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Were Ancient Sea Monsters Actually Mythological or Did the Ancients Actually See Monsters? An E-Book-Let

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Sep 02 2009

by Chris Parker, Copyright 2009

Photo: This sea monster is actually an ancient bronze candelabra nicknamed “the sea monster”.


“Curiously, ancient dragon depictions closely match those of dinosaurs and pterosaurs which supposedly became extinct millions of years before man even “evolved”. Could the same be said for certain ancient “sea monster” depictions? Did ancient depictions also closely match those of ancient marine reptiles-which supposedly also became extinct before man came on the scene?
On the left is a Greek, bronze protome (animal figure) from a candelabrum
from around . 500-450 B.C.”


“The skulls of plesiosaurs have a fairly noticeable feature in the top directly behind the eye socket or orbit. This feature is on the upper part of the skull and is either a depression or a hole and it extends over the width of the skull. The feature is called the supratemporal fenestra, meaning upper, temporal fenestre; temporal related to temples and fenestra from the Latin meaning window.

The question for those artists depicting the plesiosaurus skull is; how specifically will they draw the skull over the supratemporal fenestra–will the feature disappear in their drawing, covered in flesh in a way that renders the feature non-apparent or, will they draw the skull with an obvious depression or other feature that makes this “skull window” noticeable?”

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Online Publication:Tracking the Ancient Griffin, Modern Monsters and the “Extinct” Pterosaur Through Art, History and Science

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Jun 19 2009

This is an experimental media presentation for us here at We’ve got 600 pages of website and two movies. This is our first E-Publication. A “book” seemed like a better way to deliver what would have been a 30 page plus article on one website page.

This site does allow one to zoom in so its probably readable whatever your screen resolution. If you’re interested in this short “book” and don’t like the online version, send me an email at….

The Griffin: Mythological or Biological?
Griffins and Dragons Appear in the Art and History of Virtually All Cultures Through All Time
Griffin Depictions Are Consistent Through At Least 3,000 Years of Human History
Thousands of Modern Eyewitnesses Descriptions Match that of Ancient Monsters
Did Pterosaurs Really Go Extinct 45 Million Years Ago?

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