Robin Simmon's Ark Movie

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Robin Simmon's Ark Movie
Robin Simmon's Ark Movie

Robin SimmonsRobin Simmons (pictured). Acknowledged "Noah's Ark Expert", and author of "THE RIDDLE OF ARARAT". Sent along a copy of his movie "Riddle of Ararat" a couple of weeks ago. It's an excellent short film (about 35 minutes) in which several" Noah's ark"
witnesses are interviewed. One alleges more skulldugery by the Smithsonian.

As we mentioned to Mr. Simmons, we enjoyed the soundtrack and the beauthiful scenery up on the mountain.

The author reports that if anyone is interested, he will burn a copy of the out of print "RIDDLE OF ARARAT" on DVD (actually DVD-R) and mail it with insert art for $15 (his cost). Requests can be sent directly to him at

No, has no financial interest in the film.

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