Russian Fishermen Find Remains of an Enormous Unknown Marine Animal

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Russian Fishermen Find Remains of an Enormous Unknown Marine Animal
Russian Fishermen Find Remains of an Enormous Unknown Marine Animal

Photo: Heart Co. of Japan's Model of Decayed Plesiosaur found by Japanese Fishing Boat in 1977.

" Fishermen of the island of Sajalín, in the Far East of Russia, found the remains of an enormous unknown marine animal, reported Vladímir Bedzhísov, director of the department of Culture of the region of Sajalín.

"One of the fishermen tried to identify the creature with the help of an encyclopedia and, to his surprise, discovered that the animal resembled a plesiosaur (prehistoric marine reptile)", Bedzhísov stated in his report to Interfax News Agency.

The "creature", according to the testimony of the fishermen, was approximately seven meters in length (23 feet), its skin was of dark gray color and was covered with a hair nearly 5 centimeters (two inches) long. The tail of the "marine monster", found in one of the borders of the Tatarski Straits, was 1 meter (39 inches) in length by 40 centimeters (15.5 inches) wide.

Bedzhísov announced that on the day of the discovery a specialist from the Yuzhno-Sajalinsk museum located in the capital city of Sajalín, traveled to the site of the discovery.


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