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Cro Magnon DNA Fully Modern-Scientists Claim Unchanged for 28,000 Years

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Jul 17 2008

Photo: Cro-Magnon rousts the Evolutionists

If Neanderthal is supposed to have lived in Europe beginning 300,000 years ago and Cro-Magnon for the last 30,000 years or so and it turns out that that their; “Modern” DNA is unchanged since that time; when did we do all that evolving?

We’ve written about this before, but a new article summarized in PLoS One has caused us to return to this subject again. A Cro-Magnon DNA sequence supposedly 28,000 years old was obtained from fossil bones discoverd in the Paglicci cave, in Italy.

The results show that the DNA is identical to the DNA sequences of certain modern Europeans. They claim therefore that the DNA sequence has remained static and unchanged over 28,000 years.

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