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Unidentified Flying Objects Over England: Possible Pterosaur Identifications?

Crypto, Dinosaurs in Literature,, Science, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 03 2008

Photo: Gordon’s umbrella shaped UFO on the right.

We’re not sure why we have focused so much lately on pterosaurs-still alive, still making the occasional appearance even though science says they’ve been extinct for millions of years–but we do have another here-with photos.

All the featured photos on this page were taken by Mr. Gordon Dungavel and are copyrighted by him. Their use here does not imply that Mr. Dungavel endorses any of our theories or speculations.

Mr. Dungavel is an avid skywatcher and photographer and a description of a sighting that he sent in to Coast to Coast caught our attention. His desciption of the “metal ball” hanging from the object reminded us of the tail vane of the pterosaur. This feature is often represented in ancient literature in “dragon” representations as a diamond shaped object at the end of a long tail.

It turns out, that five years ago, Mr. Dungavel took several early morning photos of what he later called the “batman”. A sample of those photos are also reproduced here.

“May 6th, 2007, 4.30 p.m.– “A small blue object shot across the sky above my wife and I [Harringdon Road, Bedford, Beds. England]. It was umbrella in shape with a hanging metal ball beneath its base.”"

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