! The voice of the driver, announced in the local vernacular, that there was some trouble.

When we had all spilled out onto the road, it was discovered that the bus had a flat tire. The locals standing around, inspired by the view of Titicaca, were soon inspired to swap long yarns with each other about some legendary monster that it is supposed to reside in these waters. Every so often, they recounted, there were renewed stories of people who had sighted the creature, or had heard of others who had.

Getting bored with their tales that soon however turned out uncannily prophetic, we sauntered up the low hill to get a better view of the surrounding countryside. Thank God we did, as standing around gabbing, we were totally unprepared for what happened next! There was a sudden roar, the sound of many cubic tons of water being displaced rapidly, and our eyes riveted themselves on a spot on our right in the lake below, some thirty meters away from the bank along the road.

We froze in our tracks, as we could not believe what we saw.

A monstrous head, with a teethed open mouth, dripping with water, half the size of our bus, emerged from the water, followed by an ever growing hump some 20 meters behind its head.

It slowly but forcefully swayed itself from one side to another through the gorging waters, its reptilic eyes scanning the scenery in front of it!

We were gripped with fear, terrorized by the view in front of us, thousands of thoughts shooting through our heads: "This isn’t real!" "There are no monsters like that!" "This is ridiculous!" "Pinch me, am I dreaming?" "The dragon of St George?" "A LIVE DINOSAUR? "But they are extinct for billions of years!"

The head rose from the waters on an ever lenghtening meters-round neck, forever rising out of the water, as if in slow motion, water running down the grey thick leathery elephant-type skin.

"Oh my God!" We gasped, "We gotta get out of here!" "What in the world, is that!" "Yikes!" "Is it coming for us!" "Oh, Jesus please help us! Protect us Lord!"

The neck swung through the swirling waters, its head 5 meters above the water, glaring at the bus, where the drivers had been working on the wheel, but who were now slowly inching away backwards up the hill, behind the cover of the vehicle, away from the monster, hoping that it hadn’t seen them.

The creature opened its mouth and let out a bellowing long wailing cry, faint imitations of which we had only heard in movies like King Kong or other Sci-Fi flicks, only this one was real! It echoed away through the hills.

Its back had now emerged steadily from the water, a rounded mass of muscle power that amazed us by its agility, as it slowly waddled closer to the shore. It moved its 40 to 50 meter long body about, easier than an elephant does his, displacing tons of water in the process!

It had a flattened spatula type tail that got wider at the end which would forcefully flap down on the water, as it dove repeatedly down into the lake.

Our terror gradually subsided somewhat, as we saw that it didn’t seem to have the intention to come out of the lake. If it had seen us, it didn’t seem to be interested in us, or at least not as lunch for a voracious appetite.

We were never totally sure though, so we stayed on our hill, torn between one desire to see this spectacular sight and another, to distance ourselves as far away as possible from the enormous creature, without drawing its attention too much.

We could never see the end of its legs or members, as the beast never came completely out of the water!—Thank the LORD!

Up to this day I am not sure whether the creatures paws were fins or legs at the end. Finally it kind of went underwater and the bus was started up again and we gingerly boarded while keeping a very careful eye on the swirling waters. And as fast as possible the bus took off and out of there!

Ever since I have learned that there are many watery places in the world beside Loch Ness and Titicaca, where dinosaur-like creatures are still sighted every now and then.

Creationist scientists claim that most of these are plesiosaurs.... But our "dragon" takes the cake, as all these are much smaller than what we saw that day! It was a huge living Dinosaur, 5 times the length of our bus! And at least 20 meters high, as we never saw it fully!

Sad to say, we didn’t have a camera on us. But even if we had had one, we probably would have forgotten to take so much as one picture, as mesmerized as we were by this once in a 20th century life-time sight!

If now someone tells me how they believe in evolution and that dinosaurs became extinct 4 billion years ago, I am ever amazed at the thorough brainwashing job the state-sponsored religion of evolution has done on most of the worlds population!

Lots of Love


PS: If any of the brethren that were with me that day, DID take any pictures, although I don’t remember anyone did, please send it in to the following e-mail address:


Especially Izzy, also called Elizabeth, sister of Isaac, who lived a long time with her parents in Bolivia! If you Izzy, read this, please contact "Musicman" at the same email address! Or any others who were there!


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