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Hello world!
Hello world!

the desk at 2 a.m.It's getting pretty late here at s8int.com. We're just experimenting with this blog thing. This may turn out to be a good way to keep in touch with our site visitors--or it could just turn out to be a lot of work.--And I've already got a day job!

Why the name "s8int.com"? We've often been asked that over the last few years. It's not, as a certain southern belle worried, a sneaky way to spell "satan". No, in all due deference to our Catholic friends, first, all Christians are "saints" and --I'm a Christian. Secondly, the word "saint" actually appears somewhere on my drivers license.

The name "saint" in every possible permuation has long since been taken. Anyone who has ever read a personal license plate, should immediately recognize and read "s8int" as "saint".

We sell no advertisements on s8int.com. We don't ask for donations nor would we accept them. Therefore, though we do listen to comments and suggestions from our visitors, the content decisons are all ours. We like the mix of scientific/religious content. You can of course choose not to visit the site, or you can "edit" by choosing which articles to read. The point is; we're not impressed with comments like: "I didn't come here to read....."

See above. You're in my little home away from home.


Now, could someone flip on the overhead light? And could you bring me up another diet root beer?

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