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Giants in Those Days: A Giant Blonde Mummy in China Taller than Yao Ming? Does A Giant Index Finger in Egypt Point to the Truth of Genesis 6? Following Evolutionary Logic; Wouldn’t A Giant Head Make One A Genius?

Giants in Those Days,, Science, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 24 2014

By Chris Parker, July 2014
Genesis 6:4 King James Version (KJV)

4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

If you’re a non-Bible believer, one thing that you will have to give the writers of the Bible credit for is going out on a limb about there having been “giants on the earth in those days”.

If the Bible is not inspired of God but is really just a number of uninspired authors who have assembled various myths and stories, where would they get their notions about giants given that according to current science they would never have seen dinosaurs and –giant men were not part of the evolutionary sequence for man?

If you are a believer you have already accepted that the Bible’s statements concerning giants in those days is true and you’re willing to take that on faith. Paul’s New Testament definition of faith however includes the notion that evidence exists to support faith. Taking these two viewpoints together; the Bible is true-the Bible is false, evidence that giants did exists at one time on the earth (which is consistently resisted by science for obvious reasons) supports the idea of the inspiration of scripture on this topic and on others as well.


Today, the average male middle finger is about 4 inches long. The index (pointing) finger is usually about half an inch shorter than the middle finger on the average man of today. So what could be said for an ancient, mummified human index finger 38 cm or just under 15 inches long? If it’s a mummified human finger then the owner must have been upwards of 20 feet tall!

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When Really Big Human Giants Left Their Imprints On the World; There Were Giants in The Earth in Those Days

Church of Darwin, Giants in Those Days,, Science, The Flood of Noah, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Oct 07 2011

Left:”Goliath’s Footprint”; South Africa

Imagine that you’re sitting on your backyard patio sipping an iced tea when a dragonfly with a 30 inch wingspan flies over your fence and starts buzzing the pool. What do you do?

I’ll bet you won’t stay out in the backyard. You sure don’t want to encounter any relatively sized mosquitos that he might be after.

No need to worry though, because while dragonflies with 30 inch wingspans once did live on the planet, such a creature could never get off the ground today.

A large dragonfly today might weigh as much as an ounce but due to the scale effect, a dragonfly with a 30 inch wingspan would probably have weighed a pound or more.

In Genesis Chapter 6 we are told that “there were giants in the earth in those days”. Back in my childhood bible class days we were told that Goliath was about 9 feet two inches tall. That’s the way most believers take the whole “giants in those days” quote; that it referred only to human giants who might have been a couple of feet taller than the tallest of men today. However, the 30 inch wingspanned dragonfly advises us to think of giants in a different way.

Photo:Hornless rhino 17 feet at the shoulder and Argentavis Magnificens

If there once was a raptor bird with a 26 foot wingspan, beavers the size of a small car and dinosaurs 100 feet long; how big were the people? Maybe “there were giants in those days” means that at one time everything was much larger than it currently is.

What we know for sure is that we have fossils of creatures who were extremely large versions of their living cousins and/or who could not fly, run or hold up their heads under the current atmospheric and gravitational conditions.

In this article we want to take a look at some evidence of really big human giants. Not the giants of the Goliath variety; a bit over 9 feet tall but the kind of giants in whose eyes we would be like grasshoppers.

“And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight” Numbers 13:33

Frankly these giants are so big that they are almost embarrassing even to us; to those who do believe that there were giants in the earth in those days as the Bible says -but never suspected that they could have been as BIG as some of the evidence suggests….S8INT.COM

Goliath’s Footprint

“Did giants exist on earth?

This interesting rock formation may suggest so.

Goliath’s Footprint, as the locals dubbed it, is one of South Africa’s little-known secrets. Nestled in the forests near the Swaziland border of South Africa, this print is definitely not a tourist hot-spot. One may speculate that erosion caused the interesting shape of this upright rock formation, but it features exactly five “toenails,” and it looks like the earth has been pushed away around the big toe.

If I encountered this photo on the internet, I might have attributed it to Photoshop techniques and have had some doubts about its existence, but I have been to the spot, and felt the grooves with my own fingers. It is very real.

If this mystery of nature was indeed made by a giant human, I don’t think I would have wanted to encounter him! Locals in the area are all mystified by the footprint. South African folklore does contain mentions of giants, but up to date I haven’t heard any stories about the origin of this giant footprint. Some say that there are similar rock formations in India and in Australia, but an internet search has not given me any results.” Source:

These next three articles all relate to some extremely large apparently human footprints discovered in the South Bay Area of California. Science has fallen into the habit of claiming that these footprints are carved-without showing in any way that the carving of giant footprints in rock as hard as granite in any way related to any cultural or religious practices or beliefs of the Native Americans they attempt to credit. The size of these footprints–on the side of a cliff-in granite make the idea of carved footprints rather incredible.

Dr. Louderback of the University of California is sent to investigate. He was one of the learned men who had decided that the giant human footprints (much smaller-only about 21 to 22 inches long) discovered near Carson Nevada were merely the fore tracks of a bear into the hind feet making what appeared to be left right human tracks-over 100 of them…

Depressions on Cliff Near Mission San Jose Furnish Basis for Study
Oakland Tribune – September 19, 1926, Oakland, California

With the finding near here of a cliff marked with depressions having the appearance of prehistoric footprints, gigantic in scale, science has been enlisted to study the mysterious markings. Some months ago similar markings were found near Livermore.

The cliff here is located on the John A. Bunting ranch, high in the foothills, three miles east of Mission San Jose. One of its indentations resembles a human footprint, and- measures five feet in length.

Close beside it is a second indentation, cast on the same gargantuan scale, and resembling the footprint of an animal. – Both imprints, or depressions, are on the face of the cliff.

The indentations near Livermore are of the same extraordinary size.

One of the depressions on the Livermore cliff measures ten –feet in length and even more strikingly resembles a human footprint than the same footlike depression found on the cliff on the Bunting ranch.

Specimens from the cliffs, which are of sandstone formation, have been sent to Prof. George D. Louderback, head of the department of geological science, University of California, who has expressed an interest in both the Mission San Jose and Livermore imprints and will determine their origin.

Giant Footprints Found at San Jose
BERKELEY, Oct. 6. 1926 Oakland Tribune—

The discovery by Professor George D. Louderback of the University of California of depressions resembling the footprints of prehistoric man and animals on a cliff near San Jose about five feet in length, are to present an absolutely new problem to anthropologists.

The prints tally somewhat with similar impressions found at Livermore some months ago, according to Professor Louderback, with the exception that the Livermore finds were about ten feet in length.

Professor Louderback is now working on this problem, using specimens obtained from each location.

The HAYWARD SEMI-WEEKLY Tuesday, September 29, 1925

The footprint, thought to be of prehistoric origin, discovered by James Higgins high on the rock formations of Bushy Peak, is claimed to be duplicated in at least two other spots in Washington Township.

Pioneer residents claim a “footprint” similar to the description given by Higgins of the one on Bushy Peak, only of greater size can be seen on the John Bunting ranch near the Mission San Jose.

This footprint measures nearly eight feet in its length. It is said, and is very deeply embedded In solid rock.

The third mysterious foot mark is said to hare been seen on the Indian Reservation, near the Pleasant Valley road, between Sunol and Pleasanton. This foot-print, like the others, is of immense size and deeply marked on a granite cliff.

Attempt to locate these prehistoric marks was made several months ago by John Harrington, a representative of the Smithsonian Institute, who is investigating Indian lore In California.

Harrington was notified of the find made by Higgins and expects to be here in the near future to picture the foot print and lead the search to establish the exact location of the prints at Mission San Jose and the Indian reservation.



Re the following: But wait; I hear you skeptics (and you right thinking people as well) “what complete idiots they must have been in 1919 to believe that they had found a fossilized human just shy of 33 feet tall”. Need I remind you that many cling like Linus to his blanket to a theory by Chas. Darwin which was almost 70 years old at that time? Or that the atomic bomb was created only 26 years later? It was not simply some misidentified bone; it was an entire fossil over 30 feet long.

If not human, then still; what 33 foot vertebrate is there out there who at that length wouldn’t be mind blowingly large?…


Vera Cruz. Mexico. Oct. 21, 1919 Syracuse Herald

— The fossilized remains of a giant, taller than any ‘human being on record, has been found by workmen in the tiny village of Nanacamilpa, near here. Several scientists are en route from Mexico City to investigate the find. Scientists admit that the fossil appears to resemble a human being, but are of the opinion that it is a vertebrate.

Postville Herald – November 7, 1919, Postville, Iowa

Natives of Mexican Village Who Cling, to Ancient-Traditions, Guard Remains as Sacred.
Mexico City. The fossilized remains of a giant measuring 32 feet 10 Inches in height were, according to a report recently discovered by workmen near the little village of Nanacamilpa, State of Vera Cruz.

The natives, who still cling to many of the traditions of their Indian ancestors, declared the giant was related to the gods of their forefathers.

They erected a catafalque in the plaza on which the giant rested in state for many days, covered with flowers and
at night carefully guarded. The discovery attracted the attention of scientists here. Manuel Ganomo director of anthropology at the National museum, expects to leave soon for Nanacamilpa to investigate. He is inclined to believe the fossil is that of an prehistoric vertebrate not a human.

300 Pound Ancient American Ax
American Anthropologist Volume 8 1906 By American Anthropological Association

A Remarkable Stone Ax.

—”What is believed to be the largest Indian stone ax in existence has recently been placed on exhibition among the collections of the Missouri Historical Society, at St Louis, by its president, Dr C. A. Peterson, by whom the specimen was procured as a loan. This noteworthy object is of granite; it measures 28 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 11 inches in thickness, and weighs more than 300 pounds.

The ax was obtained by George M. Huss, of Birchwood, Wisconsin, from an eminence in one of the wildest sections of the territory still occupied by the Chippewa Indians of Lac Court Oreilles and Lake Chetac, in Sawyer county, Wisconsin. When found the pointed end was embedded in a small mound of bowlders and pebbles, with the body and head of the ax exposed, the whole apparently forming a shrine or altar.

In shape the ax resembles a tomahawk pipe; its upper end or head is slightly hollowed out and in this depression was ceremoniously placed a small quantity of tobacco. A well-beaten moccasin trail led up the incline of the eminence on which the shrine stood, indicating that the place had long been used for religious purposes.

The ax for a time formed the keystone of a chimney, but was removed temporarily for a loan exhibit. According to Chippewa tradition the ax has been held in veneration by these Indians from time immemorial. The object will remain in the care of the Missouri Historical Society until spring, when it will be returned to Mr Huss, who, it is hoped, will deposit it in some public museum rather than permit a repetition of the vandalism to which it was once subjected.”

“Adam’s Footprint”

Sri Pada (also Adam’s peak; Sinhalese Samanalakanda – “butterfly mountain”, is a 2,243 metres (7,359 ft) tall conical mountain located in central Sri Lanka. It is well-known for the Sri Pada “sacred footprint”, a 1.8 metres (5 ft 11 in) rock formation near the summit, in Buddhist tradition it is held to be the footprint of the Buddha, in Hindu tradition that of Shiva and in Muslim and Christian tradition that of Adam.

Source: Wikipedia Article

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In Search of the Death Valley Cave System: Giants in Those Days? On The Ground in Death Valley- An Expedition to the Panamint Scorpions

Church of Darwin, Giants in Those Days,, Uncategorized | Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 17 2011

Photo:Jef and team on the ground in Death Valley in search of the ancient cave system.

Several years ago, we reprinted an article originally printed in the San Diego Union on August 4, 1947 entitled;” Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley? EXPEDITION REPORTS NINE-FOOT SKELETONS.

This was a rather prominent article of the time concerning the alleged discovery of an ancient cave complex located in Death Valley which contained remnants of an ancient civilization and nine foot giants. The story eventually disappeared from the papers but we were able to find some possible collaborative evidence in the form of a mention of the discovery in a government archeologist’s papers.

In recounting the discovery, one of the principals; Hill claimed: “These giants,” said Hill, “are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser extending slightly below the knees. The texture of the material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin, but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown today.” also included a number of other articles concerning the same cave system including descriptions of the area. With the advent of Google Maps and satellite photos of the area, those interested in the story have tried to find the location of the cave system. We’ve since had a number of updates about these aerial, virtual searches. Since our original article has added nothing to the story but has only served to print comments and additional stories by others interested in the Death Valley Caves, if they exist.

The “Scorpions”: January 14, 2009 at 18:11 Google Earth:
36 31 23.67 N, 117 03 54.90 W

The search has recently focused on an area known as the scorpions, near Panamint Springs in Death Valley. There is a belief by some that the aerial maps of the area have been “airbrushed”. Scott S. who has supplied some updated material is a guy who has spent some of his vacations searching for the caves for up to a week at a time. He says he only lives 1,000 miles away. Disneyland is closer, I’m sure.

Recently, Jef Anderson, another adventurer and some of his compatriots took the possible coordinates of the cave system and set out for Death Valley. Here is an account of their journey.

Panamint Mountain Scorpions
Who says there’s no Intelligent Design?

Dateline: 2/14/11 – by Jef Anderson
All Photos and Text Copyright Jef Anderson, 2011

Right:Yahoo maps
36 31 23.67 N, 117 03 54.90 W

Below, Left: Bing Maps
36 31 23.67 N, 117 03 54.90 W
As near as I can tell… these images started appearing on all three major satellite mapping websites at approximately the same time – On January 14, 2009 Wouter W. of The Hague, Netherlands found this Google Earth image (the first image), which has since been removed from the Google sites, but can still be found by inputting the Long/Lat coordinates into the other map services.

It’s an extremely curious image, seemingly a massive geoglyph of a pair of Scorpions (or maybe Lobsters) positioned in the heart of the Panamint Mountains, in Death Valley California, and only visible from satellites or high flying aircraft, which would make the size on par with the Nazca geoglyphs.

On February 12, 2011 a group of 7 men set out to reach those GPS coordinates. The demographics of our group was comprised mainly of Educators, a few of them being former History teachers, all with Master’s degrees. Most of the members are experienced High Sierra outdoorsmen, having conquered several 14k peaks, with years of experience heading into extreme conditions.

This experience led us to choose February as the time to attempt this trek. We had great weather, temperatures ranging from 32º to 78º. Sudden thunder storms are really the only danger at this time of year, but we had blue skies and little to no wind. This window of temperate weather only occurs a few weeks every year before the legendary heat returns.

We decided to seize the opportunity.

Armed only with satellite maps and handheld GPS units, we set out from Salt Creek. There are no trails or paths heading toward the Scorpions, so we struck out across the one of the most inhospitable deserts in the America’s. The trackless journey took us across many types of terrain, rolling sand dunes, suddenly deep ravines, rocks ranging from gravel to boulders, and the ground covers with all manner of small cactus and nettled brush. The trek toward the coordinates was a steady climb of about 15º beginning under 200 feet below sea level.

Our base camp was Furnace Creek campground and we tented it, finding the National Parks service campground a nice one (although dealing with the Rangers is always a pain, and 12 Sax was not exception).

At about 6:45am and just before the sun shone down into the Panamint Valley we drove north up Hwy 190 toward the Salt Creek Trail parking lot, arriving around 7:10am. After quickly donning our daypacks, we set the compass and struck out at a heading of 220º. Our first waypoint was Trellis Canyon, though the way was obscured by a sharp, rising ridgeline bordering the salt creek.

The map below shows our starting point at Salt Creek, Trellis Canyon, and finally the Scorpions.

What follows is the log of the expedition.

07:15: Salt Creek Interpretive Trail Parking lot: 36 º 35’ 26.8N, 116 º 59’ 24.3W
- Sunrise, approx. 50º temp
- We climbed a small, steep ridgeline due West, then followed rolling desert
- Heading: 220 º
- Elevation: -200 ft.

07:45: 36 º 34’ 45.7N, 116 º 59 49.3W
- approx 55 º temp
- Now we encountered steep broken ravines cut into the rising desert floor, we were forced to pick our way down into the ravines, often traveling along them for a time before climbing out again, trying to maintain our bearing. Will’s foot issues force him to turn back – very bummed.

- Heading 200 º
- Elevation: – 200 ft.

08:15: 36 º 34’ 22.9N, 117 00’ 6.9W
- Approx 60 º temp

- We are now through the ravines and face a slope rising North by Northwest. It consists of softball to bowling ball size rocks, making the footing difficult. They’re too big to get flat footing and too small to “boulder” across, very annoying. In the distance we see two possible canyons that may be Trellis, so we split the difference between the two, heading toward the center.

- Heading: 200 º
- Elevation: -150 ft.

08:45: 36 º 33’ 43.9N, 117 00’ 46.8W
- Approx 60 º
- Still on the long climbing slope of rocks, we pass power lines and talk about what a miserable job installing those must have been
- Heading 220 º
- Elevation: -50 ft.

09:15: 36 º 33’ 17.3N, 117 01’ 33.4W
- Approx 60 º
- The angle of the slope has significantly increased, though the rocks become smaller, with many places very gravelly. We begin to think that the Northern canyon is indeed Trellis, so adjust out bearing and head that way.
- Heading: 240 º
- Elevation: +283

09:45: 36 º 33’ 7.7N, 117 02’ 34.0W
- Approx 65 º

- The bugs appear. These are little gnats, virtually invisible and SUPER annoying. What could they possible live on when they can’t get humans? We’ve seen no wildlife or water. We take a break in the shade of first set of uprising rocks that will eventually form the canyons, but the gnats are everywhere and we don’t stay long.

- Heading 310 º
- Elevation: +938

10:15: 36 º 32’ 53.8N, 117 03’ 20.0W
- Approx 65 º

- We enter Trellis Canyon. We’ve been shooting for 36 32 55.1N, 117 03 19.11W coordinates and pretty much navigated to the spot, once we decided the Northern canyon was our mark. The bugs are still present but as long as we keep moving they don’t bother too badly. The mouth of the canyon is about 200 yards across with several large rock formations that are evident in the satellite maps.
- Heading: 190 º
- Elevation: +1212 ft.

10:45: 36 º 32’ 13.2N, 117 03’ 35.2W
- Approx 65 º
- We kept working our way back into the ever narrowing canyon. The walls squeeze in, emphasizing the height of the canyon. The outer canyon walls much reach 3000 to 4000 feet up, with the ones we can touch easily over a 1000 feet. At one place in the “Narrows” I can touch both sides of the walls at the same time and yet the canyon towers about 2000 feet straight up – It’s an awesome place, and by the gps coordinates we know we’re getting close to the Scorpions.

All along this part of the canyon, we can see “hanging valleys” open up above us in the rocks. All of them are at least 50 to 100 feet up from the riverbed that we’re walking on. The evidence of water erosion is significant, and it’s easy to see how this canyon was formed, being cut so sharply by the flash floods that race down the narrow canyon. One of these hanging valleys is easy to spot when we climbed a rock wall across from it.

There is now a shear rock wall that must be climbed in order to really see into the valley, but from our view it’s clearly evident that it has a lot of square acreage. It’s now absolutely inaccessible without a 3 or 4 rated climb of over 100 feet. And it’s not alone, we see several places were areas open up, but they’re all very high up in the canyon walls, some 1000 to 3000 feet up. We didn’t plan on climbing, knowing that we wouldn’t have the time. But climbing there is the only way to really explore the mysteries of the place. We believe the coolest stuff is now high up in the canyon walls, and can only be reached by climbing.

- Heading: 190 º
- Elevation: +1524 ft.

11:36: 36 º 31’ 23.67N, 117 03’ 54.90W
- Approx 65 º
- THE SCORPIONS, we reach the coordinates a little after 11:30am.

The narrow sliver of sky we see is still bright blue, with golden sunlight reflecting hard off the towering canyon walls. We however are covered in dark shadow. It’s evident that some places within the canyon never get sunlight because the extremely high walls. I’m not just spouting poetic imagery… this is the point –
The Scorpions are created by shadow. There are so many twisting, turning corners to the canyon that it’s easy to see how the Scorpions are formed.

I’ve been so mystified by the darkness of the Scorpions, when every other shadow on the satellite images are a lot softer. But now, standing in these impressively high and narrow canyons, the darkness of the images is obvious. The contrast of the light and darkness is extreme and the blackness of the shadow in such close proximity to that of the brightly lit rocks, no doubt creates the deep blackness of the satellite photo images.

We’ve found no caves or caverns at ground level, but as I’ve stated, we’ve seen the potential for both high up in many places along the canyon. We also haven’t seen any geoglyphs or any evidence that humans have ever been in this place. BUT, it’s also very obvious that the canyon get scoured by flood waters and has (relatively) quickly sunk down many dozens if not hundreds of feet since the time people may have lived here.

If people did once inhabit this place, the evidence for them wouldn’t be down at the current ground level, but up much higher in the canyon walls and in the suspended/hanging valleys that would have been much closer to ground level long ago.
- Elevation: +2169 ft.

This picture (top article photo) was taken at precisely 36 31 23.67 N, 117 03 54.90 W – the coordinates given by all three satellite map services, showing the Scorpions

The fact that the Scorpions exist in the satellite images is, in my mind, evidence of the awesome creativity that God shows in his creation. No one can deny there are images on the satellite photos, images that are created by shadow and light, yet clearly form recognizable, symmetrical shapes; shapes that don’t happen randomly in nature. It seems this place is marked specially for some reason and though evidence wasn’t observable at ground level, who can guess what kinds of things may be found higher up in the canyon walls.

We’ll be going back, with climbing gear ;)

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How Darwinism Deals with Human Giants: Go Lieth?

Church of Darwin, Giants in Those Days, Science, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 10 2011

Numbers 13:33
And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

The Quote Box following contains an Email sent to by Jim S. which itself contains quotes and references to an article on the website; The Naked Scientists, which is an interview with a South African anthropologist.

Photo: Sellards: giant of early 20th century Florida anthropology and geology.
“As just one example of the “deception” that Jim S. references, Elias Howard Sellards, who became the first state geologist of the State of Florida, found human bones near Vero Beach Florida of what he admitted were “fully modern” individuals he estimated to be between 10 and 12 feet tall. Today, Vero Beach man remains controversial because of his “modernity” but no refererence is ever found concerning his alleged giant stature. A link to that article is at the end of this one.

Following Jim’s email is a news article we’re presenting that appears to be somewhat related…


Photo: Femur of Ancient Giant compared to normal human

“This is Jim, the guy who found the Castelnau giant report. I recently stumbled across this interesting new bit of information concerning a race of giants in Africa:

Although you will never hear about it in the National Geographic or Nature Magazine, Evolutionist scientists have known all along that races of giants have existed. We all know about Meganthropus and Gigantopithecus, but many skeletons of other giants have been found by anthropologists for decades, and in this rare 2007 interview by “The Naked Scientist” we can get a quick glimpse of some of what has been found.

A 2007 interview with Professor Lee Burger, University of Witwatersrand South Africa reveals some startling clues:”
Prof. Lee Burger -
“One of the most interesting things that the fossil record reveals is that we went through a period of extreme giantism. These were people routinely over 7ft tall, they were huge. This was before we turned into the modern humans of today. ”

” What we’re looking at is the most enormous femur: the bit that forms your hip joint. That’s huge. As a doctor I know how big they normally are, that’s huge.

They are huge. That’s so big we can’t even calculate how big this individual was.”

“….we found a lot of them. Everywhere we find them we find them enormous. These are what we call archaic Homo sapiens. Some people refer to them as Homo heidelbergensis. These individuals are extraordinary, they are giants”


Jim’s Remarks Continued:
“This is just another example of the establishment finding races of giants, and trying to reconcile them into their pet ape ancestry agenda. It’s also very remarkable that this race of giants has never made the headlines in Nature Magazine or Nat Geo, whereas the discovery of the 3 1/2 foot tall pygmies on the Island of Flores in 2004 created an Academic sensation with headlines all over the press announcing the discovery of tiny ape men, who were probably just smaller versions of us.

Perhaps they are concerned that if they were to report the discovery of a race of 8 foot tall ancient giants, they would somehow be vindicating scripture and they simply cannot allow this.

Dwarfs and small ape sized men are OK to report, but giants twice our size cannot be reported for fear that Bibles might start thumping and accountability and God might actually exist. Well maybe I am going a bit too far, but you get my point.

God bless,”
Jim S.

United Press Feb. 9, 1929
Drawing by Dan Smith, 1929

Ancient Battle:
Capetown, South Africa. Feb. 9. An important anthropological discovery consisting of the fossil of a gigantic prenegroid man and a huge extinct type of buffalo fossil was announced last night by the Transvaal Museum authorities.

The positions of the fossils indicated the buffalo had trampled the man in a battle.
The skull of the man had been crushed.

The fossil of the buffalo showed that the animal measured 12 feet between the horn tips. The fossils were found near Springbok Flats, Transvaal.

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New Update on the Death Valley Cave Complex-Quest for Death Valley Giants and the Cover Up?

Giants in Those Days, Uncategorized | Posted by Chris Parker
Jun 17 2010

Photo: “Giant”Skull at Humboldt Museum

By Scott S.

In 2007 I first started the quest for Death Valley giants.

At the time I hadn’t made the connection that the ancient underground city in death valley and the giant legends are actually not necessarily related. If you dig the only reference to giants in the underground city is of a giant gold statue and if you check Paiute, Shoshone, and Anasazi legends they actually talk about 2 peoples, 1) A giant race of giant cannibals, and 2) another race of “advanced private people living in a cave city high in the death valley mountains”.

But not knowing this yet … A disappointing 1st trip to death valley and a reality check of heat stroke, poor visibility, poor access, inadequate gear, and a clue I found in Death valley Scotty’s castle re-enforcing that he had actually found and “borrowed gold” from the underground city drove me to spend what time I had left tracking down the lost giants.

Using the David Hatcher Childress book on Lost Civilizations of North America guide I was determined to find the lost giants.

My first stop was to the Carson City museum where some artifacts including the giant sandal were supposed to be. As it turned out that wing of the museum was closed for reconstruction. After chatting with the security guard for a while he revealed the following;

“Sorry boys you aren’t never going to see them or anyone else for that matter the “Lovelock” artifacts have all been sent away for “Safe” storage and the only ones going back in the case are some replicas.”

While I never had the chance to go back and see what replicas were put on display I think it hardly matters. The next stop was to Lovelock itself to see the cave. Spending my youth crawling through lava caves, the Lovelock cave was not all that exciting, it was a crack in the cliff with about a 10 X 20 X 10 foot room, empty of course with a sign saying they found some reed duck decoys there with no mention of the giant skeletons.

Onward to the Lovelock Museum which was closed with a phone number on the door saying call to see when it would be open, no answer of course..

My last stop was the Winnemucca Museum. We got there just before closing and while they had an impressive wooly mammoth skeleton the Lovelock display was limited to a couple of stone grain grinders and reed necklaces.

Frustrated I approached the two curators at the museum and inquired about the skeletons. The younger lady tried to redirect my question but after some charming banter the elderly lady asked me if I would like to see the red headed giants? Boy would I ? She took me down into the basement and opened up a cabinet and in it were 3 heads/skulls. Two Indian skulls; one had been clay recreated to show the face when it was alive, and the other was just a skull, but the the 3rd skull was the Lovelock skull and it didn’t look like the Indian skull.

The younger curator tried to turn my attention to the Indian skull and the recreation etc but I didn’t pay her much attention; in a sick twist of fate my camera wouldn’t shoot because the battery was too low.. I know, I know, perfect excuse but I’m be going back this winter to try and trace down the Indian legend of the stone pyramid built by giants in New York Canyon that was destroyed in an earthquake.

I doubt I’ll find any nice rectangular pyramid stone more likely a pile of natural stones out of place but who knows?, and I’ll stop by the museum on my way and get pics of the lovelock skull, if somebody here doesn’t beat me to it know that you know where the last evidence is.

Anyway I honestly didn’t see the Lovelock skull as being “Giant”; it looked pretty close in size to the Indian skull but the elderly curator assured me they had a university professor measured it vs the Indian skull and determined it would be for a 9-10 foot tall man.. but what did strike me was the shape of the skull, it was wider and flatter and most obvious was the eye brow ridges where very pronounced like you would think of a caveman or Neanderthal .

What stuck me as odd was why they recreated the Indian skull and not the giant skull? I mean what’s more useful to science? Why these were hidden in the cabinet vs on display? And why did the younger curator try to get rid of me vs wanting to show it. I asked about what happened to the full bodies and the older curator said University of Berkeley had came and taken all the giant skeletons away for study decades ago and this was all that had survived that grab.

So University of Berkeley has been sitting on giant skeletons for 90 years and has yet to file a paper? Why?

Being excited about my find I called someone I knew who had just finished her archeological degree to which I received “oh that…yeah I know, we are told not to look into this, its pretty well communicated if you research into giants or other races they will end your career immediately, we are told to say its all 1800’s media fraud regardless of the evidence, in fact they think they have found a living tribe of Neanderthals in northernmost Canada, but I don’t know anymore about it, its pretty controversial, again if you ask questions you’ll be working at McDonalds tomorrow”.

So what to make of it? Cover up? Fear to rewrite history book? Who knows anyway Ill get a pic of the skull this winter if it hasn’t been snatched up , and for those of you that want to see it yourself you know where it is, hopefully the elderly curator hasn’t retired yet, and hopefully you can charm you way into the employees only basement…..Scot S.

New Update on the Death Valley Cave Complex

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Jun 16 2010

Photo: Death Valley Cave Complex Search. by Scott S.
Click for Hi Res Photo

Several years ago we reprinted an August 4, 1947 article from the San Diego Union entitled; “Trace of Giants Found in the Desert, Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley? EXPEDITION REPORTS NINE-FOOT SKELETONS”

That was followed by a number of updates sent in by individuals interested in the cave complex, and or its possible location. Those posts are listed here:

Last Update

Prior Update

Prior Update

First Update

This latest update is from Scott S. The photos are from him as well:

From Scott S.

“I found this on google earth last year. In pic marked scorpions, while I couldn’t find a pic of the coordinates opps I thought I saved it, a person should still be able to find it via this pic and current google earth, because the giant wash adjacent to it didn’t go anywhere with the goolge earth changes. I’m providing this to be published for any adventurous soul who wants to track it down and check it out.

Just as a heads up I live about 1000 miles away from Death Valley and for the past 3 years, once a year I go there on vacation and I spend a week down there climbing those mountains looking for the underground city.

Photo: Death Valley Cave Complex Search. by Scott S.
Click for Hi Res Photo

While I haven’t been to the scorpions in person yet, I honestly don’t think its located there. I have my own list of most likely places including some caves found at the right elevation facing the furnace creek ranch that I hope to get to this winter if I can figure out how to get to em, as for the scorpions, if you look on google earth and land on em, the scorpions just don’t have visibility out of the wash into furnace creek and if you spend enoung time looking the air brushing is quite common on the cliffs in google earth, I think its more a mirror and fill in the holes of angle the satellite couldn’t capture- vs a government coverup, part of Death Valley is already a navy base, if they knew of anything to hide, just like the 1000′s of petroglyps in china lake a stroke of the pen and emminent domain would keep the the underground city a secret forever vs just airbrushing and just letting people go up there.

I have been over a fair section of tucki mountain, blackwater and tucki wash… unfortunately after 3 years of using it and on the ground intelligence ,I’m honestly telling you google earth is limited that place looks completetly different in person, you can’t even see cliffs from furnace creek with a telescope the heat waves distort your vison.

I’ve found several caves on foot” not the underground city though” that are simply not visible in any way on google earth or from standing at furnace creek with a high powered telescope; you have to be there climbing on those cliffs and 500 ft or less and just stumble on them.

That being said there are the scorpions and a way to find them back after google earth’s air brushing.

Good luck to you fellow adventurers, but as a heads up Death Valley is no joke, weather can kill you in the winter, spring, fall and summer only ~ 2 months are relativey friendly, cell phones don’t work if you get into trouble, you are 1/2 a days hike out to the nearest road if you are un injured, coyotes are in my camp every night, the place is littered with rattlesnakes, sidewiders, black widows and scorpions and last winter I stood face to face with a mountain lion…and me without my gun…. one wrong step on those cliffs to slip off and they wont find your body.. why do I go back?

I’ve pulled 100 year old, newspaper articles, geological fault maps, indian legends as far east of Arizona…none of them does anything but CONFIRM this… its there my friends.. see pic attached of last year (top, left) “I could see furnace creek directly below and the wash behind it” at 4000-4500 ft elevation.. if I can see what they saw I’m getting close and Ill be going back every winter until I find it..

I’ll be happy to share some of my learnings if I can figure out how to post to s8int..”

Scot S. June 16, 2010
(Comments should be on or send to:

Giant Men? Evidence; Amen! Giant Tracks? Science Attacks! 12 Feet Tall? Darwinists; Not at All! Historical Evidence That There Were Giants in Those Days-As Alleged by Scientists of the Recent Past

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Jun 10 2010

By Chris Parker Copyright 2010

Photo:Drawing of a well authenticated mummy found near San Diego in 1895. In life he was estimated by anthropologist to have exceeded nine feet in height. Story covered later in this article.

Without a doubt the consistently most popular articles on are the articles featuring human giants as the subject matter. Why is that? On the surface, whether or not human giants existed is not central to the creation evolution debate. The Bible does tell us that “there were giants in the earth in those days, and afterwards” but why the keen interest in the topic? On the whole human giants are barely mentioned in scripture.

Evolutionists as a rule are very insistent that human giants were only mythological. One might wonder why they bother to heap so much scorn on the notion of giant humans. I believe that there are several reasons why they insist that most if not all of the hundreds of historical reports concerning human giants and giant skeletons were the result of the ignorance of our forebears who couldn’t distinguish between human and mastodon bones and who were given to all kinds of myths and superstitions.

The major reason in my opinion is that evolution does not account for 12 foot human giants especially in strata where according to the evolutionary timeline, “modern” men of even average height should not have been found—much less men of extraordinary height. Dinosaurs and other mega fauna existed in periods that evolutionists claim were well before “modern” man evolved. Another reason is that the Bible claims that there were giants in those days and they would simply delight in proving the Bible wrong.

Ancient human bones in millions of years old strata (according to geological theory) present a problem for evolutionists to solve or explain but “giant” human remains in “millions of years old” strata present an unsolvable dilemma and an untenable situation. Such artifacts are never considered by science and are disposed of as quietly as possible; either by tacitly agreeing never to discuss it or by labeling the item a fake.

Photo:The giant femur on the left of the photo is a model created by Joe Taylor of the Mount Bianco Museum based on a description of a find in Turkey during construction in the 1950′s. The photo on the right is a mystery.

No one seems to know exactly who is pictured or when the photo was taken though it is speculated that this is one of the 1950 giant femurs. The scourge of hoaxed giant skeleton photographs currently on the internet has the effect of making a serious review of the historical data on giants much more difficult.

Skeptics of ancient human giants have used the Cardiff giant, an apparent hoaxed, petrified giant discovered in the late 1800’s, as well as the fact that a number of alleged giant bones turned out to be the bones of the elephant, the mastodon or some other ancient animal to discredit all historical accounts of giant human skeletons, tracks or bones.

They would have you believe that even medical professionals of those times were similarly deceived. As to giant apparently human footprints and tracks found in sandstone and granite around the world, science insists that many if not most of them were hand carved individually by the ancients for some mysterious religious or cultural reasons.

It’s a wonder that the Piltdown Man Hoax, and mistakes like “Nebraska Man”, a proposed human ancestor who turned out to be an extinct pig, or in fact all those putative human ancestors down through the years which are now known to be apes would have made evolutionists reconsider the notion of human ancestors.

Were even those men of scientific learning too ignorant to distinquish between the bones of a mastodon and those of a human being, giant or otherwise? As far as I know scientists up to today say that the human body does not petrify. On the other hand, many men of science in bygone days have claimed to have found petrified human remains (not giant) in strata that Darwinists in the future would claim was impossible. Here is a description of petrified human remains as thoroughly described in Gentleman’s Magazine, Volume 62, 1787. Note the sophistication…..

“See also Scheuzer’s account of part of a human skeleton petrified, Phil. Trans. XXXIV. 38. Saddam’s Abridgement, VIII. 98. Scheuzer had only two petrified vertebrae of the back, of a shining black colour; but afterwards received, enclosed in an Oeningen flaky stone, many parts of a human head, as the circumference of the skull, the os frontis, ossa sincipitis el occipilis, orbit of the eye, pieces of the basis of the medulla oblongata, the interior prominence of the os occipitis that divides the lobes of the cerebellum, the 7 vertabra of the neck, partly bare and partly covered with a petrified crust; and this is the orthographical section, as it were, of the hinder part of the head.

He afterwards procured, from the same stone quarry, a larger and more curious piece, including the skeleton of an adult, supposed 58 1/2 Paris inches high, the periphery of the os frontis, the os jugale, the orbits of the eyes, the tables of the skull, together with the diploe, the vestiges of the infraorbital foramen for the passage of the nerves of the 5th pair, part* of the brain itself, or the dura mater, the ossa cribrosa and spongiosa, the os vomeris. that divides the nose, a portion of the fourth maxillary bone commuting the cheeks, part of the nose, a portion of the masseter, an orthographical section passing through the apophyses condyloides of the lower jaw as far as the angle of the said jaw, 16 continued vertebra, most of them having the transverse processes, the extremity of the right clavicle joined to the scapula, the middle of the left covered with a stony crust.”

Photo:Giant human footprints (or alleged human prints) have been found in Carson Nevada, near Lovelock, in New Mexico, in the Grand Canyon and many other locations around the world. These sandals were found in Lovelock cave, in Nevada, whee 8 foot red haired mummies were also found. Note that these sandals are nearly two feet in length while a man’s shoewear today on average would be around 12 inches….

It would seem to me that even in the late 1700’s if not even earlier, based on the caliber of scientific articles of that time concerning the human body, many scientists could have been able to tell the difference between the femur of a giant human and the femur of a mastodon. No doubt some faith can be had in their testimony even though all the historical accounts of giant human bones did not come from scientifically trained men.

Men of science have wondered if since there were countless examples in the fossil record of mega sized versions of much smaller creatures living today whether man himself may have existed in the past in mega form as well; and if not, why not?

Creation scientists believe that the earth was quite different in the pre-flood period than it is today. Evolutionists tend to believe in uniformism; that the present is the key to the past.

A 1987 article in Time Magazine entitled ”Putting On Ancient Airs”, informed that “two scientists stunned colleagues by reporting that 80 million years ago, the earth’s atmosphere contained about 50% more oxygen than it does now.”

Geochemists Gary Landis of the U.S. Geological Survey and Robert Berner of Yale were able to measure ancient air trapped in amber. Naturally we don’t subscribe to the age given as 80,000,000 years ago, but it does raise the possibility that at one time on this planet there was much more oxygen to breathe in the atmosphere than there is now. The comparison is 21% oxygen today vs. up to 35% oxygen in the past.
Perhaps older molecules of trapped air in amber might give an even higher figure.

Could a higher oxygen content along with other conditions help explain why giant humans and other giant creatures lived in the past? Time Magazine Source

Not only that; evolutionists insist that giant humans would have been too heavy to stand. They then have to account for ancient pictures of galloping elephants, (which can not gallop today) ancient birds of prey that couldn’t even get off the ground today, how sauropods were able to raise their necks high enough to eat tree leaves etc.

If we have proof that there was a great deal more oxygen in the air in the past, what else could have been different? Could gravity have been weaker in times past as well? Whatever the answer is, it was the same answer for the viability of giant humans as it was for giant reptiles.

Here we rediscover some historical articles concerning human giants in which we seek to overcome the common objections about the truth or accuracy of the accounts. Most were either discovered or championed by men of science or they were found buried wearing clothing or bearing other artifacts of man. Mastodons and their fellow travelers were seldom buried in coffins or in armor or with gold or copper jewelry etc..

State Geologist Sellards and Prof. Hay Concur in Opinion After Study of Fossil Found at Vero-
Say Men Grew 12 Feet Tall.
New Smyrna Daily News Jan. 5, 1917


“Elias Howard Sellards, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 1899 and 1900, respectively, at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. He was awarded both a scholarship and a fellowship at Yale University, where he completed his doctorate in paleontology in 1903.

After graduating from Yale, Sellards taught geology and mineralogy for a year at Rutgers College, before becoming a professor of geology and zoology at the University of Florida in 1904. In 1907 he was named the first state geologist of Florida and held that position until 1918.

He was serving in that position when he found giant human bones near Vero Beach, Florida. He was later to serve as director of the Texas Memorial Museum from 1938 to 1957. In 1932 he became the director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, the source of this information. His discoveries were very controversial both because of the strata where the bones were discovered and because of their size.” University of Texas Source

Dr. OP Hay, co-discoverer was from the Carnegie Institution.

Smyrna Daily News Jan. 5, 1917–“That human beings inhabited the North American continent more than 125,000 years ago has been conclusively proven through a recent discovery in this state by E. H. Sellards, state geologist, and Prof. Oliver P. Hay who have made a study of the fossil. Though their opinions are not fully concurred in by other scientists, they are positive that their researches have been thorough and there is no room for a mistake.

The discovery was made several months ago, and though nothing of a definite nature had been given out until recently, it is now officially stated that human bones intermingled with those of the mastodon, saber tooth tiger, and many other extinct animals that formerly ranged this hemisphere have been found. The deposit was found near Vero.

That the human beings were of enormous size is evidenced by the bones. It is thought that some were ten or twelve feet in height. Some excellent specimens of the skeleton of these gigantic men have been found, some of them locked in the deadly embrace of great animals, with strange weapons of bone clutched in skeleton hands a foot long.”

Sellards and Hay must have known that their professional reputations would be at stake after such an announcement. Sellards did leave for Texas the following year. But to claim that human remains had been found in North America in the Pleistocene period and of a size that science claims never existed was unprecedented and incredible-twice over. No wonder they waited several months prior to the announcement.

They supposed that so many ancient animals had been found in association with the human bones because they had died together “locked in deadly combat”

A group of six; including anthropologists and geologists quickly arrived on site and eventually wrote a report which was published in Jan-Feb issue of the Journal of Geology. In that report, Sellards is quoted as saying that this was the oldest deposit from which human remains had ever been taken. Note that what Mr. Sellards meant is that these were not the bones of some ape being passed off as a pre-human.

The article continues on: If this research proves to be all that the scientists think it is, the world at large will be astounded to know that many things which had long been suspected are true. (There were giants in those days?)

There are many who believe Bering straight was crossed ages ago by inhabitants of European countries who probably had to flee across the Stnnovoi Mountains of Siberia.

The claims that Sellards and O.P. Hay were making did not sit well with many scientists and the debate raged for many years with the paradigm working to show that the bones really came from a much higher and thus geologically younger strata (intrusion). (Of course, I do not personally agree with the geological timescale the current scientific paradigm advances, either.)

One can find many articles about these discoveries by searching Google for Vero Beach and the Antiquity of man. Rarely if ever do we see Sellards’ claims about the stature of the ancient men addressed. He did not leave himself without testimony however, as photographs of some of the bones, human and animal can be found online at the State of Florida Library website.

Left:Ulna of man, #5895, anterior view]
Publication info: 1916.
Physical descrip:
1 photoprint : b&w ; 5 x 7 in.
Series Title:
(Florida Geological Survey Collection.)
General Note: Used in 8th Annual report, pl.18, fig.2. Found in stratum 3 at Vero.
Date/place captured:
Photographed in February of 1916.

Tibia (right) of man, #5196, and right ulna (left) Canis dirus, #5451] [picture]
Greene, E. Peck.

This source: Lists many news articles and provides other research material descriptions and locations

Sellards defended his findings in among other reports; FLORIDA STATE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY.

His Report Conclusion: “The human remains and artifacts are contemporaneous with extinct species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and at least one extinct species of plants, as well as with other animal and plant species that do not at the present time extend their range into Florida. The age of the deposits containing these fossils according to the accepted interpretation of faunas and floras is Pleistocene.”

Epilogue: University of Florida: Epic carving on fossil bone found in Vero Beach

In what a top Florida anthropologist is calling “the oldest, most spectacular and rare work of art in the Americas,” an amateur Vero Beach fossil hunter has found an ancient bone etched with a clear image of a walking mammoth or mastodon.

According to leading experts from the University of Florida, the remarkable find demonstrates with new and startling certainty that humans coexisted with prehistoric animals more than 12,000 years ago in this fossil- rich region of the state.


Time Magazine
Science: The Diggers
Monday, Nov. 16, 1925

In Nevada, Governor James Graves Scrugham reported having enlisted capital for continued excavations in “Pueblo Grande de Nevada,” the pueblo cliff city eight miles long which he discovered personally last year and intends making into a state park. Some 50 of the 10,000 or more graves have been opened, containing corn, weapons, decorations and dice, dating (by estimate) to 5,000 B. C. Hard by the city is a turquoise mine. Some of the skeletons are gigantic.

In New Mexico and Arizona, tremendous prehistoric stone “apartment houses” were found, three-to five-story communal dwellings, some housing 600 to 1,200 Indians, whose hieroglyphics are not unlike those of the Chinese. The age of these cities was put between 2,000 and 5,000 years. In Roosevelt Lake (Arizona), a city emerged from the water during a drought. Like the Nevada aborigines, these Arizona men were big. Their culture was much higher, from Mexico probably, even, considering their great numbers, the possible original of Mexican culture.

Farther north in this state, an expedition financed by .Edward L. (oil) Doheny, found dinosaur tracks and animal pictures in the Grand Canyon.

Near Bend, Ore., a University of Oregon geologist found fossils of huge camels in Pleistocene strata. Monroe, N. Y., contributed to the nation’s store of mastodon bones, skulls, teeth.

In Mexico, miners prospecting the Chihuahua Mountains found, intact in a hidden cave, a group of skeletons in sitting postures, arms crossed over knees. Measured from crown to heel they sat five to six feet high; erect they would have stood ten to twelve feet. Anthropologists set off to examine these giants, hoping to clear the doubtful origin of the Chihuahua Indians, a rangy race. Time Source

Beach Giant’s Skull Unearthed
By WPA Workers Near Victoria
Believed to Be Largest Ever Found in World; Normal Head Also Found
San Antonio Express – January 7, 1940, San Antonio, Texas

“That Texas “had a giant on the beach” in the long ago appears probable from the large skull recently unearthed in a mound in Victoria County, believed to be the largest human skull ever found in the United States and possibly in the world.

Twice the size of the skull of normal man, the fragments were dug up by W. Duffen, archaeologist, who is excavating the mound in Victoria County under a WPA project sponsored by the University of Texas. In the same mound and at the same level, a normal sized skull was found.

The pieces taken from the mound were reconstructed in the WPA laboratory under supervision of physical anthropologists. A study is being made to determine whether the huge skull was that of a man belonging to a tribe of extraordinary large men or whether the skull was that of an abnormal member of a tribe, a case of “giantism”.

No claim is made in the short article re the estimated size of this individual. This is rather a late find, taking place in 1940 and rare in that there is a photo accompanying the article. If the skull is indeed twice normal size (by volume) then we are talking about a rather large man.

Normal sized skulls were also found at the site.

The Cardiff Giant Outdone
18 Foot Human Giant and Enormous Helmet of Iron Found
The Oil City Times, Pennsylvania, December 31, 1869.

A Mr. Robert Smith and a Mr. William Thompson were in the process of digging around the property of one of the men ½ mile from the town of West Hickory.

“In an excavation, made by William Thompson and Robert Smith, half a mile north of West Hickory, they exhumed an enormous helmet of iron which was corroded with rust. Further digging brought to light a sword which measured nine feet in length, and after some little time they discovered the bones of two very large feet.

Following up the lead, in a few hours time they unearthed a well-preserved skeleton of an enormous giant, belonging to a species of the human family which probably inhabited this part of the world at the time of which the Bible speaks, when it says, ‘ and there were giants in those days.’

The helmet is said to be of the shape of those found among the ruins of Nineveh. The bones are remarkably white, the teeth are all in their places, and all of them are double, and of extraordinary size. These relics have been taken to Tionesta, where they are visited by large numbers of persons daily. The giant must have stood eighteen feet in his stockings.”

The remains had been found twelve feet below the surface of a mound which the discoverers believed had been constructed centuries before.

Biggest Giant Ever Known
Nine Feet High and Probably A California Indian
Measurement Well Authenticated
The World: October 6, 1895

The corpse of the biggest man who ever lived has been dug up near San Diego. There is no satisfactory record in ancient or modern history to account for any human being nearly this tall. The mummy which is the condition in which the body was found must have been more than nine feet in height in life.

The article goes on to state that there was no question as to its size as the cadaver was carefully measured by Professor Thomas Wilson, Curator of the Department of Prehistoric Anthropology of the Smithsonian Institute and by other experts. According to the article, the man in mummified state still measured eight feet four inches in height.

The man was believed to have been a prehistoric “Indian” whose giant body has been preserved by the arid weather of the region. The body had been found in a cave near San Diego by a group of miners. The remnants of a leather band had been found over his head and he appeared to be well advanced in years.

The writer went on to speculate that this was the tallest man ever found or described outside of the Bible

A Giant Exhumed.
Niles’ National Register, Volume 69
October 4, 1846

We are informed on the most reliable authority, that a person in Franklin County, Tenn.) while digging a well, a few weeks since, found a human skeleton, at the depth of fifty feet, which measures eighteen feet in length.

The immense frame was entire with an unimportant exception in one of the extremities. It has been visited by several of the principal members of the medical faculty in Nashville, and pronounced unequivocally, by all, the skeleton of a huge man.

The bone of the thigh, measured five feet; and it was computed that the height of the living man, making the proper allowance for muscles, must have been at least twenty feet. The finder had been offered eight thousand dollars for it, but had determined not to sell it at any price, until first exhibiting it for twelve months.—

He is now having the different parts wired together for this purpose. These unwritten records of the men and animals of other ages that are from time to time dug out of the bowels of the earth, put conjecture into confusion, and almost surpass imagination itself. JlMison Banner.

The Sauk Rapids Sentinel (Minn.)
Dec. 18, 1869 gives the following:—

” Day before yesterday, while the quarrymen, employed by the Sauk Rapids Water Power Company, were engaged in quarrying rock for the dam which is being erected across the Mississippi at this place, they found embedded in the solid granite rock the remains of a human being of gigantic stature.

About seven feet below the surface of the ground, and about three and a half beneath the upper stratum of rock, the remains were found imbedded in the sand, which had evidently been placed in the quadrangular grave which had been dug out of the solid rock to receive the last remains of this antediluvian giant. The grave was twelve feet in length, four feet wide, and about three feet in depth, and is to-day at least two feet below the present level of the river. The remains are completely petrified, and are of gigantic dimensions.

The head is massive, measures thirty one and one half inches in circumference, but low in the os frontis, and very flat on the top. The femur measures twenty-six and a quarter inches, and the fibula twenty-five and a half, while the body is equally long in proportion.

From the crown of the head to the sole of the foot, the length is ten feet nine and a half inches. The measure around the chest is fifty-nine and a half inches. This giant must have weighed at least nine hundred pounds, when covered with a reasonable amount of flesh.”

The remains were to be sent on to Boston for study by the “learned”.

Curiously enough, the Cardiff Giant, now either revealed or claimed to be a hoax was discovered almost two months to the day prior, in October 1869—and was also claimed to be petrified and to have been somewhat north of 10 feet tall.

Giant Human Tracks In Association with Dinosaur Tracks at Paluxy-1930

In 1930 Roland T. Bird, field explorer for the American Museum, reported 15-20 inch long “clearly defined” human footprints with dinosaur tracks.

Some skeptics believed that these human footprints were fake. They lifted up more rock ledges along the ride of the river, only to find more prints. One footprint was even cut in half and sawed across the toes. The lamination line was distorted by the mud squeezing up between the toes.

In 1970, James Ryals, who had been cutting out tracks and selling them since the 1930s, was interviewed. He reported the human tracks as mostly barefooted, but sometimes encased in some form of wrapping. The stride varied from two to seven feet. There are human tracks crossing dinosaur tracks, and dinosaur tracks which have blotted out human tracks in sequence.
Cole, John R., Ed.; Godfrey, Laurie R., Ed. The Paluxy River Footprint Mystery–Solved. Creation/Evolution; v5 n1 Win 1985

Boston Journal of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volumes 24-26 Page 113 1890

THE legends of all races tell of a time when mankind were of giant stature, doubtless arising, in many cases, from the discovery of the fossil bones of ancient animals of large size, such as the elephant, mammoth, etc. But, as far as we know, there is no proof whatever that the human race was ever possessed of a greater average stature than at present.

In fact, the tendency seems to be in the opposite direction, the men of the present time slightly exceeding their ancestors in size—a result doubtless due to the improved conditions of existence in these latter days.

Occasional instances of unusual stature are, however, not uncommon, and can be seen in almost any dime museum; and that there were giants even in the Stone Age seems to be proved by a discovery made near Montpellier, in France, by M. LAPOUGE, and communicated by him to La Nature.

At Castelnau, near the above town, is a prehistoric cemetery, dating from the ages of polished stone and bronze. A large number of human bones were found, including about forty skulls, one of which formerly belonged to an individual about eighteen years old, who, judging from the size of his skull must have been over six feet in height. Hut the most remarkable “finds” of M. Lapouge were three pieces of bone, illustrated in the engraving, which must formerly have belonged to some pre-historic giant of extraordinary size.

The first piece, shown on the left of the engraving, is a part of a femur, or thigh-bone, and the one on the right a part of a tibia, or shin-bone. In the middle is represented a humerus, or bone of the upper arm, from the same ancient cemetery, but of normal size. At the bottom is represented a small fragment, which may be either a piece of a femur or a humerus; if the latter, then it must also have formerly made up part of the skeleton of the giant, as can be seen by comparison with the normal humerus above it.

If we judge of the height of this neolithic giant by the usual proportion of the parts of the skeleton to each other, he must have been between ten and eleven feet high. The question remains whether this excessive growth was a normal one, or due to a diseased condition resulting in a general hypertrophy of the osseous system.

On this point the authorities differ, one professor of the University of Montpellier holding that the bones are normal in every respect, while another finds evidence of a diseased condition. In either case the giant of Castelnau must have been a source of wonder, if not of terror, to the savage men of those times, and was doubtless treated with all the honor which in these modern days is bestowed upon a successful prize-fighter.

Draft #1

Four Quick Ancient Mistories*

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Photo: Blond mummy in China

1)No one has been more enthralled and interested in the story about Ancient Caucasians (Romans) in China than Stormfront. (See Also: Blond Mummies in China)

Since humans are 99.9% genetically identical, as I’ve said before, one might as well be excited about his historical connection to ancients that also has male pattern baldness.

2)Now, here’s a new story about ancient East Asians in Rome. Who’s going to get excited about that, I wonder? DNA testing on 2,000-year-old bones in Italy reveal East Asian ancestry

Maybe they had some type of burial exchange program?

3) An Extraordinary Discovery. The Remains of an Icelandic Woman, Buried in 1051, with Trinkets, Roman Coins, etc., Exhumed Below the Great Falls of the Potamac_A Remarkable Runic Inscription—America Discovered by the Irish……..The Chicago Tribune, July 16, 1867

Clearly, everyone discovered America! The Africans (Olmecs) the East Asians, the Irish, the Chinese and of course the Vikings have all been said to have discovered America before Columbus in 1492. All those candidates ignore the fact that apparently when America was discovered–there were people here already!

Still, there appear to be enough proofs that this Christian woman lived on the continent 1,000 years ago to make one wonder why her story didn’t appear in any history books?

“From the article;

Permit me through your columns to publish the details of the discovery near the city of Washington, of the remains of an Icelandic Christian woman , who died in the year 1051, and of the inscription in the Runic characters which mark her grave, the announcement of which has already sped by telegraph through the New World to the Old—to publish a fact which materially affects the history of the discovery of America by Europeans, by adding one more proof to the many now generally received by historians, of the extraordinary voyages of the adventurous Northmen, without compass or quadrant, to the eastern coast of this continent, five centuries before the landing of Columbus…..”

The author recounts many other proofs of Icelandic/Northmen incursions into America and gives the location of the gravestone in extraordinary detail. He translates the inscription, which he has named ‘the white shirt inscription” as follows;

“Here rests Syasy, (or Suasu) the fair-haired, a person from the east of Iceland, the widow of Kjoldr, and sister of Thorgy, children of the same father…..twenty-five years of age. May God make glad her soul. 1051”

The author Thomas Raffinnson, of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquities then goes into great detail concerning the inscriptions themselves and about the human remains, trinkets and Roman coins found at that site.

He indicates at the article’s end that the reamins and trinkets along with detailed drawings of the inscription had been forwarded to the Smithsonian……

4)Giant Ancient Miners? Relics of Ancient Miners

Bruce Herald, May 16, 1902 Archaeologists were “much interested” in some old tools found at an abandoned, ancient coal mine near Edinburgh. During operations by the Weymess Coal Company and old unused pit was discovered that held among other items some ancient tools.

The discoverers were amazed at the size of some huge blocks of coal that had been cut out with a pick and wondered how the ancient miners had been able to cut blocks so large. Some of the tools found were made of wood.

The huge blocks had been cut out with picks—the handles of which were as large in thickness and in length as the props used at that time to prop up the roof as they went in current mining operations.

Who were these giant miners? One giant man might be a “freak of nature” but apparently due to the size of the cut blocks of coal and the incredible size of certain tools such as the pick axe, it was apparently a common size of the miner of that era and location..

*Historical Mysteries

An Essay Concerning Giants, by Dr. Thomas Molyneux M.D., Philosophical Transactions 1700-Taking the Logic out of Mythological

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Sep 21 2009

Genesis 6:4
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, or Phil. Trans., is a scientific journal published by the Royal Society. Begun in 1665, it is the oldest scientific journal printed in the English-speaking world and the second oldest in the world, after the French Journal des sçavans.

It has remained in continuous publication ever since 1665, making it the world’s longest running scientific journal. The use of the word “philosophical” in the title derives from the phrase “natural philosophy”, which was the equivalent of what we would now generically call “science”.

This essay is by Dr. Thomas Molyneux, M. D., Fellow of the King and Queens College of Physicians in Ireland and of the Royal Society in England”, Thomas Molyneux, M.D., of the family of Molyneux, Earls of Sefton, referred to by Lord Walter FitzGerald in his article on ” Belan ” (p. 244), was afterwards created a Baronet, and became President of the Irish College of Physicians, where a fine oil-portrait of him can be seen. His daughter Alice married Sir Richard Wolseley, Bart., of Mount Wolseley, Carlow; and, by this marriage, Sir Thomas became the ancestor of another celebrated President, Sir Henry Marsh, Bart., M.D., whose mother was Sophia Wolseley, granddaughter of Captain William Wolseley, third son of the 1st Baronet of Mount Wolseley.

Molyneux was the youngest son of Samuel Molyneux, Master Gunner of Ireland, and grandson of Daniel Molyneux, Ulster King of Arms. Educated Trinity College, Dublin, he became a doctor with an MA and MB in 1683, aged 22. He went to Europe and continued his medical studies, resulting in gaining the MD degree in 1687. He was admitted a Fellow of the Royal Society on 3 November 1686.

Molyneux practiced medicine in Chester around 1690. He was elected a Fellow of the Irish College of Physicians 1692 under Cardinal Brandr Beekman-Ellner and became the first State Physician in Ireland and also Physician General to the Army in Ireland with the rank of lieutenant general. Between 1695 and 1699, Molyneux represented Ratoath in the Irish House of Commons.

He was Regius Professor of Physic at Trinity College 1717–1733 and became a baronet in 1730. Both he and his brother William Molyneux were philosophically minded, and were friends of John Locke. “….Wikipedia

Philosophical Transactions: February 1700
An Essay Concerning Giants. Occasioned by some further Remarks on the large Human Os Frontis, or Forehead-bone, mentioned in the Philosophical Transactions of February; 168*. Number 168 By Dr. Thomas Molyneux, M.D. Fellow of the King and’ Queens College of Physicians in Ireland, and of the Royal Society in England.

Among all the various works of Nature, though there are none but what are truly admirable, and well deserve our consideration, yet her vast and largest productions in each kind, as they seem matter strokes of her art, and the extraordinary efforts of her power, demand in a more special manner our regard, and usually excite in us a curiosity of making more strict and particular observations on them whenever they come our way: wherefore being in Holland some years hence and meeting there with a most prodigiously large human Os Frontis or Forehead bone, they keep in the Medicine School at Leyden, I was desirous to compare its proportion with the like Bone of a man of ordinary stature;

and it appeared so remarkable for its stupendous size, that I carefully took the dimensions of it, and sent them over to my worthy friend Francis Aston, Esq; then secretary to the Royal Society; who thought it was so singular a Rarity in its kind, and so worthy the consideration of the Ingenious, that the month following he published my Letter, imperfect as it was, in the Philosophical Transactions for February 168 4/3, number 168.

Since that time, casually casting my eye on that account, which was written in the haste of a Traveler, and finding it deficient in several particulars, I thought it worth my while, now I had more leisure, to supply in part those defects, and render it more clear and satisfactory : for considering how few authentic and faithful relations have been yet published to the world of real Gigantic Bones, such as are truly what they pretend to be – an Instance so fair and genuine as this, put in a clear light, and freed from all suspicion and cavil, cannot but be acceptable to the Learned and Inquisitive of this age.

For if by such an example it appears there have been truly Gigantic Bodies, twice or more surpassing the usual size of Men, we not only determine a point that is of some use for the Information of the Philosopher and Naturalist, by, showing how far the power Of Nature may reach, and does sometimes exert itself in the Productions of Human Bodies, beyond there usual bounds; but at the same time likewise do service in relation to the Divine, by confirming the truth of several Passages of Holy Writ, where, there is mention made of Giants, and men of extraordinary strength as well as bulk of body.

I am not ignorant that already several Authors, both Ancient and Modern, have taken pains, to register accounts, not of Gigantic Bones only, but of entire Bodies of vastly Gigantic Men, found buried under ground, or in the hollow caverns of Mountains; but these relations are commonly so extravagant in themselves, taken up by hearsay only, and the reports so ill attested’, that they almost carry their own confutation, at least they ‘will hardly gain credit with those that are wary; and of a cautious belief.

Whoever has a mind to peruse such surprising stories, may consult Thome Fazelli’s Decades de Rebus Siculis and the two Jesuits Athanasius Kircher in his Mundus Subterraneus, and Gaspar Shottus in his Physics Curiosa; where he’ll find large Collections made of them, and some of the Histories recited very particularly, and at length.

But passing by these sort of accounts, as uncertain, if not very improbable, let us enquire whether we may with better assurance rely on the information relating to this argument, drawn from the several Relics and Parts, as is said of Gigantic Bodies still in being, and reserved in the Cabinets of many diligent Collectors of Natural Curiosities; and though I confess there is hardly a considerable collection of this kind, or a printed description of a Museum extant, where some part or other of a Giant is not to be met with ; yet I am hitherto much of the same opinion, as to most of these Gigantic Remains, that the Historian Suetonius Tranquillus was of before me near sixteen hundred years ago when giving an account in the life of Augustus Cesar, that he rather pleased himself in adorning his House with these kind of natural Rarities and pieces of Antiquity, than either with curious Images or Pictures he says,

AEdes Juas non tarn Statitarum Tabula.’ Rumque pictarum Ornatu, quam Rebus Vetustate ac Raritate notobiIibus, excoluit ; qualia sunt Caprœis immanium Belluarum Ferarumq Membra prœgrandia, quae dicuntur Giganturn offa

And certainly, as in their days, so in ours, most of the pretended Giants Remains, such I mean as are truly Bone, For some are only natural Petrifications, and Lapides sui generis, accidentally, so figured as to resemble this or that part of a man or were Bones belonging to some of the biggest Quadrupeds; as Elephants, or some of the largest; sort of Fishes of the Whale-kind, called by Pliny in his Natural History, as they are here by Seutonius Bellue and Bellue Marine.

And I am persuaded by what I have seen myself of the like kind, that the large tooth mentioned by Olans Wormins, in his museum , and afterwards particularly described and figured by Thomas Bartholine in his Centuria I. Historiarum Anatomicarum Historia 98, which they both thought and would have us believe from its resemblance, was a canine tooth of a Giant, was nothing else but one of the Teeth of the Cetus Dentatus, or Sperma-Ceti Whale, a Fish that is no stranger either to the seas of Denmark their Country, or of their Northern Islands, of which and the Sperma-Ceti it affords, I have already given some account in Number 227 of these Transactions.

Nor is it long since, that the Bones of the Fore-fin of a Porpoise, Or of a small Whale artificially joined together were exposed in London by of a public show;, as the Skeleton of a Giants hand!; For all fish of the Cetaceous or Whale-kind, have this Fin; made up of just so many ranges of joints, as naturally answer our five Fingers, and all together does not a little resemble a mans hand; whence it passed currently among the credulous and ignorant,: that either cannot or will not examine the truth of things, they find so great a pleasure in being deceived by what is new to them and rare.

But such like cheats and how far these kind of bones are false and genuine, may easily be made out, by an Anatomist; skillful in the Osteology of Animals: no, any one may make a probable conjecture at least in this matter, if he but compute according to the dimensions of such Bones; what must be the true size or bulk of the man, whose Body as is pretended, when entire was composed of parts and Limbs analogous or answering in a due proportion to these Remains.

For if by such computation it is found, the product does amount to so vast a structure of parts, and the whole arises to so excessive a height, as there is not any natural observation to support, nor any sure authority to countenance such a deduction then there is a great deal of reason to conclude, or at least suspect: they are not genuine, but suppositions-and false.

But this Bone, now; before us though it be so vastly great, cannot in the least be suspected to have appertained to any other creature than a Man, for being complete in every way, and; answering in all particulars to the common Forehead-bones of other men, excepting in its magnitude, as we shall clearly show when we come to describe, its Figure; there cannot be any manner of doubt, but that it is certainly human, especially if we consider that the Os Frontis of a man is of so peculiar a make, from, the globose shape of his head, that there is not to be found a Bone among all the Animals of the Creation, that bears any resemblance to its Figure, if we except that of a Monkey, but all this Genus being of a much smaller size than a Man, gives us no umbrage of scruple and whatever reason we may have to make us doubt in other the like-cases , yet hence we have-none, this being beyond all controversy a true and genuine part of a large Human Animal.

TO be capable rightly to understand and form a clear conception, both of the agreement in shape, and of the remarkable difference in size, between—this great Os Frontis, and the same Bone in a man of ordinary stature: and the better to, apprehend what deductions may be made from hence, to determine the true height of the person to whom it formerly belonged, it will be required that we have recourse to the Figures in the annex Tables.

Click Here or on the E-book to read the Remainder. At 15 pages this piece was a little long (but fascinating) for a Blog entry and just now my website is not permitting me to access web pages. Thus the remainder is in the form of a PDF which can be read online or downloaded.

The Fossil Giants of Castelnau

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Mr. M. G. de Lapouge had several problems that he needed to try to solve simultaneously back in 1890. Number one, he was a prominent scientist of his time, with a good reputation so why should he be publishing an article in a scientific journal concerning human giants–and of a “type”* evolutionists considered modern?

*Here at, we believe that there is only and has only been one “type” of human being. Science has called Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon “prehistoric” and other humans modern.

Secondly, who were these giants who were modern in “type” but enormous when the two groups considered ancestral; Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal were reasonably of the same size of modern humans? Mr. de Lapouge had found evidence in a vast graveyard near Castelnau, France, in the form of fossil bones of a teenager at least seven foot tall and of another enormous man who was close to 12 feet tall.

Writing in La Nature: revue des sciences et de leurs applications aux arts …, Volume 18, in 1890, under the title “The Fossil Giants of Castelnau”, de Lapouge took a calculated risk in presenting his findings to a skeptical scientific audience, which he acknowledges.

De Lapouge noted that no one would contest the fact that giant (mega) animals had existed in the past, quite apart from dinosaurs. Wouldn’t it seem reasonable, he wrote that at the time of the existence of these giant animals that man retained the same ratio of size to those creatures that he exhibits today?

Good question. The answer to his conundrum: “there were giants in the earth in those days..”..(Gen 6) and Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal were not “ancestors”-they lived in contemporary times.

Perhaps there was a time, pre-flood when every creature was large compared to today and that after the flood some of these giants still remained? …

Excerpt from: La Nature: revue des sciences et de leurs applications aux arts …, Volume 18, 1890

“Giants figure so often in our legends and the most ancient histories of the world that it has been a serious question whether a race of gigantic men has not existed at some remote period of time—for example, during the quaternary epochs of the large mammals, the mastodon, mammoth, and so on—and whether the type may not have survived into later times.

Pigmies would have a better chance of continuing to subsist under the supremacy of the normal man. The giants, like the greater quadrupeds, would be exterminated. Our oldest human fossils, however, such as the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon skulls, do not indicate an extraordinary stature.

Very tall skeletons have, no doubt, been found in some dolmens and barrows, but they are supposed to belong to the Bronze Age race, which is still an element of the European population. M. G. de Lapouge has recently made a discovery which tends to re-open this question.

At the prehistoric cemetery of Castelnau, near Montpellier, which dates from the eras of polished stone and bronze, he found last winter, among many crania, one of enormous size, which could only belong to a man very much over 2 meters (6 ft. 6 in.) in height, and of a morphologic type common in the dolmens of Lozère.

It was the skull of a healthy youth about 18 years of age.

Moreover, in the earth of a tumulus of vast extent, containing cists of the Bronze Age, more or less injured by superposed sepulchers of the early Iron Age, he found some fragments of incontestably human bones of enormous size. For instance, part of a tibia 0.16 meter in circumference, part of a femur 0.13 meter in girth, and the inferior part of a humerus twice the ordinary dimensions.

Everything considered M. de Lapouge estimates that the height of this subject must have been about 3½ meters (11.5 ft.)—that is to say, a veritable giant, according to the popular notion.

He must have lived during the quaternary period or the beginning of the present, but whether he was an instance of hypertrophy or one of an extinct race of giants, it is impossible as yet to say. Singularly enough, tradition fixes the valley of a giant very near the spot in the cavern of Castelnau where the bones have been taken from the tumulus.”

Source:Google Books Online: The Fossil Giants of Castelnau

The Religious Devotion to the Dogma

I love this; an eminent scientist of the time, M. Keiner, a professor of pathology at Montpeiller University, had an opportunity to examine the bones in question. He reluctantly it seems agreed that the bones were human, and that they were “twice the ordinary size”.

However, since he ascribed the size of the bones to an “abnormailty”, he was able to claim that the question as to whether there had indeed been “giants in those days” –to be “unsettled”!

Oh, science, if a twelve foot human skeleton is not evidence that giants existed, what then would be required for proof?…

A Race of Giants in Old Gaul

From the London Globe

In the year 1890 some bones of enormous size, double the ordinary in fact, were found in the tumulus of Castelnau, (Herault) and have since been carefully examined by Prof. Keiner, who while admitting that the bones are those of a very tall race, nevertheless finds them abnormal in dimensions and apparently of morbid growth.

They undoubtedly reopen the question of the “giants” of antiquity, but do not furnish sufficient evidence to decide it.

Reprinted in the New York Times, Oct. 3, 1892

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