Extra Biblical Literature

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Extra Biblical Literature
Extra Biblical Literature

The book of JasherA Mr. Tom P. visited the site the other day and left a nice message and also some links to his site. He has some interesting material on the "Genesis Files". We only had a little time to visit so far but we notice among the subjects covered on the site are "Watchers" and the Book of Enoch. Personally, we at s8int.com have always stayed away from "extra biblical" literature like the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher. (We're not criticizing those of you who read it).

Sure, we'll watch a bit of Star Trek or a PBS documentary but we know that they're fictional. How does one keep in mind that Bible similar writings are NOT inspired? We guess some of it could be true, but we have no doubts about any of Genesis or Matthew. Personally, here at s8int.com, we don't want our views of the true "Biblical" history colored by material we ultimately can't have confidence in.

We guess Tom and others have figured out how to strike that balance. We're going to keep our heads under the blankets. :0) Click the link to visit: Genesis Files: Antediluvians

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