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More on The Megalithic Rock Wall of Rockwall Texas; Aaron Judkins and Joe Taylor On Site

Church of Darwin, Science, Sophistication of Ancestors, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 16 2012

Aaron Judkins PhD of Man vs Archaeology wrote in a week or so ago to inform that he and Joe Taylor of the Mount Blanco Fossil Museum had made an on site investigation of the mysterious 25 square mile rock wall that gave Rockwall Texas its name. We had done a number of stories on the wall here at

Further, Aaron mentioned that he was going to be on a television program re his work on the subject of humans and dinosaurs; History Channels; Ancient Aliens. This is where we blew it! I din’t notice that it was to be on so soon; April 13th!

Aaron, my apologies. I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay my taxes.

Maybe Aaron will write back to let us know exactly how to catch the episode on History Channel; however the segment may be the one posted on Youtube;The Rock Wall, Man vs Archaeology with Aaron Judkins (XIndianaJones1), Season 1, Episode 7

The rockwall is a mysterious, ancient, largely buried 20 mile long (3.5 miles x 5.6 miles) wall near Rockwall Texas. Archeologists mostly consider the wall to be a natural formation. The information concerning the wall comes to us from old newspaper articles and those stories even contain references to giant human skulls. In the past few years there have been new investigations.

Aaron’s blog post about the site and the visit can be found here: Man vs Archeaeology-The Rock-Wall-Phenomenon