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A Brief Review of a Selection of Incredible, Lost, Forgotten or Ignored News from Our Recent Past,……Part III

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Dec 30 2008

By Chris Parker
Copyright 2008 and Chris Parker

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Graphic:Augmented Ica Stone from Ancient Peru showing altercation between man and dinosaur. Click for more info

Story 1
Another What is it?
Man Eaten by Dinosaur?
Galveston News
From the Carthage (Mo.) Patriot.

Evolutionists often ask why if men and dinosaurs interacted, no evidence of their fossil remains having been found together exists. One of the aims of several sections of this website has been to show that such evidence exists in quantity, but that it has been lost, suppressed or ignored.

Any scientist who today announced for example that he had found evidence that a dinosaur bone showed evidence of having been butchered by man would not make a name for himself but would rather, end his scientific career.

Evidence supported by science has been discovered numerous times (such as the Doheny Expedition) and according to an article in the Galveston news, reprinted from the Carthage Patriot, another such an impossible interaction was discovered;

“Mr. Henry “Woodard owns a stock rancho in the Indian Territory, in the Peoria Nation, on which is situated the big sulfur spring. The spring is surrounded by a quagmire, which is very deep and ” slushy,” and so soft that it will not bear any considerable weight.

Mr. W. lately undertook to curb up the spring in order to get water more easily, and while working in the mire came upon what appeared to be an enormous bone. He at once began an examination which disclosed the fact that it was the head of some mammoth beast.

His curiosity was aroused, and, with the assistance of three other men, he began the work of excavation. For four days they worked, but did not succeed in bringing the monster to the surface. They threw off the marl,but could not lift the head of this golitic giant.

They found the skeleton well preserved, and the immense teeth still sat in the jaws. The jaws were both in place and the spinal column attached to the cranium. Tho earth was thrown off from the body to the length of twenty feet, but still the gigantic skeleton remained beneath”.

The men finally managed to dislodge a number of the creature’s ribs which according to the report, were eight feet in length. When the dirt was removed which was encircled by the ribs and bones, Mr. Woodard and the men with him got an even bigger surprise according to the article.

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