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Nessie Filmed by Scientist?

Source:STV.TV An amateur scientist believes he could have captured the Loch Ness Monster - on videotape.

Yorkshireman Gordon Holmes was carrying out experiments at the famous loch when by chance he happened to spot a strange creature in the waters. Now his film of the incident is causing a sensation.

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster dates back to 565 AD when St Columba was said to have seen a strange water monster in the loch.

Tales of Nessie regularly surface, but she is a symbol of Scotland that is so recognised across the globe that when there are any new sightings reported it causes a frenzy.

Gordon Holmes believes the shadow is Nessie The new footage showing a creature swimming across the loch is already causing a stir.

The footage was taken at the weekend by an amateur scientist who happened to spot a fast-moving creature swimming across the world-famous loch.

Gordon Holmes, from Yorkshire, had been undertaking some scientific tests on the Loch, recording sounds from the deep with special hydrophonic equipment.

But nothing prepared him for the prospect of actually setting eyes on what could be the elusive Nessie - an event he luckily captured on film.

Gordon took his tape to local experts who say it warrants further scrutiny - and so far, the The debate over the footage is likely to rage on jury is out.

Gordon hopes to have the tape further analysed to try to get to the bottom of the Nessie mystery. But even from a scientific viewpoint, he believes the Loch Ness legend stands up to scrutiny.

No doubt the images will undergo further analysis as people try to work out what the creature is. But in the meantime, it is another mystery at the heart of Loch Ness.

Whether people believe it to be Nessie or not, those living in the area who benefit from the tourism industry will no doubt be overjoyed at the timing of this new sighting.

And whether anything is ever proved conclusively, the legend of the Loch Ness Monster will live on regardless.

Top: San Francisco Bay Seamonster in 2004, Middle; Lake Windermere Seamonster,
Feb 2006. Bottom: Current Loch Ness sighting.

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