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"Sea Monster" Photographed in Norwegian Lake?

This picture (original top) was taken at a distance of approximately
20 meters (70 feet) near Steinkjaer in North-Trøndelag.
(Photo: Einar Johannes Sandnes).

Is this a Sea Monster?

"Einar Johannes Sandnes believes he saw a sea monster emerge at Snåsavatnet (Snaasa Lake). What do you believe?

By David Braendeland

Could this actually be a sea monster? The creature that appeared at Snsavatneta stayed around long enough to put a scare into Einar Johannes Sandnes.

It all began with an absolutely ordinary day of fishing on a tranquil summers day.

We’d been fishing the entire afternnoon. As evening arrived and the sun begin to go down we decided to head for shore for a cup of coffee.

I looked back across the lake and suddenly, there it was. I managed to take a picture with my cell phone before it disappeared he told Nettavisen (this publication.

Up Close Sighting

Sandnes, who has a nearby farm has a very clear memory of of the episode that occurred in June of 2005. We became absolutely certain that it was something strange and unusual and wondered what it could be.

The creature appeared very close at hand to them. Specifically, at a distance between 20 to 50 meters, near the shore. It was summertime and still daylight and they could clearly see it.

250 Meter Depth (800 Plus feet)

Sandnes is well-known in the area around the 48 kilometer long lake located North of Steinkjer in North Trønderlag.

He says there are many stories of sightings about sea monsters in Snåsavatnet. There are certainly rumors around the area. Sjøormen is also known as – Kudulla. He believes that was the original name of Snåsavatnet.

Charts indicate that the lake is around 21 meters deep (78 feet). Sandnes notes that the firm NTE detected depths there of up to 250 meters while preparing to lay cable.

So it may not be surprising that there is a sea monster there, he says. Einar Johannes Sadnes has been in no hurry to share the photo of a possible sea monster, having had it in his cell phone for more than a year and a half.

Now he tells Nettavisen- I was a bit afraid to tell anyone. I was afraid that no one would believe me says Sandnes.

Source:Nettavisien. Tranlation by s8int.com using InterTran

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