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Icelandic Presence Here Before Columbus, Science, Sophistication of Ancestors, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 04 2009

According to the Hagerstown mail of August 9, 1867. A grave was found near the great falls of the Potamac marked with an Icelandic inscription recording the death of a woman from that Nordic country named Snasu. The discovery was said to prove that Norseman, 500 years before the time of Columbus’s visit to America.

It also shows that they didn’t just visit the coastline but that they also ventured inland. According to the article, teeth fragments, bronze trinkets, coins and other “curiosities” were also found nearby or in the grave.

Question. Was there no one who arrived here after Columbus? The Chinese, the Africans, the Japanese, and the Vikings and the Estruscans to name a few left evidence that they had been here before Columbus arrived. I wonder if the others thought that they were in Indies as well?

What does it mean when history textbooks still tell school children that Columbus “discovered” America? The same thing it means when biology textbooks still contain references to Haeckel’s “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” (biogenic law), a “law” that was discredited by other scientists as early as 1864.