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Update on:Ancient Civilizations, Giants, Tunnels Beneath Southern California?

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Dec 23 2008


In the following page Giants, Tunnels Beneath SC
you mention a 1932 book “The Death Valley Man”, followed by a description of a tunnel network near Death Valley. The report mentions a northern exit of that network, on the eastern slopes of the mountains that are to the east of the valley, halfway their height, and from which one can overlook Furnace Creek Ranch and Furnace Creek Wash.

I took a look on Google Maps and I think I found it, thanks to this description. I don’t know if this is commonplace knowledge already, it wasn’t that hard (took me about 10 minutes of scrutinizing the
satellite pictures).

Probably you located it as well, but if not, I’ll explain how to find it: Surf to Google Maps. Do a search entry for “Furnace Creek Ranch”. The ranch has an airstrip to its east. And a road on the northern edge of the ranch called Airport Road. This road runs east-northeast. If you follow its direction for several miles, well into the mountains, pretty accurately in that direction, you’ll notice a structure with clearly symmetrical and geometric features.

Well I think that may well be this northern entrance the report mentions. It has a kind of “face” in front of it, like it is made by an ancient American culture. Its features are both symmetrical and repetitive geometric patterns. And with parallel lines. It would surprise me if this isn’t man made. The material to the right is either a mudslide or a material which used to be rolled back to open the entrance.

I included a picture of it, and one of its direct surroundings. I print-screened this from Google Maps.

Best regards,”

Wouter W., The Hague, Netherlands

Wouter has done some dogged and determined research on this topic which for us began with a 1947 San Diego Union newspaper article about ancient civilizations and nine foot giants in the desert under Southern California. A second article was found that appeared in the “Hot Citizen” of Nevada. At the time, we originally posted our article we had done a lot of additional research to try to prove or disprove the story.

One piece of slightly corroborating evidence is that a Mr. Nasbaum of the Interior Department was found to have had a file on Amazing Explorations Inc. in his “Nut File”. Perhaps the file was aptly named because we’ve had little success followng up on the individuals named in this Amazing Exploration…

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