Eyewitness Accounts... Page 7
Eyewitness Accounts... Page 7

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

More Eyewitness Accounts:Huge Flying Creature at Lake District, England

Six or seven years ago I was camping with friends in the Lake District, England - I think it was in October. We were situated between Little Langdale and Coniston. A local farmer had agreed to let us use one of his fields and so we pitched our tents before it got dark and gathered firewood for the evening.

It hadn't been dark too long, in fact there must have been a full moon as the clouds were well lit up from behind, the fire was burning well and we were all seated around it talking. I lay back and watched the clouds for a while and to my left I noticed a dark shape beneath the clouds, moving from my left to my right.

I watched it quietly for a while trying to figure out what it was.

At first it looked like a balloon in the distance but as it got closer I realized that it was flying against the wind and I could see it undulating slightly. I kept watching as it moved into a position more directly overhead, listening carefully for the sounds of an engine and watching for lights but there was only silence and the light of the moon on the clouds above.

As it flew over the top of us it became apparent that it was not balloon shaped at all but was shaped more like a manta-ray fish but with a short tail and the undulation I had detected was actually the tips of its "wings" gently flapping. It was huge, I would estimate its wingspan at 35 feet.

I wanted to know if the rest of my party (aproximataly 10) could see the same thing I could, but was conscious that I could not suggest to them what I was watching - I needed independant statements, so I simply pointed skyward and said, "can anyone else see that?"

Everyone looked and all were astounded by what they saw. Afterwards I questioned them one by one and each gave a description in line with what I had seen.

Some time later I was reading a book about superstition and found a passage which referred to a similar creature being sighted in the same area a couple of hundred years earlier by climbers who found it sunning itself on the mountain side, when they disturbed it they said it "vanished".

More Eyewitness Accounts:Large Flying Creature Over Kylesku, Scotland

10 Years ago in October 1993, the first saturday of the month, I was on a family holiday at a place called Kylesku in the North West Highlands of Scotland, in the County of Sutherland. On our first night there I went out with my two uncles at about 10.30pm to have a torchlight walk down the driveway of the cabin where we were staying.

This is a very remote and lonely part of Scotland with only one track roads and not many people living there.

The nearest town was about 50 km away with most of the land being mountainous land with no trees- only bog, moorland and heather for miles.

Anyway, while walking down the driveway in the dark having not yet put on the torches we heard a flapping noise above like a pair of large birds wings in flight. We turn our torches on and looked up.

It was very dark but we caught the shape of a large flying creature in our beam. The creature was large, had a pointed head like a large beak, was grey- brown in colour. I didn't see any other colours on it.

It made a large sweeping movement with its wings to fly which gave the beating/flapping sound like a steady beat that we heard. It was flying quite slowly so we saw it for 12-15 seconds before it flew over a small rise which was too rough for us to go up.

The size of the creature was what most startled us. One of my uncles exaggerates a bit when he says that it had a wingspan of 20 feet, but I would say it could not be any less than 10 feet (and my other uncle says 12ft) as it covered the breadth of the driveway and a bit more to the side.

We only saw it from below and then behind so I didnt see its eyes to see what colour they were but the wings seemed to be curved at the end. It didnt really seem to notice us.

I have no idea what this was- there is a bird here called a heron which flys in a similar way but I have seen many of them and they are all much smaller. Eagles usually fly faster and seagulls are way too small. The creature certainly scared us and we didn't go out at night again there.

I hope some of you find this of interest If anyone has seen a similar creature or knows what it is please let me know: Best Wishes, Damian. Both Stories above from:Cryptozoology.com

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