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If It Looks Like An Extinct Marine Reptile and It Quacks Like An Extinct Marine Reptile, It Must Be A Goat…?

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Nov 06 2010

We admit that it is often difficult to determine exactly what creature is being depicted in objects of ancient art (cryptozooarcheaology being one of our hobbies) but we note that its quite common for “experts” to “orthodoxize” any potentially anomalous pieces. This tendency to provide potentially anomalous pieces mundane descriptions is precisely why people are often unaware that out of place artifacts actually exist in museums and museum basements around the world.

Following is a Pacific Northcoast Indigenous People’s artifact that the British Museum describes as having the head of a goat. We’ll let you be the judge of that but to us, there is a close resemblance in form to certain marine reptiles which were supposedly extinct millions of years before these artists came on the scene. We won’t name that creature less we sway your judgement but … a goat?!

Oh, ple-sio! :0) ……

BRITISH MUSEUM: “Shaman’s rattle in the form of an oystercatcher Tlingit, 1800′s AD

From Alaska, North America

The rattle is carved of wood, in the form of an oystercatcher (?) surmounted by the head of a mountain goat, with a frog on the back whose tongue is joined with that of the goat.

A shaman is tying up a witch, from whose mouth a second frog emerges, with long pointed incisors. This frog represents the evil spirit possessing the sorcerer, which the shaman is responsible for removing.

Shamans, like mountain goats, were able to visit the most difficult terrain. Such rattles might be applied over an afflicted part of the body, or left with the patient as guardian.

J.C.H. King, First peoples, first contacts: (London, The British Museum Press, 1999)”