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Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 16, by Jonathan Whitcomb

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Aug 10 2009

August 1, 2009
Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 16
By Jonathan Whitcomb

To living-pterosaur investigators and to those interested in live “pterodactyls”


“Live Pterosaurs in America” now on sale (The non-fiction book is on

Press Release: Three reasons American pterosaur sightings are not from hoaxes

“Live Pterosaurs in America” nonfiction book

At last! For a little more than four years, I have compiled testimonies from eyewitnesses who
have seen apparent pterosaurs in the United States. After almost six months of writing, re-writing, and
editing, the book is now published and selling well.

“Live Pterosaurs in America” is a pure cryptozoology book, with the evolution-creation aspect mostly in
one section of the appendix. Few readers should be offended by reading it, but some of the accounts
are shocking. The creatures are not confined to any state or region. They are rare but widespread.

My book is now available on Live Pterosaurs in America

Please consider purchasing on Amazon, if you would like to help offset the costs of my lengthy investigation. My main direct expense was the 2004 expedition to Papua New Guinea. But the hours I have spent investigating apparent living-pterosaurs, over the years, has now passed 2000.

Because my publisher is closely affiliated with, each book purchase through Amazon
brings much higher royalty compensation than it would through another publisher (such as the one that published “Searching for Ropens.”)

Nevertheless, I am happy to provide a discount code to those who would like to buy more than one copy of the new book. This generous discount is available by direct purchase from the publisher. Please contact me for details, if you would like to buy more than one.

For more information on the book itself: The official web page (Home Page) is at:
Home Page for Live Pterosaurs in America, here

Here is a page comparing LPA with “Searching for Ropens:”

Here are a couple of short excerpts from the book:

Press Release:

“Reports of Living Pterosaurs in U.S. Fail Explanation as Hoaxes, According to Author Jonathan Whitcomb”

Although the title of this recent press release may be misleading (it would have been better for PRfree to have put it “Fail a Hoax-Explanation”), the content is clear: Three separate factors discredit the idea that hoaxes played any significant part in the eyewitness testimonies of apparent pterosaurs in the United States.

Fail Hoax Explanation, here

Back issues of the first eight issues of this newsletter are at:
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Thank you for your interest in living pterosaurs.
Jonathan Whitcomb