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Lambayeque Culture “Rocket”

Sophistication of Ancestors, Uncategorized, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 03 2008

Lambayeque culture (part of the Sican Culture) arose in the 8th century, at the end of the Second Horizon, as one more “little town” of the north coast of Peru, when Huari was still an empire full of wealth and splendour 100 to 150 years later, Huari disappeared off the map, but this little town would continue its evolution, developing in the following stage, the Late Interval.

If the Moche amazed with the beauty of his jewelry, the Lambayeque surprise moreover with his alloys.[citation needed] Although they achieved neither the size of the Moche culture, nor its political complexity, there is no doubt that in these arts of metallurgy, they exceeded their probable ancestors”…Wikipedia