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Meanwhile, While We’re About it, More Dinosaur/Human Interacting in France?

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Nov 16 2008

Source: Dave Woetzel;

Taking the opportunity available we now move to another part of France and a different time. This perhaps has little to do with the monuments of Ancient Finistere, but it does have to do with evidence that man and dinosaur interacted with each other in the near and distant past.

In any case, this additional information is also provided for your consideration for free and as the wags say, worth every penny.

“Some of the beautiful French chateaus built at the close of the Middle Ages and early 1500’s have dramatic dragon illustrations carved into their walls, ceilings, and furniture.

These include Château de Chambord, Château de Blois, and Château Azay-le-Rideau. Note the similarities in the dinosaurian-like dragons and their resemblance to the dinosaur Plateosaurus.

The Château Azay-le-Rideau also displays a fascinating tapestry depicting what looks like a pterosaur fighting a lion.

A tapestry at Château de Blois portrays a dragon (and its baby) with gnarly horns on its head that are reminiscent of the dinosaur Dracorex hogwartsia (not shown)”….Genesis Park

All sauropods have long necks, long tails, and massive legs supported by blunt feet with five toes. They ranged in size form approximately 40 to 150 feet. The depiction shown here is a completely modern rendering of a sauropod created centuries ago.

What is the likelihood that ancient artists of the Middle Ages, could sculpt or draw a dinosaur (called a dragon) which is certainly superior to those drawn by scientists in the 1800’s and even the 1900’s as to detail and accuracy? This is the mystery we face when contemplating the dragons which adorned these walls and ceilings.

Photo: “Dragon with modern sauropod, Apotosaurus.

Here we compare certain modern representations of sauropod dinosaurs with a representative “dragon” created 300 or more years before the term dinosaur was coined. In France, fossils of the sauropods; Plateosaurus and Ampelosaurus have been found (along with Hypselosaurus) and are shown for comparison purposes.

A pterosaur was a reptilian, dragon-like creature of many types, but which shared certain features in common, such as batlike wings, two longer legs and two shorter, under and attached to the wings. Some of the long tailed variety had tails with a tail vane on the end. How curious that many of the dragons and basilisks of the ancients sometimes also shared these same features. Is this all just coincidence or did some of these “ancients” actually see dinosaurs and pterosaurs?

About the French Châteaux of the Middle Ages

Photo: “1500′s Dragon with modern sauropods; Plateosaurus and Ampelosaurus .

Loire Valley, known as “the Garden of France”, was the favorite residence of Kings of France during the Renaissance period. They made this peaceful countryside the setting for their dreams. Thus was born the Renaissance in France .The kings surrounded themselves with the greatest artists and architects of this era.

This is the “country of thousand castles” : not only Royal Castles and Renaissance Palaces ,National Museum and Large magnificent Châteaux , but also : Manors ,Middle Age‘s Castles and Fortresses , small “Fairy tales” Manors ,mansions , Private Castles ,Châteaux Hotels ,”Self Catering” Castles , luxurious old houses , medieval cities, towers ,bastions ,fortified farms and churches ,abbeys ,cathedrals…

Photo: “1500′s Dragon (pterosaur) vs lion.

It is worth driving at random in Loire Valley , Touraine , Sologne ,Poitou,Berry and discover castles, castles ,castles …more castles.

Azay le Rideau :The Azay le Rideau Castle ,one of the purest creation of the Renaissance, was built on an island of the Indre River ,ideal setting for an architectural jewel.

Château de Chambord :” Chambord is truly royal ,royal in its great scale, its grand air, its indifference to common consideration ” (Henry James) .It combined the dream of King François I with the imagination of Leonardo de Vinci. The result is a real “mathematisation” of architecture ,a grandiose creation :440 rooms ,a fabulous double staircase ,a unique roof terrace

Blois superb Renaissance castle with its thousand windows and magnificent staircase ,The medieval city of Chinon ,the feudal fortress of Langeais, Montreuil-Bellay , Angers , Luynes , Chateau de Brissac ,the “Giant of Loire Valley” , the Fontevrault Abbey… Source:

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