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Thunderbird Tail Feathers? Horse Feathers!

Crypto,, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 02 2009

Question. Are the experts searching under the lamp post simply because the light is better there? On the otherhand, you’d think that someone else would have mentioned seeing a bird that large. Is it possible that it is a bird much closer to the camera than it appears?

I don’t know for sure what it is that the gentleman photographed over in that PA Walmart parking lot but the experts at over at CM do.

You can’t impress experts with mere detail, still; if this were in fact an accidental photo of a giant bird, where are the tail feathers I wondered. One could discern the head, wings, the dangling feet etc. but the picture of the American Bald Eagle makes it clear that from the angle of the photo, if this was a bird, the tail feathers should be visible behind the bird’s feet.

You can actaully see the faint outline of the tail feathers against the white cloud in the original detail photo–butif you turn the brightness down on the photo, their outline becomes quite apparent.


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Thunderbird Over Pittsburgh PA?

Crypto,, Science, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 01 2009

Photo credit: Anomalist/Cryptomundo 2009

This photo (this is a small section) was taken by a corporation president with his i-Phone back in 2007. He recently uploaded it to a website and it eventually ended up with Loren Coleman at

According to the photographer, (whose name is known but unpublished) this photo was “taken during a weird storm outside an apartment complex in Pittsburg, PA.” He took some time trying to find someone who would be interested in it on the internet.

The apartment complex below the mystery element in the photo helps to put its size into some type of context.

Photo: Augmented detail and comparison with eagle. Click for higher reso.

“I promise you this is an authentic untouched photo. If you look at the center slightly right and just below the cloud anomaly you can spot the thunderbird. It was a really weird cloud. Super dark but all clear to the right of the cloud and to the left. But the cloud was really dark and in a straight line as far as I could see in front of me and behind me. Never seen a cloud like it before or since. Never seen a bird that large either.”

According to Cryptomundo, the photo more specifically was taken in the community of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, in Allegheny County from a Walmart parking lot.

We took the photo and put it through some paces to determine if we could see an obvious insertion (i.e. fake) to the photo or whether we could draw out more detail. It appears to fit the profile of a large bird. Here our “augmentation” is compared with a photo of the American Bald Eagle.

The full story can be found here:Cryptomundo:Mystery Photo, A Thunderbird?–PLus Full Size, complete photo here.

ExtraI understand that at Cryptomundo the prevailing theory is “lamp post light fixture”. When I heard that I thought; interesting. Is this just a case of verisimilitude, um (cough) dude? Now that our “enhancement” is posted over there, I expect that not one person who said lamp post is reconsidering for one split second. If only concrete set as quickly as “expert opinions”. It is an i-phone photo so perhaps a definitive answer will never be known. The exception is the “expert photo analysts” who reside a CM and all other such sites. They can form and hold an expert opinion in one second, and fifty years respectively. Its a good thing that dripping scorn is invisible :0)……

This final photo on the left is a photo of an apparent large flying cryptid taken on 9-11 near the World Trade Center. That story can be read here.

Two other recent PA. giant winged cryptids here and here.

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