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Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

Strange Winged Creature Sighted in Australia

In December, 1997 my husband and I both sighted a huge creature flying over a densely populated area, while we were out walking one night in Perth, Western Australia on the coastline around 10:30pm.

We were walking along Marmion Avenue between the suburbs of Heathridge and Ocean Reef...(Photo allegedly from Civil War)

"This creature could not be written off as a bird as it was bigger than any bird on the planet

it did not flap it's wings (just glided on the air current), it had a ruddy reddish brown leathery skin; (we could see it's underneath as it flew over us at about 300ft up; the glow from all the ground lighting made that possible), it had a long tail and a wingspan that we estimated at between 30-50ft across.

We have speculated much over the years as to what it may have been. It made no sound and did not flap it's wings. The creature appeared to know where it was heading.....and just flew in the direction from North to South parallel to the coastline about 1/2 mile inland.

This creature was huge and never in my life have I ever seen anything that remotely resembled it until I found a page on Pterosaurs over the last few days.

Today on a trip with my husband and son we talked about that sighting and something else came to mind; maybe these creatures have always been here in remote places, but it is possible their numbers are increasing and they have to search farther a field for food.

I have also read over the last few days that we are not the only people who have seen one of these creatures. I tried to ring a UFO line in Western Australia at the time but no one answered the telephone, so I gave up.

With family life taking precedence, the sighting was pushed aside as who do you report these sightings to anyway?

If a creature that size is flying the night sky then it could be dangerous to must have a huge appetite. My husband works in a scientific field and he observed it and took in much more about it than I did....I was more gaping and saying "what the hell is that?"

We watched this creature glide on down the coastline until it was just a little dot on the horizon in the distance, which was about 5 minutes. Being a middle aged couple who abhor the spotlight, we were not going to go to newspapers and leave ourselves open for ridicule.

Australia is a vast country, with a great deal of it unpopulated; any creature could go undiscovered. Besides the colouring of this creature could also blend in with the landscape making it hard to detect and also if it only comes out at night to hunt food it would make it even harder to find or catch.

But we both swear to God that we saw it, it was a clear, beautiful night, and we had been admiring the stars and walking and talking....when my husband spotted it first and pointed at it and told me to look up.

It was certainly a shock to me at the time. A sighting of this type knocks you out of your comfort zone because we were looking at something that is not supposed to exist!

"Whoever says these things are extinct is wrong! We know we saw it, and nothing could shake us from that conviction."

posted by Penny [] on September 28, 2003

Pterosaurs in Texas

While driving his cruiser through the wee hours one morning 1976, Policeman Arturo Padilla of San Benito, Texas, spotted something unusual in his headlights. It looked like a big bird.

A really big bird. A few minutes later Padilla’s fellow officer, Homer Galvan, reported it also. It appeared as a black silhouette that glided through the air. According to Galvan, it never even flapped its wings.

A short time later Alverico Guajardo, a resident of Brownsville, Texas, reported he'd heard a thumping noise outside his mobile home at about nine-thirty at night.

When he looked out the door, he saw a monstrous bird standing in his yard. "It's like a bird, but it's not a bird," he said. "That animal is not from this world."

The sighting of the strange bird didn’t end with the reports from Guajardo and the two policemen. Two sisters told of seeing a "big black bird" with "a face like a bat" near a pond outside of Brownsville.

Reports of this creature continued to multiply in the early months of 1976 until finally a radio station offered a reward for the creature's capture. Soon after, a television station broadcast a picture of an alleged bird track measuring some twelve inches in length.

As the media hype increased, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department took action, fearing that hunters might mistake a large, rare and protected bird (like a whooping crane) for this mysterious creature. They made an announcement saying, "All birds are protected by state or federal law."

At about this same time several Texas schoolteachers told of seeing the strange flying creature, with a wingspan of at least 12 feet across, while they were driving to work. One of them checked the school library and found a name for the animal: A pterosaur.


Portsmouth Residents Terrified by "Sea Creature"--2003

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. -- A fun-filled day of swimming and fishing for one local group of friends and family turned into a nightmare that most only witness in the movies.

Fall River residents Dennis Vasconcellos, Rachel Carney, Joey Mailloux, Tracy Roberts, a young child and another woman were at Teddy's Beach in the Island Park section of Portsmouth Tuesday afternoon when things got a little scary.

Half the group was fishing, while the other half were either swimming or playing in the sand. But what seemed to be the perfect summer afternoon got turned upside down the moment Vasconcellos heard his fiancé, Carney, scream. Carney was screaming for help, yelling that something was after her. An unknown ominous sea creature seemed to be toying with Carney, who was swimming beyond the "Danger" sign posted at the quiet beach.

The sea creature -- described as being about 15-feet long, with four-inch teeth, greenish-black skin and a white belly -- was swimming around Carney and popping its head out of the water to expose its teeth and hiss in a manner that could not soon be forgotten, Carney said. "I was deep out in the water and kept hearing this hissing sound. Then I saw its head come up showing me its big teeth," Carney said. "It kept rolling while it was swimming and knocking into my feet. I just froze."

In the meantime, Vasconcellos said he swam out to her aide and just grabbed her from the backside and told her "don't look back." "This thing was big. I mean it's head was almost the size of a basketball," Vasconcellos said. "I just kept backing in to shore, but it was looking at me and hissing. The other people around there were pulling their kids out of the water."

Within minutes, the pair was back near the beach and safe again.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's Center for Marine Science and Technology in New Bedford, one of the leadingmarine science research centers in the region, has its lead aquaculturist baffled by the description of the serpent-like creature.

Ed Baker, the center's lead aquaculturist, said Wednesday that the description given is unlike any animal he knows. He said it is conceivable that a tropical animal was swept northward through a strong and warm gulf current. He said a piranha was recently found in Coventry, R.I., and an alligator is on the run in Lincoln, R.I.

Therefore, the mystery animal may have been placed in the water by a local resident or it may have been carried into Rhode Island waters from the south. While the drama was playing out, Mailloux, who was nursing a badly wounded leg in the brackish water said he witnessed the whole thing.

"I just saw (Carney) swimming as fast as I've ever seen anyone go," Mailloux said. "Then I saw this big, big thing spinning around the two of them. "It kind of looked like a giant eel to me, but I'm sure it wasn't because it was so big and had that white belly."

Mailloux and the others said it was difficult to get to sleep Tuesday night. He said he felt partly responsible because the sea creature may have been attracted to the blood pouring out from his leg into the water. Mailloux, just minutes before, had caught a fish and slipped on the rocks near the beach, cutting his legs.

"I don't know if it was a shark or what. All I know is that (Carney and Vasconcellos) were both hysterical when they got out of the water," Mailloux said. "I've lived near water for years and have never seen an animal like that, ever." Vasconcellos is also a somewhat experienced fisherman and also stated that he has no idea what the creature was.

"My heart is still pounding. I don't want to seem scared but people should know to keep their children close, because that thing was definitely big enough to kill us," Vasconcellos said. "I thought I was dead."

Portsmouth police said Wednesday that they have not received any calls about the large animal. But Vasconcellos said he would be calling the police to report what he and the rest of his group saw. Mailloux said he thinks the animal is nesting under the unusually warm waters of the protected cove. He said he saw the animal disappear near one of six broken-down piers in the area, which could be used as a nesting area.

"That thing was not from around here," Mailloux said. "I think it might have come up with the tropical stream of water and found a good place to breed this summer." Baker said Mailloux's hypothesis about the animal breeding in the area is "somewhat of a stretch," and believes that the mysterious sea creature is probably in distress and is using the pier structure as a place to hide.

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